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Newbie June 2016 Bride Managua Nicaragua!

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Hi everyone!


I am very excited to meet you all and hope your wedding plans are coming along smoothly.  I am hoping also to connect with those who may have information about photographers in Nicaragua.  This seems to be the biggest challenge for me as we just cannot afford to fly a photographer from the US and additionally pay their fees. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, i am open to them!


Happy planning everyone!



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@@gerber50 Congrats and welcome. I have to say you're the first bride I've seen here getting married in Nicaragua! What a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I haven't seen anyone post here with a photographer there. If you can't afford to fly one from the US, what about reaching out to someone in another country where the cost of a flight will be cheaper? As well, did you speak with any photographers in the US? Sometimes for paying their way, they'll reduce the cost of their fees. I remember speaking with a photographer here when we were planning our wedding in 2011 in Jamaica, and they offered to cut their costs by more than half to go with us to Jamaica. They would have stayed the whole week with us and taken photos of the whole trip, not just our wedding day. That might be something worth looking into. As well, have you checked the photographer reviews on this site? There might be something there worth checking.


Good luck!

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Welcome to our forum community and Congrats on your Nicaraguan destination wedding coming up next year, gerber50!!!


Wishing you all the best with your plans, and that it works out just the way you envision - cheers!!! team MTM :)


...sending you some inspirational dw moments that matter, taken from our Timeline Photo Album....enjoy!








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