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2016 Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Brides


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Lets start a new thread for those of us that are all getting married next year at the Suites so we can support each other through our planning. .


We are getting married on August 6, 2016. I would love to hear from other brides so we can share resources and information as we plan our weddings :)


Where is everyone at?

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Congrats! Jamaica is a gorgeous place to get married and is quite popular with brides. I'm a 2011 Jamaica bride and we loved it.


Good luck and happy planning!

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Congrats mceibero! I see youre getting married just a few weeks after me. We were in Jamaica in August and visited the Suites as well. I loved it and was also impressed with how clean and well-kept the resort was.


Would love to keep up with your planning...


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I did not! But nothing to worry about. It is gorgeous and we had no complaints with the resort! I was just fantasizing about finding a last minute deal to go back :)


Hey all! I'm a 6/28/16 Suites bride :) Curious if anyone visited the site beforehand?

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I did not! But nothing to worry about. It is gorgeous and we had no complaints with the resort! I was just fantasizing about finding a last minute deal to go back :)

I'm not worried about it being gorgeous! I'm a bit stressed about picking the locations for everything. Its hard for me to picture where everything will happen after the beach ceremony. We're leaning towards having the reception at the beach bonfire (we will probably have 25-30 guests), but the weather makes me nervous. But I also havent heard a lot about having the reception at the resorts club. Basically I'm just struggling to plan without really seeing it! Do we pick our locations for everything when we arrive or is that something that needs to be chosen with the coordinators beforehand?

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