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How much flexibility do we have in the ceremony?

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#11 Agape Gems

Agape Gems
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    Posted 23 February 2008 - 03:06 AM

    These are some vows I have been saving, if we decide to write our won i will probably take bits and pieces from these :
    You are the song
    My heart has been seeking
    Your love is the music
    These vows the lyrics

    As I __________
    Do declare to you ______
    I love you
    I need you
    I will always stand by you
    On this day I join my life with your life
    That we may live, learn and grow together
    In perfect harmony
    That our home may be a place where music dwells
    This is my song, my sacred oath

    To be quiet when you need me to listen
    To speak and respond
    with words that build you up
    Instead of tear you down
    I promise to seek new ways to say
    “I love you”
    To discover with you
    The potential of who we are together
    The possibilities are endless
    And no matter what life may bring
    I will be here for you
    Through the good and the difficult
    Forever yours

    I believe we are destined to be together
    You are my soul-mate
    My song, my melody
    I promise to be your faithful companion
    In this journey called life
    I will love you unconditionally
    Always be here for you
    You can find comfort and acceptance
    Within my embrace
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    #12 Birdie07

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      Posted 24 February 2008 - 08:29 PM

      Originally Posted by Heidi
      I posted this in an already existing thread, but I'm afraid it's getting buried. Plus, I think this might benefit other people too!

      I have a few questions about the most important part of this whole experience... the actual marriage ceremony!! Since my wedding is at a resort, the minister/judge is provided by the resort.

      1. Will we meet the minister prior to the ceremony? (I don't think we meet with him/her until the day of the wedding)

      2. Can we specify what we want minister to say? (I was reading past threads of beautiful ceremonies like Janet's here: http://bestdestinati....-ceremony.html. How did/would you handle asking the officiant to read it?)

      3. How 'easy' is it to add readings, sand ceremonies, etc? (Should we just delegate certain guests to read, etc instead of relying on the judge/minister?)

      4. Can we say whatever vows we want?

      Any insight would be very helpful! Thanks!
      Sorry I didn't see this hahaha. I totally forgot about it. My bad.
      I did NOT meet the minister prior to the ceremony. You can specify what you want him to say. We added our sand ceremony and he read it for us. I did end up going with his vows b/c I didn't have time and it was a lot of work. But you can pick your own vows. We just had it typed and gave it to Chandlyn at our meeting and she gave it to the judge. Our guy was not a minister. Pretty easy.

      #13 Bride010101

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        Posted 24 February 2008 - 08:36 PM

        Does anyone have a copy of the wording used at ROR if we don't bring our own?

        #14 Birdie07

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          Posted 24 February 2008 - 08:37 PM

          I think its different depending on religious or not. B/c I remember Mo saying her guy didn't say 'death til us part' and my guy did. My guy was a judge not a minister.

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