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Bride And Groom Send A Bill To A No-Show Invitee

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I saw this on Facebook recently and chuckled. Weddings really do bring out the worst in some people! That's incredibly tacky and not worth the time, in my opinion. My husband laughs at me because I have this saying that I always use in situations like this but it's so true... too many people focus on the wedding, instead of the marriage. Meaning too many of us women get told that our wedding day is OUR day and fairy tale this and princess that. I think it warps people perceptions on whats really important. The wedding is absolutely one of THE MOST important days of our lives BUT what I think gets missed in the process is that this day is representative of a MARRIAGE! To me, vowing to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and starting that journey together with family was too special to tarnish with bills or talk of who paid what and who didn't. Not to say we are perfect but I don't get how some completely miss how special and sacred the day is and focus just on logistics. Sorry for the rant. Gets me so flustered!  

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