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Azul Fives By Karisma Brides 2016

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Hey Ladies!


I'm getting married at Azul Fives Nov 12, 2017.


It's not been a fun experience so far, when I booked I was the only person requesting that day, so I though I'd have my choice of locations for the ceremony. Turns out their stupid website did not send in my wedding day/time request (yet I got a copy of the confirmation email and so did my travel agent); after 3 weeks went by I started asking what the hold up was. So now 3 other brides have booked ahead of me and the resort isn't doing anything about it and I am stuck choosing my ceremony right on the beach or in garden.  


My question is ... has anyone had their wedding either directly on the beach or in the garden area? Was it somewhat private? I really didn't want a bunch of strangers watching the wedding or walking in behind getting in the photos.  Any feedback/comments on either of these locations to help me chose would GREATLY be appreciated.


Thanks so much in advance :) 

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Hi all! We are having our wedding at Azul Fives new beachfront gazebo in August. At the moment we are planning on having the reception at the Orialo grill, but I cannot fiknd amny photos of the restaurant. Does anyone have some? Was it nice? Any recommendations?!

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@@janamariev Sorry you're having issues with the website and coordinators. My travel agent took care of locking in our ceremony and reception venue - I'd push yours to fight for you - that's why we have them!


If you want a private or semi-private location I'm sorry to say but my opinion is you do not want the free beach location or garden - neither are private at all. We booked the Sky Deck and last minute had to switch locations due to 70% chance of rain - ps. it only sprinkled for two minutes! The back up location we were given was the black and white wall you've probably seen photographs of (beside the cantina and under the Thai and French restaurant). I was concerned this area wouldn't be private but it actually was. The staff do everything they can to keep people from walking by. If this is an option that you like, I'd ask about it. Photos turned out great and it's covered in case of rain but still outside.


Just a thought!


@@KPaige I don't have any photos but it's right beside the infinity pool and underneath the Italian restaurant/Zky Bar and Sky Deck. When I got married they used this as a back up location in the event of rain for some brides. The venue, in my opinion, works great for a reception. A friend I met through this site had her wedding relocated there and they loved it!

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Hello All!


I'm new and super excited about joining this community! My fiancé and I got engaged the week before Christmas 2016 and are spending hours every night researching destination venues. We absolutely fell in love with the Azul fives! I love the unique gazebo and the garden/beach reception locations. I sent an email inquiry last night and am waiting for a response. Do any of you ladies have package information/budgeting advice/pictures you'd be willing to share? 


Thank you so much in advance!



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Congratulations! I am booked at Azul Fives for June of this year, i'm super excited! I have most of my planning done, let me know if you have any specific questions. I am getting married on the Sky deck, having my cocktail hour at Zky bar and reception in the garden by the pooI deck. I would recommend working with a GIVC travel agent as they are experts on Karisma resorts and can get lots of perks for you. Where are you booking from?

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