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Hey Ladies!! Did either of you take note of the timing for walking down the aisle on the sky deck? I know it would depend on how fast you walk but even just a estimate. Thanks :) 

It takes sometime between 40-50 seconds. I know someone had timed it, but honestly when you're there that's the last thing on your mind haha. My song was longer than that, but they just faded it out when I got to the front. You could watch the past videos and get an average from that. That's what I had done :) 

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Here is a pic of the blue water glass. These worked perfectly with our colour scheme.

attachicon.gifWater glass.jpg


There is a person that runs the music that will fade down the music for your ceremony. We were really specific and had built in the fade times etc so we had a friend run the music but there is a person available to do that for you. It comes with the "always & forever" package.

@@sassylouxx where are you seeing these videos on facebook? I looked at can't find then :(

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I'm just going to post the replies to the ridiculous questions I was our WD on here in case they help anyone else out. Maybe we could all do this?!


Q. Are bottles of red and wine wine on the tables during dinner?

A. No - waiters and waitresses walk around pouring wine throughout the night.

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Q. Are extra lights required on the sky deck?

A. No - the sky deck is set up for evening events and no other lights are needed.


Q. Is fake cake or a fake layer of cake an option?

A. Yes - $85USD per layer.


Q. Welcome Drink - when is this served? Before or after ceremony?

A. Up to you but resort does offer complimentary sparkling wine. Most brides serve their signature drink when guests arrive and sparkling wine post-ceremony.

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