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I'm planning a renewal at Grand Palladium and need to find someone to do my floral design on the beach also a great DJ

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Congrats and welcome! I got married in Jamaica nearly 4 years ago, and for special reasons we're renewing our vows in Mexico in about 5 weeks.


Have you checked to see that Grand Palladium allows outside vendors? There may be a fee to pay as a lot of the resorts have their own preferred vendors. Having said that, I used Tai Flora in Ocho Rios and they were great. Several of the brides on the thread used Jan's Florist and they loved their flowers too. It just depends what you're looking for and what your budget is. 


We didn't use a DJ, but if you look at the top and click on Vendor Reviews, then find DJ and Entertainment Reviews you might find something there. Again, I would highly recommend you check with the resort as a lot do have a preferred vendor and the outside vendor fees can run as high as $1000 if you aren't using who the resort prefers.


If you have a wedding coordinator at the resort I would contact them and ask.


Good luck!!

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