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@@yycbride2016 I saw on MFP that you lost 0.8 lbs ?!? So you hit your goal? That's awesome. Congrats. When do you leave - must be this weekend?


Wish me luck for the next week, ladies. I have my bachelorette party Saturday which will involve a lot of food and drink, plus my MOH is visiting from out of town and we already have dinner plans for tonight and brunch plans for tomorrow.  :wacko: Likely no workouts this weekend, either. 


Then next week, I have a work event going on where I will be out 3 of 5 nights, plus likely eating on the go for 3 of 5 days. I should be able to get to the gym at least a few days, but probably not as much as usual. And then next Saturday we're going to a wine festival! 


Oh boy. And I'm up a pound from last week already. Oh well, what can you do?  :blink: Hope you have more successful weeks ahead of you!

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@@vancouverpetunia yes!!! I officially lost 10.3lbs!!! So happy. I'm sure I will destroy that progress over the next week but oh well haha. We are leaving tomorrow morning!!

Good luck! You can handle this, but remember to enjoy yourself too. You only get to do all this once so make the most of it.



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