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Our Wedding June 2015

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We just got married this June and wanted to share my experience.


Multiple things did not go as planned. 

I am not the person to be mean and try to take away from someones business but try to be more informative for brides to be.

If anyone has questions about the vendors I used please pm me and I will give my honest opinion in private.


Airline: United

Got to the airport early and carried on my wedding dress.

The airline was very rude about me asking what to do with my dress.

Prior to leaving I did call the airline and was told that they would accommodate me with my dress.

I had to put my dress in the over head compartment. I was not very happy. 


Resort: Villa Groups

We had 30 guests stay between Villa del Arco and Villa del Palmar.

We stayed at Arco and had no complaints. 


Welcome Bags:

We put together a beach bag with beach towels (great to see where our guests were at the resort pools).

Tylenol, pens, mints, personalized jellybeans, tums, aloe, hand santizer, etc

Everyone loved them.


Wedding Coordinator: Christina Mattos - Cabo Beach Weddings

Very tentative at first but then one month, no communication. Two weeks before our wedding there was still no communication.

She did not even show up at our restaurant for our wedding dinner (things were messed up there, I'll explain down below).

Our contract stated additional labor assistants: two for $20/hr = $160 Only one assistant showed up :/

If I was getting married again I would hire someone else.


Hair and Make-up: Blanc Bridal Salon

We opted to rent out a Spa el Rincon and it was worth the view!

Neysa and Susana were our stylist.

Neysa did my hair and make up and it came out perfect.

I don't wear make up normally and she did a get job keeping it light.

We went to The Giggling Marlin after dinner and yes I did get hung upside down by my ankles and took the three shots in my wedding dress. My hair did not move or get messed up.


Flowers: Baja Flowers

Recommended by my coordinator.

Flower were not as talked about. My bouquet was smaller than my bridesmaids. 

I was suppose to have "big, open" their words two dozen roses (bc they would not get the flowers I really wanted). My flowers were so small.


Photographer: Gilda Badillo

Absolutely loved her!

She came to the resort took pictures, took my husband and me into town in her jeep for pictures for over an hour, went to the beach and then to the restaurant. She shows you pictures as she takes them because honestly taking the pictures we were like how could this look good and OMG they looked amazing. She stayed with us longer than we paid her for and was fine with it. 

However; we still have not seen any proofs. I did email her and she responded quickly and told us why.

If our pictures come out half as good as they looked on her camera, we are more than satisfied! 


Ceremony: Pedregel Beach

​Beach is private with no vendors and an amazing sunset!

​But of course you can't tell people to leave so during out ceremony there was a family there. The children were doing cartwheels behind our minister. Hopefully they didn't ruin all of our pictures.


Transportation: Operadora Turistica Cielito Lindo

We used them for airport/hotel transfer and for our wedding.

Amazing, professional and friendly.

My coordinator tried to have me use her company instead and glad we did not as we did save a significant amount of money going to Cielito Lindo.


Music: Cabo Mariachi

Great, but when there hour is up they just leave.


Reception: Maria Corona Restaurant

We loved this restaurant so without hesitation we booked our dinner there. 

Took over a year to get a contract that we wanted but that didn't seem to matter.

Originally the meal we wanted served they would only do a a buffet style and we did not want that. We opted for a chicken and steak sit down meal.

We made sure that out contract stated that.

When we arrived it was set up as a buffet. I was so upset and to top it off my coordinator did not show up so we were stuck with the buffet. 

She sent her assistant, only to find out the next day when I called her that she forgot to give details to her assistant on what should have been done.

Over a month later no response from the restaurant or my coordinator about the mistake.



Unknown Bakery, my coordinator hired them. I paid $3.50 each (a lot) for 40 cupcakes with a pink sugar rose on top.

Being that I wanted the sugar rose we were ok with paying the $3.50. 

That is not what we got. The rose was just icing. Not to mention the cupcakes were disguising. 


Do get the Los Cabo Passport, saved us a lot of money with restaurants and activities.


Make sure your coordinator is detailed oriented. Nothing worse then your coordinator not caring. 





Parent's Dinner: Salvatore Restaurant

Amazing italian food. Make reservations.


Welcome Party: Baja Brewing Company

Rob was easy to work with and we planned our welcome party in one week.

The views above Cabo Villas is amazing when the sun sets. 

We did the pizza fiesta buffet with root beer floats!

Great food! Highly recommended.

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Oh my gosh I'm so sorry your experience wasn't what you had hoped. I hope it didn't completely ruin any good memories of your wedding! Cabo is a beautiful location. Hopefully your photos will give you good things to remember.


Congrats on being a Mrs!!

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Congrats on your recent nuptials! Sorry to hear that it didn't all go as planned. Love the part about you doing shots upside down in your wedding dress! That will be a story to tell for years. Sounds like you still made the best out of everything despite some things not going as planned. 

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I used Gilda too! I absolutely LOVED her. However this wait for my pictures is getting a little frustrating. I just want to see them! She originally told me 6 weeks, and if she keeps to what she just wrote to me, itll be almost 13-14 weeks after my wedding that I will get them! :(

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