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Not Sure Where To Start, Please Help

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We are having our wedding in Huatulco Mexico in January.  The resort's wedding coordinator does not speak the best of English and I find when I email her I can only email one question at a time or else she does not fully answer them.   She is not giving me any direction of where to start my planning, or what I need to plan.  Can anyone give me suggestion of things I need to confirm with her or question about?  I did today find out about my flowers but I am so overwhelmed with all of this I don't even know where to go from here. I did not expect this type of experience when planning a destination wedding, I thought the wedding coordinators would be more helpful.

Thank you

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Welcome to our forum community krys and Congrats on your upcoming Mexican wedding in Jan!!!! you're off to a great start already by joining the boards, and are sure to find lots of great info, advice, suggestions and support from everyone here :)


For some added inspiration, here are some magical wedding "moments that matter" Linc captured in our magnificent Mayan Riviera.........enjoy!


....from our Cover Photo Album:







Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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I would start by looking at the packages provided by the resort (if any). By looking over those you should be able to get an idea of what is and isn't offered. From there, you need to decide what kind of feel/theme you want for your wedding and see how you can incorporate that into what the resort offers.


You can definitely search around on this website and I'm sure you will get lots of ideas! Good luck!

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Most resorts don't start planning anything with the bride until 3 months before the actual wedding. This could be why you're getting not the greatest responses.  I also agree with the poster above - if you chose a specific package, there should just be stuff you need to finalize.


As stressful as it is planning from a distance (and with someone who doesn't speak English as a first language), from everything I've seen on this board, EVERYTHING always comes together in the end. I don't think you should worry too much...easier said than done, I know :)

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I agree with @@kellymiller


Do you have all the packages offered by your resort and the extras price list? I would start there -- read thru them all, see what packages intrigue you or if you can go a'la carte (take a basic package and add on what you want), see what you can afford and/or want to spend.  Start thinking about your theme, what you want as your vision, your favors, etc.


While most resorts don't start planning until closer to the date, with a good set of information from the resort you can basically have it all planned out yourself beforehand.  Then when you have contact with your WC you can iron out the details.


Do you have all those package and price sheets? if not, that would be my first start - either you or your TA need to contact them to get a copy of all your options!


Good luck!

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1. Envision what you would like for your wedding in a high level, don't get into details yet, because this is what makes it overwhelming.

2. Get a timeline of your "must do" like resort and packages for your guests.

3. Decor, food and cake and plenty of details can be worked later as you have a clear idea of who is going and who is not.

4. If you have not sent save the dates, I would suggest to go ahead

I used to panic because I wanted to know how all was going to happened and also with so many details that I could not take care at once.

We are here to help, these boards are terrific!

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