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Ashhtayy's Planning Thread - Azul Fives - June 7, 2016

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@@ashhtayy okay great! I'll let you know if I come across any anyway! It's sooo close! I have a few updates to make, a horrible thing happened to my best friend so I've been focusing a lot on her... I will update my thread this weekend!



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Looking good! The flowers look great. My bridesmaid's bouquets were also a bit smaller than I had expected, but it will be the last of your worries! They look amazing regardless. I thought the same thing and now when I look back I think it was really sufficient :) There are no real rules with bouquets anyway! Especially with all of the different types out there now.

Everything is going to look really great for your day!! :D

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@@deecol sorry about your best friend :(


@ thank you! I'm loving how things are finally coming together.


I finally found these adorable milk jars ($1.25 dollarama). They will be used to hold the aisle bouquets post-ceremony. I'll have some on the head table, one on the cake table, some on the 'other' table and one on the bar. I like them clear but to hide the stems I will likely spray paint them gold to match the mason jars.




Now that I have the flowers, I tried out the guest table. Not 100% sold but I think they will look something like the pictures attached.




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They look awesome. Don't worry it will all look right. I remember doing the same thing and feeling like it was missing something and it was.. it was missing everything else that will be on your tables in Mexico (Ie. Glasses silverware etc). Once you have those things it will all look fine. Have you considered not having everything so symmetrical? Especially if you have votives of different sizes. I also did an uneven number of votives. I asked my WC to put my votives around my vases in a less symmetrical way. I  had the table number on my table too though so I'm not sure if you were adding anything else.

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@@ashhtayy I think your table settings are looking great, but I also like @'s idea to try something a little less symmetrical. And also try odd numbers - arrangements tend to look best when uneven. Maybe grouping them a little more closely together, as well.


I know you are working with what you have, and that won't be an exact match to the images below, but I thought these might give you some ideas.


Grouped closer to the center arrangement and uneven number of candles around it:



Uneven number of candleholders:



Different sizes (asymmetrical):



Grouped closer to center arrangement and uneven number of candles around it:



Lots of shapes & sizes (asymmetrical):





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