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Ashhtayy's Planning Thread - Azul Fives - June 7, 2016

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5 months today until our Mexico wedding. AHH!


So many emotions. So excited for the wedding week, so nervous for the planning that is yet to be done, terrified that dress fittings start in two short months, nervous about full payment deadline...the list could go on and on.


Thanks to all of you for your support thus far. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing here on out!

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Aww! Don't stress. 5 months is still plenty of time for everything :) I have faith that it will all work out for you! It always seems a lot more daunting than it really is. I remember feeling the same way at that point, but in the end it all worked out and 5 months ended up being more than enough time for me to finish everything that I needed to do. It will definitely fly by before you know it! 


When is your final payment deadline? two months-ish i'm assuming?

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@@ashhtayy My wedding date is only just over a month before yours and I feel like I hit that 5 month mark just yesterday, I don't even remember the time between that and the 4 month mark!  Time is seriously flying girl!  But don't stress, still lots of time and you seem very on track with everything  :)

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Don't stress out. Honestly, I'm 12 days away from leaving and I actually feel like I've been more productive in the last few days than I've been in the last few months. AND don't worry too much, it will all work out. Feel free to vent on here if and when you get stressed, we're all here to support and help you ;)

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@perianjay @deecol @Wafflesmom as always, thank you for the support!!


You're right, our final payment deadline is March 28th. We had four people back out this week for totally understandable reasons. I know my parents are pretty bummed because they were so excited to spend that time with my out-of-town aunts and uncles. They've planned to come down and stay with my parents for a weekend before the wedding so we can see them so that will be a nice alternative :) Right now we are sitting at 56 booked and 4 others that have requested rates. We know there is a strong likelihood that 2 people that have made their deposits will likely cancel. Of the 56 guests 6 are 4-day, the others are 7-day. We're happy with our numbers so far. 


I had a call with the wedding designer today and things are moving forward nicely. I'll post an update soon.

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Some (Random) Updates


Picture heavy – I warned you J


Bridesmaid Dresses


I have been waiting on one bridesmaid to go to the store to re-try on the dress so that we could confirm her size. That is now complete and the order has been officially placed! Dresses will be in mid-April.


Ceremony – 4PM on 06/07/2016


I’ve rented two white sheers, a crystal chandelier and three panels of beaded back drop for the gazebo.


White Sheers

Crystal Chandelier

Beaded Back Drop


@@TinkerSofi – if you see this, do you think two white sheers is enough? The WD said that is all we need but by the looks of most pictures they have 4. Is 2 enough since we will have the beaded backdrop along the back?


Thank goodness I asked and didn’t just assume because I thought that since we were having our ceremony and reception on the Sky Deck they would leave all that décor up but apparently they don’t?! I made a request that they keep that décor up on the gazebo for the reception. If they are not willing to leave it up I may cancel the rental. Seems silly to pay all that money just to have them take it down 30 minutes later?


I wanted to confirm the set-up of chairs on the Sky Deck so that I could decide how many flower arrangements we needed for the row ends. The WD said that is completely up to us but recommended rows of 4 or 6, aisle, then another 4 or 6. We have decided to go with 6, aisle, 6.


Reception – 6PM on 06/07/2016


With the Always and Forever package we get white linens. Here’s the plan:


Head Table – three rectangular tables covered with a white tablecloth and three sequin overlays in champagne (Mike & I + 5 Bridesmaids and 5 Groomsmen)


Head Table Overlay


Cake Table – square table with sequin tablecloth in champagne


Cake Tablecloth


Miscellaneous Table – rectangular table – not sure if we will go with another overlay like the head table, a full sequin tablecloth or a runner. TBD. I think this table will be used for our guestbook frame, our pictures of our grandparents who have passed on, our polaroid camera and our place holders.


Guest Tables –5 or 6 round tables covered with a white tablecloth and a sequin runner in champagne


Table Runner


I’m purchasing three of @ ‘s runners as well as her cake tablecloth. I’ll buy the overlays and other table runners from the same site she did – Chair Cover Factory. I lucked out big time J


I asked today about the cost of coloured napkins and charger plates. Coloured napkins are $5 each and charger plates are $10 each. I immediately decided to forego the napkins – white will do…UNLESS I can get a killer deal on some online. I REALLY want the charger plates since we are sticking with the white tablecloths but $10 each, really? Looking for other options and very open to suggestions J


For our center pieces and décor we’ve purchased gold mercury votives, clear smaller votives, clear mason jars, tea lights, three different gold mercury larger votives and the ‘M & A’ marquee lights customized with gold and champagne coloured chevrons. The plan for the clear votives and mason jars is to spray paint them in gold. I’ve purchased the spray paint but haven’t started the work on them. Still deciding whether or not we need more décor on our tables.


I've tried to create all our signage. I am good with computers but designing is not my forte lol I have 'designed' (I say 'designed' because it's amateur for sure) our table numbers and signage such as something recognizing those that have passed on, an itinerary, cards sign, hashtag sign, guestbook frame sign, etc. I still need to pick up frames for everything but I am holding off until I see how it all prints. Fingers crossed.


Dinner - we’ve decided to go with the Italian family-style dinner. Mmm!


Cake – so I saw photographs of the actual cake and OMG. We can’t do what we had originally planned. It literally looks like a cupcake on steroids. It is SO small! I knew the dimensions beforehand but seeing an actual photo of one decorated made me change my mind. Mike agreed. Thinking about upgrading to the one tier cake. I'm including a picture so you can see where I am coming from haha Where do they get off calling this a 'large cake'?


Large Cake Decorated   Example 2


DJ – We have to make a decision here too. Mega DJ, DJ All Music OR wedding DJ app. I am terrified of the wedding DJ app (although I have read great things). Apparently we cannot even pay the vendor fee of $800 and bring in another DJ. I am not complaining, just a little surprised they aren’t trying to get that money from us too lol. The less options the better I guess J




Following @ ‘s lead again and using her etsy vendor for our flowers – Stemple Shop. We have been speaking with Nathan for about a month and he is fantastic. We are ordering ivory and blush real touch peonies. Our order thus far includes my bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 4 wrist corsages, Mike’s boutonniere, 5 groomsmen, father x 3 and ring bearer boutonnieres and potentially 8 aisle bouquets. All are wrapped with jute ribbon.



-          My bouquet will be a combination of blush and ivory peonies (3 bunches) with lambs ear, baby’s breath and seeded eucalyptus.

-          My bridesmaid’s bouquets will be ivory peonies (1 bunch) with lambs ear, baby’s breath and seeded eucalyptus.

-          Mike’s boutonniere is a blush peony boom with a peony bud.

-          The groomsmen’s boutonnieres are an ivory peony bloom with a peony bud.


Sample Bouquet And Boutonniere

Baby's Breath And Seeded Eucalyptus


Guest Book Frame


I’ve known for a while I wanted a guest book that we could proudly display in our home. I found an etsy vendor that makes custom maps – HereAndThereShop – and we love their work. The picture I have included is just an example from their shop.


Guest Book Frame


We’ve chosen a map of North America that will be in a light grey. Both British Columbia and Ontario will be highlighted in white with a little heart as a maker. Both provinces will be connected by a dotted line that loops into a heart. From there a dotted line with a little airplane connects to Mexico which will be highlighted in white as well. I am SUPER excited about this purchase. I cannot wait to see their custom design for us. I’ve sent all our specifications and am waiting for their design J


Hair & Make Up


Made the reservation for my hair and makeup trials as well as wedding day appointments for myself, my mum and my bridesmaids. Waiting on the resort to confirm the reservation.


We’ve decided to use our voucher from our TA for the Bridal Spa Package. This includes: manicure and pedicure for me, manicure and pedicure for someone in my bridal party, my rehearsal hair and makeup, and my wedding day hair and makeup.


Thoughts on timing…


I scheduled the rehearsal hair and makeup for the day before our wedding so that its done for our rehearsal dinner. If we are getting married at 4PM, does it make sense to start hair and makeup at 11AM? We are not doing a first look (sadly).


Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner


I was pretty bummed to find out that we won’t know timing for our actual rehearsal until we get to the resort. I get it, they want to keep their options open for other weddings but it would have been nice to be able to let the wedding party know in advance. Our rehearsal dinner will be semi-private at Flavors and we will have our bridal party, their significant others and our immediate family there. We still have to select the menu. I do not plan to have any decor for our rehearsal dinner. Is that okay?


Wedding Week Activities


I want to give all guests an itinerary that says what our plans are. Example: Monday – Pool Party! Thursday – Meet us on the volleyball courts! I do not want anyone to feel like they have to come I want to leave it optional. Unfortunately the “monthly activity schedule” doesn’t come out until a month before so it is hard to say when the volleyball nets will be set up. My WD said that making an itinerary could make guests feel like they have to attend even if we state it is completely optional. She said what some brides do is hashtag their plans. Example: our hashtag and then a picture of us in the pool. I like this idea a lot but in terms or social media we only have Instagram and LinkedIN (lol). Not everyone has Instagram so that may not work for us. Still brainstorming.


My Dress


My dress is still at the store that I purchased it from. I haven’t contacted them once and as I write this I am freaking myself out. I am going to call them Monday and schedule my fittings. AHH. Good thing I started back at the gym this week. Just kidding. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO GO BACK TO THE GYM? lol


Mike, Groomsman & Ringer Bearer Attire


I keep asking him what he wants to wear and he kind of shrugs it off; absolutely no sense of urgency when it comes to this. Work is a bit insane for both of us right now but as soon as it slows down we’ll get to shopping. I’ve shown him a few of these photos and he’s on board. We both would like to go with a grey but my concern is sweat. A friend of mine went to a destination wedding in Jamaica and she said grey wasn’t a good look on the guys because they sweat through their pants. I see a ton of ladies on here that go with grey. Has this been a problem for anyone?


Men's Wear Inspiration

Men's Wear Inspiration 1

Ring Bearer Wear Inspiration



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@@ashhtayy Wow awesome update. I don't know if I can help with any of your questions though. Let me see...


Chargers: Personally, at $10 each, I would skip them. You'll have the table runners and all of the table decor. You will be the only one who knows they are "missing" :) Make sure they won't charge you a fee if you bring your own napkins or charger alternative.


Cake: Okay, that is kinda dinky looking. Although it's hard to tell how large it is. Could you just still with it and upgrade the decorations on it? Add some flowers or ribbon or put it on a nicer serving plate or something?


Guest Book: Love the map. I keep toying with that. I am leaning towards doing a mad libs thing that I would scan and put into a photobook. But it would be nice to have something to prominently display.


Rehearsal Dinner: I think no decor needed. Plus they will probably charge you to set anything up!  :wacko:


Wedding Week Activities: How big is your resort? When I went to a DW before, the resort was small enough that you could easily find people. You'd walk by the open air bar on your way to the pool and the beach was just past that. You were bound to find people at any of the 3. What I'm saying is an activity sheet might not be necessary. But I don't have any alternate suggestions, I'm afraid. I feel like if you make one, then it also forces you into being where you say you're going to be and sometimes things don't always go according to plan...


Guys' Attire: It looks great. I can't speak from experience on grey, but we went with a light grey. Hopefully it's not an issue.

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Everything is looking fantastic!!!


I agree, seems silly to set up those 'altar' decorations and take them down 30 mins later. With the fee you paid I would want them all day too and they will add to your evening decor.

Personally for the price I would forgo to chargers too.  You have the table runners and with your decor, honestly you will have enough color and no one will even  notice - save your money!     You also don't want to overwhelm the tables, so I think what you have is perfect :)


We went to the spa at 10am for our 3pm wedding.  We had a quick bite to eat but got back to the room around 130pm! There was 4 of us and 3 stylists.  I had one to myself, then another did 2 girls and another did 1.  I think 11am for 4pm is perfect, then you won't feel rushed to have a snack and get back to your room for all your getting ready photos!!!


I don't think you necessarily need weekly activities. We had a large resort (over 1000 rooms) and we were ALWAYS running into people.  Also, you will have your groups and people just make their spots known and you mingle among everyone and their locations of preference. I was a bit worried about it, but it worked out super well.  It just does.

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@@vancouverpetunia - thanks for saying no one will notice and reaffirming that $10 is crazy for chargers. I want them so bad so I'll keep looking locally but at $10 per guest they're out of the question.


And no, there is no making that cake work. It's so tiny! Back to the table when it comes to the cake decision lol


That mad libs idea you have is interesting - never heard of that. Can't wait to see it!


Our resort is small so maybe I shouldn't over plan for everyone. It's hard to let some things go because I want it to be perfect. I just need to get it through my head that we will never make everyone happy. Some people will want the week planned to a T and others won't. I'll have to find a compromise.


@@calgarybride2015 - I definitely don't understand them taking the gazebo decor down. Fingers crossed they will agree to keep it up and not charge double or triple. Again, thanks for reaffirming the charger price is outrageous. Hopefully I can find something affordable to bring or else we'll go without. You ladies are right - no one will likely notice.


Glad the times we picked for hair and makeup make sense. Need to leave time for food and this is the one day in my life I don't want to be rushing.


Thanks for the helpful feedback ladies :)


Marquee Letters


Complete! I popped into Michael's today to pick up my 'A' at 50% and cut out the card stock tonight. I'm happy with them :)


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@@ashhtayy You're making so much progress!


I agree with not wasting money on the chargers.  Your set-up is going to look so beautiful you won't even miss those.


The cake is pretty tiny.  Ours is going to be a small one-tiered as well, but we're just going to leave it since it's really only for the tradition of 'cutting the cake' and in your case, for your Nonna  :)


Your guestbook frame idea is awesome!  Love it!  I may steal and use something like that for Col and I, being from two different countries it would be perfect!


The wedding week activites thing is tricky, Col and I were talking about that last night - we have 3 main events for everyone to attend (welcome drinks, bachelor/bachelorette parties and the wedding), 4 for the bridal party ( plus rehearsal dinner) and we were trying to figure out how to word it without making it look like we're planning their week, because it is their trip too.  Maybe for a couple of the events that aren't mandatory, like the pool party, you can say something like "We'll be at the pool at __pm you'd like to join us!' or something less cheesy lol  But I also agree with @@vancouverpetunia and @@calgarybride2015 that it will sort of just happen, it did at the destination wedding I went to.  No planned activities except for the bachelor & bachelorette parties and the wedding and we all managed to meet up in the same spot every night.


The guys attire looks great - I love the look of the first one, it's different.  We've chosen grey for our suits too, so hopefully they hold up in the heat!  A friend of mine at work advised that the groomsmen bring an extra dress shirt to change into, I think Col is going to just in case.


Your letters look great!  Yay for 50% off at Michaels!

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