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Starfish Theme Chair Sashes

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I really wavered back and forth if I was going to do chair sashes, I thought you know I could spend the money on something else.  But I am so glad I decided to do them, it just added such a nice touch to the ceremony.  


I got a tremendous deal for www.linentablecloth.com, they had a 40% off sale, PLUS free shipping!  I got 40 organza sashes for $16.58!  I added some starfish to half the chairs to pull together the theme of the wedding.  I glued these pins http://www.michaels.com/bead-landing-bar-pin-1-inch/M10443180.html?dwvar_M10443180_color=Gold#q=bar+pins&start=1to 3" starfish.





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Oh my gosh that's gorgeous!!! I love that!! Are the sashes pink or coral? They look so pretty! Where did you get the starfish?

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