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Help! Travel Company Cancelled Need New Resort (Barcelo Grand Faro)

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Hello everyone,


I am really looking for some support.


The first time I was on this site I found amazing resources for helping me chose the Riu Palace in Cabo.


Due to some crazy circumstances with the travel company our flights were cancelled and no long available making it almost near impossible to keep our same wedding date.


The only way we can keep the date is if go with another travel company who doesnt offer the Riu and chose a different resort. They suggested Barcelo Grand Faro to me and the pictures look nice and the wedding packages look better then the Riu to me. 


I am hoping any brides with previous experience here can help a girl out. Can I see pictures, advise on where to have the reception, advise if your group is over the amount included in the package.


At this point anything....



THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh my goodness I'm so sorry you're dealing with this trying to plan a wedding!


I've been to Cabo a couple of times but don't have any info on the resort you're asking about. As a general rule Barcelo resorts are good resorts.


Firstly, have you gone through the resort reviews here to see if there are any for the Barcelo you're looking at? Just type it into the search bar at the top.


Secondly, have you considered talking to the administrators of this site - Wright Travel. They're destination wedding experts and have reached some of the highest levels in awards for some of the resort chains. As well, the host is also a Cabo bride. I don't know all your circumstances but I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm to contact them and just see if there is anything they can suggest or perhaps even provide info on the particular Barcelo that you've asked about.


You can contact them through this site but perhaps @Tammyhost and some of the other brides could chime in with a suggestion as well.


Good luck! Keep us posted on how you make out!

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That is terrible!! I can't even believe they could just cancel all your flights and have nothing else to offer that's close. What happened?


That is terrible the other flights are already full. I feel for you. Have you found any resort reviews for that Barcelo property on here? I believe the Barcelo is a trusted name and if you've done some research - ie like the reviews (trip advisor and here), like the looks, like the wedding packages it would be a bonus to keep your wedding date!!!


I know I wasn't much help but I wish you luck and smoother sailing from here on out.



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