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Yycbride2016 Grand Sirenis Planning Thread February 2016

2016 Brides Planning Tips Mexico

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#401 yycbride2016

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  • Wedding Date:February 23, 2016
  • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis, Riviera Maya

Posted 07 January 2016 - 05:42 PM

Update time! 


I didn't get nearly as much done over the Christmas holidays as I'd hoped to. I pretty much got nothing done in fact. We did get an email from the resort though over the holidays! They sent us a document that has all sorts of things that need to be filled out such as music, food, flowers, etc! Also had to send our guest list with arrivals, departures, and table numbers. 


So that's where I'm stuck! My fiancé wants our wedding party to be up at the front with us as one big long table. I find that it looks god but it's impractical for socializing. Also we have so few guests that I'm pretty sure the resort will tell us we can only have 2 tables then. I ideally want 3-4 tables. Parents table, family table, friends table, and potentially the wedding party table. What are your thoughts/experiences with sweetheart tables vs wedding party table? 


Here are the songs we have chosen:


Wedding party entrance: Marry You by Bruno Mars

Recessional: All of me by John Legend

Signing: Marry Me by Train

Processional: On Top of The World - Imagine dragons (starting at 40 seconds) 


Entrance to reception: Time of Our Lives- Pitbull 

Bouquet toss: All the Single ladies- Beyoncé

Garter toss: Business Time - Flight of the Concords

Father daughter dance: ? (Ideas??)

Mother son dance: ? (Ideas??) 

First dance: Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran


We have now decided we won't do the bouquet or garter toss in Mexico. We will be saving this for our AHR since we just don't have enough people in Mexico to do this with. 


I have decided in my bouquet...I think. Which one do you girls like most. I am leaning towards number 4




This is the boutonnière I have decided on. I know I made one with a starfish on it but I think I prefer the idea of fresh flowers on it.



We have also decided on our cake!! I emailed a picture to the resort and they told me it won't be any extra cost. I will bring the starfish and the ribbon! 



And...the to do list. This list keeps growing and growing! It scares me that I have to do all this in the next 6 weeks


·         Get marriage license

·         Buy lingerie

·         Buy new swimsuit

·         Buy new suitcases

·         Make wedding music must have list

·         Work on photography timeline

·         IKEA Shopping trip (décor for AHR)

·         Buy a tossing bouquet (AHR)

·         Find something Old

·         Find something borrowed

·         Create reception timeline (AHR)

·         Test photo booth

·         Design photo booth props

·         Build photo booth backdrop (AHR)

·         Print welcome brochures

·         Print door hangers

·         Book sound system (AHR)

·         Buy ribbon for cake

·         Find a wooden ampersand symbol to go with J & K (AHR)

·         Find a white dress for the Bridal Shower

·         Find outfit for Bachelorette party

·         Write vows

·         Create bridal shower guest list

·         Book mani/pedi

·         Book eyebrow threading

·         Book wax

·         Kyle suit fitting

·         Rhodium dip engagement ring

·         Take out US dollars

·         Take out Mexican pesos

·         Book honeymoon

·         Figure out how much tip each person

·         Box up groomsmen's ties

·         Print off hair & makeup photos

·         Print off table set up photos

·         Print off Guest book set up photos

·         Print off Escort card table photo

·         Package up Gifts for dads

·         Package up gifts for Moms

·         Package up gift for maid of honor

·         Print off Hashtag cards

·         Assemble welcome packages

·         find groomsmen gifts 

·         spray paint ampersand for photos

·         build cupcake stand (AHR)

·         Kyle to renew passport (hopefully this will be done by the end of the week)

·         Kyle to buy dress shirt and dress shoes


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#402 bride2016

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    Posted 07 January 2016 - 06:11 PM

    I had the same predicament with my head table. I decided to do a smaller version and have only the MOH and best man sit with us, then I had the rest of the wedding party sit amongst our friends. It worked out quite well actually.

    My father daughter dance song was Edwin McCain Walk with with you. I bawled like a baby near the end. It's a really sweet song and it perfectly describes a father giving his daughter away.


    #403 Wafflesmom

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    Posted 07 January 2016 - 08:39 PM

    It actually sounds like you've done a lot for your wedding planning. It probably doesn't feel like a lot since it's all administrative but I think you've done quite a bit.


    We only have 23 guests, including us and like you, we wanted 3-4 tables. So we opted for a sweetheart table and opted for smaller tables that seat 5-6 guests (2 for family, 1 for friends and 1 for wedding party). Then perhaps it wouldn't look so formal.


    For your bouquet I actually like 1 or 2 but that's because they're more my style. All are really beautiful so you can't go wrong with any option. As for the boutonniere, I always like fresh flowers so I love your new choice.


    And your cake is beautiful! So glad there's no extra charge.


    And I know you'll easily tackle through your list! I have faith in you ;)

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    #404 bride2016

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      Posted 08 January 2016 - 07:03 AM

      I forgot to let you know which bouquet I like best! I really like #1 or #2 :)


      #405 yycbride2016

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      • Wedding Date:February 23, 2016
      • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis, Riviera Maya

      Posted 08 January 2016 - 07:07 AM

      @perianjay thanks for the tip. I was talking to my sister last night and she agreed that the sweetheart table was the way to go because we don't have very many guests to fill out the space well. I do kind of like that idea of the MOH and BM sitting up at the front too. I'll see how convincing I can be with my FI haha. OMG I'm listening to that Song!! I love it!! That might just be perfect! I might steal that one from you :S

      @wafflwsmom thanks! I'm glad someone thinks I've done lots because it certainly doesn't feel like I have. Especially over the past few months! In glad I got lots done over the summer! Your table/guest arrangement sounds exactly like what I want! I'll have to see if the resort will be willing to let us have smaller tables. I was also torn with bouquet 1 and 2. Most people chose 3 though. I feel like I want a big bouquet haha. But because I'm small a big bouquet might be overkill for me haha. My fiancé and I plan on taking a good stab at our to do lists this weekend since it's freezing here and we won't be leaving the house haha!

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      Oh and @perianjay thanks! I really liked #2 as well. It's so soft and pretty! Ah so torn! I have to make my preliminary decision this weekend to send to the resort event coordinator

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      #406 bride2016

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        Posted 08 January 2016 - 07:07 AM

        Steal away!! I really don't mind at all and that's why I suggested it. To me it's a hidden gem. When I was going through all of the lists of father daughter dance songs they were all the very typical choices and didn't speak to my relationship with my dad. Then one of my friends told me that her friend used this song and once I heard it I knew that it was perfect and it totally embodies mine and my dad's relationship and how he felt about giving me away. Use it!! haha


        #407 ashhtayy

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        Posted 08 January 2016 - 10:11 PM



        I’m a little behind in your thread. Here goes…


        Your guys will look really sharp. Love vests!


        I think your cake topper is perfect. Never too sparkly and I don’t think it’s hard to read at all.


        Congrats on booking your legal ceremony! Dinner with both sets of parents sounds perfect.


        I feel like only losing one guest is pretty good but never easy news to take. I would feel better after hearing their reasoning – not much you can do when starting a new job. I hope you’re happy with your guest list J Amazing news about getting the free passenger credit and it’s very kind of you to divvy it up amongst your wedding party – I’m sure they were so appreciative.


        Slumber parties are…the best. I am almost 30 and my friends and I still enjoy a good old fashioned slumber party. Your bachelorette sounds like a fun night.


        I personally like having a head table. I love Mike so much but we eat dinner together every single night. I like the idea of being there with my besties AND Mike J When my best friend got married she didn’t have a head table or a sweet heart table. She had two larger round tables and we were split up between the two and we got to sit with our significant other. I hadn’t seen that before and I loved it! Perfect for socializing. If you can get the smaller tables that @Wafflesmom suggested that would be great.


        Bouquet – all are beautiful, you can’t make a bad decision. My vote is #2.


        Cake – love it! Couldn’t fit better with your theme.


        You’ll get through that list in no time – we all have faith in you! 

        #408 vancouverpetunia

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        Posted 09 January 2016 - 04:06 PM

        @yycbride2016 Thanks for the to-do list. I just found a few thing to add to mine!  :D


        I love the boutonniere and the cake. The bouquets are all beautiful, but my vote would be for #2 (and I thought that before I read everyone's comments). Second choice for me would be #1. That said, I'm looking at something similar to #3 for my BMs, just smaller.

        - Erin


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        #409 calgarybride2015

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        Posted 10 January 2016 - 04:19 PM

        Your time is sneaking up too!

        I got all those forms when I booked my wedding so was surprised you only got them recently.

        I also love number 1 but all are nice. The options are so much more now for flowers and cake from last year lol lucky girl. My bouquet was 150% what I wanted but I wish we had more cake choices last year -- Your cake is gorgeous too!

        I don't think a head table takes from socializing. Other than speeches and dinner no one sat at the head table but I think given your wish for tables I would do the sweetheart table too :)

        We have a similar taste in music. I had the same exit song. Good idea to start it 40 seconds in.

        We did the parental dance all together. So mom/Shawn with my dad and I. We used Celine Dion - because you loved me or something lol. Not my type of music but it has special lyrics and my sister used it at her wedding.

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        Married on 2015/01/21 at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya with 43 guests in attendance   :)


        Planning Thread - http://www.bestdesti...s-riviera-maya/


        Wedding Pictures http://www.bestdesti...ra-maya/page-36


        Wedding Review http://www.bestdesti...31#entry1885600



        #410 yycbride2016

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        • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis, Riviera Maya

        Posted 10 January 2016 - 10:02 PM

        @perianjay thanks Hun! I sent that song to my dad and he loves it. He even suggested that Kyle takes over the dance at around the 3min mark where the song says I give your hand away. So cute.

        @ashhtayy thanks! I really like what we got for the Guys! As long as they remember to buy a dress shirt and dress shoes we are good! Haha. Can't imagine them in vests with no shirts.

        @vancouverpetunia no worries. I learnt that reading everyone else's to do lists helped me. I typed up our list and put who does what on the fridge. Seems to be working since Kyle has already tackled two items since doing that (provided they were really simple tasks like booking his haircut haha)

        @calgarybride2015 it sure is! Faster than expected haha. Yay I'm glad that song worked for you too! I think it will be a fun song!


        I've managed to tackle quite a lot on my to do list in the past few days. I also have tomorrow off work so I intend to get a lot more done still!

        We have sent all of our contracts, guest lists, sitting arrangements, flower choices, music, food, cake, etc off to the resort. They were really good at informing me that I needed to send this info off ASAP because as soon as they receive all this we will be introduced to our wedding coordinator! Yay!

        I managed to wrap up all the gifts for bridesmaids, mothers, groomsmen (ties) , and maid of honor. Kyle still had to buy gifts for the groomsmen so that is still to be done.
        Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452491619.828152.jpg   622.34KB   8 downloads

        I booked all of my appointments for my mom and I (eyebrow threading, gel nail manicure, shellac pedicure, wax, sugaring, hair. I'm still trying to decide if I want to add in a massage prior to leaving because I'm booked pretty solid in the two days prior to leaving!

        Kyle and I went to Home Depot today and bought a bunch of plastic bins for organizing. We bought a bunch the size of shoe boxes and a couple really large one. My "wedding room" has had a complete makeover! Took me a few hours to organize everything but I'm so glad I did it. I have all the stuff for Mexico in small boxes and anything else that will be used for the reception back home in big boxes! Yay! This is just some of the boxes: Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452491788.112299.jpg   766.49KB   9 downloads

        We also bought a big bag of play sand at Home Depot for like $7! We will probably only be using it for the reception back home since sand is so heavy. I might bring enough to fill the tray for the escort cards upon other brides' suggestions. Hopefully it won't be too heavy. Has anyone brought sand in a carry on successfully?

        I have tomorrow off work so I plan on tacking a few more items:

        White dress for bridal shower
        Outfit for bachelorette
        Tossing bouquet
        Ribbon for cake
        Teat photo booth set up

        Fingers crossed I'll be successful!

        For those who asked about our wooden letters. These will be used at out at home reception. I wish we could bring them but they are possibly too heavy. I may still find a way to sneak them into carry on haha Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452492061.617381.jpg   696.6KB   9 downloads

        These are also the cuff links we got. Finally got around to photographing them.

        Kyles:Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452492090.704506.jpg   577.46KB   9 downloads
        Kyles dad:
        Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452492108.936351.jpg   636.37KB   8 downloads
        My dad:
        Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1452492121.692311.jpg   578.65KB   8 downloads

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