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Royalton Casino And Resort Punta Cana

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This website helped me out quite a bit so I would like to give back! I got married at the Royalton Hotel and Casino this April, just a few points:


Location: Beautiful

Food: Good

Service: Disorganized, poor

Spa: Good Makeup and hair

DJ: Good in house DJ

Cocktail Hour:  not enough food provided


I had a great time because I tried to not focus on the things they did wrong and focus more on that I was getting to marry the love of my life. However, there were quite a few mistakes (not enough food at cocktail hour, not enough lighting for reception (they would not turn on candles bc of the wind which they never told me, bridesmaid bouquet was incorrect and they were missing one bouquet, spa scheduling was completely off, among a few other things)


Probably the worst thing from this experience is their customer service. For all the errors on their part they took no responsibility instead blamed me the bride, I was really disappointed with this. If you book this resort be sure your on top of EVERYTHING. One word of advice they will ask you to fill out a survey on your experience in my case right before I had to leave for my flight whatever you DO NOT complete this form till you get back home. it seems like a generic enough simple form but they will use this form against you if you have any complaints. Give yourself time to reflect on the whole experience in order to complete this form thoughtfully. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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