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For those that did not require your bridesmaids to get hair professionally done but they could get done at salon or stylist did you pay for it or did the bridesmaids pay?


I have 5 bridesmaids. My resort charges $108 for hair. We can use resort credits and only pay the tax which is great. The only issue is the resort limits your total spa credit per room. My worry is I have a few girls only staying 3-4 nights, they only get $100-150 in credits to use at salon. If they want to do massage or other service then won't have enough credits to use towards hair.


I have no problem paying the 16% tax for each of them if they use credits. I just don't think I can pay for myself plus $108 x 5 bridesmaids if they don't use credits. I need to book appointments soon for this.

How did you all go about this or asking your BM if they wanted to do their own hair or use credits at salon or pay full?

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That sounds like great fun, perianjay - I can just hear you all laughing and enjoying your time getting ready right now - great choice!!!







All the best with your plans, everyone - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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The girls asked me how I wanted them their hair and this was my opening. I told them to do whatever they want but if they want to have it done let me know in advance and I'll let them know what the cost is.



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