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2016 Bride - Punta Cana - Group Rates

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Hi Everyone!

My finance and I just decided we are going to get married down south next March (2016)! I am having a really hard time deciding where to go. My travel agent is currently on vacation herself, and not back until next week, but in the meantime im trying to do as much research as i can myself, but am only getting MORE confused!!!

I am wondering .. what resorts in Punta Cana give the best group rates, like, every 9th person you get a free trip, etc.

I have a book from Air Canada and it shows two kinds of "freebies" a "free adult" and a "free room(2 adults)" for options .. and i dont know what the difference is!!

I am realllly interested in the Majestic Elegance/Colonal but the price is throwing me off as im trying to keep the cost low for my guests. I see on this Air Canada book it says every 16th person booked, you get a free adult. . so thats not bad .. but the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana gives you a "free adult" every 11th person that books .. so im leaning toward the GB because we would in the end get more free trips to get the group rate down the lowest possible..... does anyone have any advice as to how to get the best group rate? Do different travel agencies give different rates? We have a Sell off Vacations here, and a Maritime Travel.


Thanks so much :) .. my head has been spinning these last few days!

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@@FutureMrsVanthof Congrats on your engagement my love. The hotel that seems to give the best group discounts is Now Larimar or any of the sister hotels. Such as Dreams Palm Beach and Secrets (adults only) Hope this helps :)

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@@FutureMrsVanthof - shop around like crazy until you find the best deal ! More people estimated in your group drops the price even more .

Also they give you free people for every x amount of two people per room booked. They usually give you only a maximum of 4 people free which sucks if you hav more people coming it could of really helped .

I have been to majestic colonial for a wedding and was amazed !

I am getting married next year at Royalton (next door to majestic) amazing beach !!

I recommend really really shop around and there are price increases and decreases per each month.

Keep getting prices for resorts and look into each wedding package they offer contact the resorts directly also (unless you hire a wedding planner you won't need too ) and they will give you all the info you need ie: hidden wedding costs wedding packages prices etc..

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