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Vancouverpetunia - Now Sapphire - April 7, 2016

2016 Brides Cancun Riviera Maya BDW Newbies

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#211 ashhtayy

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  • Wedding Date:June 7, 2016
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Posted 14 February 2016 - 10:38 AM



Your stationary looks amazing! Love the papel picado – so perfect!


And congrats on hitting the 50-day mark!


Glad they were able to resize your bracelet for you and bonus that they didn’t charge you. Regardless of how long it took, time is money and most places would charge you for a 3 minute job. I’d go back there again for sure J Good customer service goes a long way!


Are you downtown Van or outside? Curiosity, that’s all. Mike’s family is mostly in Coquitlam and Burnaby – only a matter of time until we end up there too. We aren’t looking to move but I think if the right opportunity came up, we would. It would be horrible to leave my family but I guess BC isn’t the worse place in Canada to live ;)


Hrmm, I don’t have much help to offer in terms of seating. I am still debating that too. I like the idea of assigning tables, not seats, but haven’t thought of the perfect way to do it. I look forward to seeing what you come up with (so I can steal your idea lol). I do like the toothpick in the lime idea but that does seem very time consuming. You could always laminate the paper if you wanted to slip in in the lime…but also time consuming and I would worry about the lime not sitting upright and even when it did, it inevitably blowing over. Safe bet is in the centerpiece, likely won’t move from there! Good luck. Sorry I am no help!

#212 calgarybride2015

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 03:33 PM

@ashhtayy since we didn't need to do the menu choice (had a buffet) we just did a seating chart on our guestbook table to tell the guests which table to sit at. Then they picked wherever at that table they wanted to sit :)

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Married on 2015/01/21 at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya with 43 guests in attendance   :)


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Posted 15 February 2016 - 09:00 PM

Erin I have missed so much on your thread. I am sorry for not being on here as much as I had before but I'm back now and here to offer support to my awesome bride friends.

First of all, you look beautiful in your dress, it turned out so well. I can't wait, 50 days from now to see you in it again for your wedding day.

Congrats on the legal ceremony planning. Where are you guys having it? You said Stanley Park right?

And your stationary have turned out well, I love the papel picado design.

For table seating, since you don't care about place cards, how about straw flags to indicate menu choice? Your guests can always pick up their straw place cards from the bar. OR if you like, I'm not sure how you're setting up your napkins but I have paper napkin rings from Weddingstar that I never used. You can write on them and they yours if you want them. Just let me know if you want them and I'll see how many I have. They look like this
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#214 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 15 February 2016 - 09:29 PM

@calgarybride2015 Thanks for the tip about the frames blowing over. I guess paper on its own won't work then! I'm leaning towards attaching the numbers to a stick and putting them in a vase. And I'm also leaning towards the lime with the pick in it. Those would be pretty easy to assemble in advance and then stick into the limes. I can only image trying to tie little ribbons around every lime  :blink:


@ashhtayy Yes, I agree about the customer service. It's not the kind of store I would shop at all that often, but I will definitely keep them in mind for any future needs. We live just outside of downtown - still in the central part of the city. I've lived either downtown, this area or in the immediately neighbouring suburb (Burnaby) for 20+ years (except 4 years in LA), so I'm a little partial to it :) But let me tell you, housing costs are ridiculous  :huh:


@Wafflesmom I think I will forgive you, since you were busy GETTING MARRIED!  :P We are having our legal wedding at Ancora restaurant. It's at the foot of Howe along False Creek (across from Granville Island). Straws are an interesting idea... I'm going to have to think about that. And thank you for your sweet offer on the napkin ring holders. Those are really cute! But I think they would be better if you have assigned seating, no?


So... I've been corresponding with my WC quite a bit lately. I have so many random questions for him. He's been so quick to respond. Usually the next day. It makes me so happy to get an email from him so soon with thorough answers given all the complaints I've read on here. But I didn't really like his answers today :(


Our package comes with a soloist (guitar, violin or sax) for the ceremony. But our friend is a professional musician and he is going to play for our ceremony, so I asked if we could use the soloist for the cocktail hour. No - ceremony only. I also asked about exchanging the champagne toast immediately after the ceremony for something else. We have to pay extra for over 25 guests and they will be pouring champagne at the cocktail hour and reception, so why bother? But nope, no exchanging that either. I have heard about brides who've been able to get 5 bottles delivered to their room in lieu of poured after the ceremony. I also have connected with another bride who is getting married at the same resort, with the same WC, about a month before me. She has the same colour scheme as me and is willing to give me (at no cost!) a bunch of tealight holders - bless her! I asked my WC if he can store them, and he said he cannot promise because he has no space.  :angry:


The only good news is that they will let us use the 1 hour of included photography for something other than the ceremony, since we are bringing our own photographer. I guess that's better than nothing, but if anyone has any suggestions on how I can persuade him on the other topics, please chime in! I'm actually thinking about downgrading my package as we don't need or want a lot of the extras included in our package. That could save us $500 USD. But I'm not sure if they include the arch, chairs & chair covers for the ceremony in the other package - the only thing we really need. I'm trying to figure that out.


On a separate note, I am working on our timeline, including all the details of the reception. We are trying to keep it very simple, so limiting speeches and dances, plus no bouquet or garter toss. I would love some feedback on whether this seems like a reasonable timeline. I know perfectly well that the main course won't be served at 7:35 precisely, etc. but just trying to figure out how much time approx we need for each element and where that nets out.


12:00 PM Hair & Make-up

2:00 PM Getting Ready/Lunch - girls

2:00 PM Getting Ready/Lunch - guys

3:15 PM First Look Photos

4:00 PM Ceremony

4:30 PM Photos

5:30 PM Cocktails

6:30 PM Dinner

6:40 PM Intros & Champagne Toast

6:45 PM 1st course

6:50 PM Best Man Speech

7:10 PM 2nd course

7:15 PM MOH Speech

7:35 PM Main Course

7:45 PM Bride & Groom Thank You

8:15 PM First Dance

8:20 PM Dancing!

9:00 PM Dessert Buffet

9:15 PM Cake Cutting

9:30 PM Move to NIghtclub

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- Erin


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#215 yycbride2016

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 08:46 AM

@vancouverpetunia you reminded me mid way while reading your updates that I had to email my officiant haha. So exciting that you are in the planning phase for that! I'd suggest wearing something cute but not too fancy. I'll be wearing a white lace dress (same one I wore to my bridal shower). Kyle is wearing dress pants, dress shirt and tie. I love the welcome letter and programs! They look perfect and it's so fun! The art work is great! As for the table numbers. I bought small frames from the dollarstore that are really light and hardly noticeable but enough weight that they shouldn't blow away. I love the lemon idea! I've seen that before and it's so cute! Your timeline looks great. But one question. When you are getting photos at 4:30-5:30 what are your guests doing! Our cocktails are going to be during our photos so that the guests aren't bored.

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#216 deecol

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 10:04 AM

@vancouverpetunia I think your timeline looks really reasonable, I can't speak from experience but it makes sense to me!  I would love your feedback on how everything flowed, I still need to finalize mine!



My Planning Thread:


#217 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 01:00 PM

@yycbride2016 OMG you get married in one week!!! (as if you didn't know LOL). So excited for you  :) I figured that a lot of people will be with us for part of the photos - family & wedding party plus us will probably make up almost half of the people at the wedding. But I was going to send everyone to the lobby bar. It's pretty close so I don't think we will lose them haha. Originally we were going to do what you're doing - have the cocktails during the photos. I changed my mind for 2 reasons: (1) I want appies and cocktails, too, damnit and (2) we decided not to pay for any extra time for our reception and, if we start cocktails right away, dinner will be at 5:30 and the reception over by 8:30.


@deecol Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely let you know how it goes. 

- Erin


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#218 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 04:08 PM

Well, ladies, I am annoyed at work people and at wedding guests right now, so I am distracting myself with my fav brides when I should be working! :)


First the wedding guest rant. Compared to many of you, it's nothing. But we have one guy who still hasn't booked but says he is coming. I think he may have actually booked now, on his own, as he is trying to book his airport transfer. He asked us who to use. I gave him a couple of options. And now he wants to know if he can get on the same bus as all the other guests when he is not part of the group booking. Like he wants my TA to book him a $50 shuttle transfer but not his trip. Annoying. She isn't even booking OUR transfer, since we booked flights and hotel separately rather than a package, in order to accommodate our honeymoon travel plans.


Then I also have friends from Australia who originally said they were coming, then backed out a month or two ago (for somewhat valid reasons - but accompanied with some drama), and now apparently the wife is talking about coming again (I'm hearing this from another friend). Might I add that our wedding is in 50 days? And we still haven't heard from 2 couples who said "maybe" originally, despite repeated follow-ups. ARGH. Okay, rant over.


Onto more pleasant topics. My bachelorette party is this weekend. I've asked for nothing embarrassing or silly (i.e. nothing involving a penis in any way, shape or form). I don't exactly know the plans, but sounds like wine tasting at a wine bar or something, followed by a "progressive dinner" - stopping at 2 or 3 restaurants over the course of the evening. About 10 guests, including my BFF/MOH who is flying in from Portland, OR for the weekend. 


I am slowly checking things off my list. In the last week or so, I've finished the following:

  • booking hair & make-up appts for me and my BMs
  • making us appts at a travel medical clinic (since we're going to Costa Rica as well and Jeff hasn't had any shots since high school, probably LOL)
  • picking up Jeff's ring from getting resized (silly guy bought it too big, I guess cause he doesn't wear rings - he could actually shake it off his hand)
  • emailing our boat excursion & decor people to finalize details
  • received our Mexico stationery from Vistaprint, including program fan pieces, welcome letter & mad libs (in lieu of guest book)

Not sure that I will get much done in the next little bit, as it's going to be a busy weekend, but next up will be:

  • send info to MC as requested (timeline, email addresses so he can ask people for silly stories about us, etc.)
  • undergarments/lingerie (going shopping this weekend)
  • hair accessories
  • put together program fans & label/stuff welcome letter envelopes
  • get to the tanning salon!
  • book our honeymoon transportation in Costa Rica
  • start filling out the form for the WC
  • order place card & table number artwork

There is more to do, but that will keep me busy for the next week or so, I'm sure!


- Erin


My planning thread: http://www.bestdesti...2016/?p=1893268


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#219 snswedding2016

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 09:51 PM

@vancouverpetunia sorry to hear that you are having wedding guest booking issues. That's so annoying especially now that you're getting close! I'm sure it will all work itself out - somehow it always does!


You are in great shape - you'll have all of those items checked off in no time!!


Have an amazing time at your bachelorette this weekend!! It sounds like it really fun night!

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#220 bride2016

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    Posted 18 February 2016 - 06:05 AM

    Good ol' booking drama! I can definitely relate. We had a few guests who were indecisive..we even had two guests that backed out after they paid (the week of the trip) for also.. somewhat valid reasons.


    Try not to let it bother you because in the end I really didn't pay attention to who wasn't there.. I didn't think of them at all in fact. It your week and you guys are going to have an absolute blast with everyone :)


    Excited to hear how your bachelorette goes! I also opted out of the cheesy penis theme haha. I even went as far as telling my girls that I didn't want a veil, sash etc.. I just didn't want the attention.. although somehow people still knew! lol

    You will have a blast :)


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