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I'm a NEWBIE that needs info. :)

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. I'm also new and am in the begginning stages. I stayed at the Gran Bahia about 3 years ago, in July. It was so hot than. But the resort was great. The food was very good. The resort is huge but they have a little trolley to take you around, we walked most of the time but when you were on your way to dinner it was nice to take trolley. There's a really cute shopping center (about 12 stores) but at night they have entertainment like live band and dancers. It was really cute.


I also went to my future sister in law's wedding at Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya about a year and half ago (memorial day weekend). This place was great. Everyone loved it, she had about 50 people there. Her wedding was great. The food was really good.


We took a trip to Tulum, the ruins which was pretty neat but beware it it's really hot. We did a couple of snorkle trips which were pretty nice, Can't think of the detail of them now. If you need any other info let me know.

Sorry this is so long,

Danielle NJ

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