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Snswedding2016 Planning Thread - Jan 9 2016 (Azul Fives)

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#351 snswedding2016

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  • Wedding Date:January 9, 2016
  • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
  • LocationToronto, Canada

Posted 23 November 2015 - 09:16 AM

@Wafflesmom Thanks for the hugs!!! They are greatly appreciated! :)

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#352 vancouverpetunia

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  • Wedding Date:April 7, 2016
  • Wedding Location:Now Sapphire, Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • LocationVancouver, Canada

Posted 23 November 2015 - 10:04 PM

@snswedding2016 NOOOO!!! Wow you guys are having a tough go of it. I'm really sorry to hear about Sean's parents. But, again, probably the right call, as difficult as it is. Sending good thoughts your way.

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- Erin


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#353 bride2016

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    Posted 24 November 2015 - 06:20 AM

    Hey Steph,

    I'm so sorry to hear about all of the recent events. Sending hugs and happy thoughts to you and Sean for your special day(s).

    I know that it isn't ideal, but at least you have found a way to turn it into a positive situation and make your at home ceremony that much more special. Your wedding is going to be beautiful and what's important is that you have still found a way to include your parents. 


    I love the books! They are going to look really great as your centrepieces. I can see your vision more and more now and I can't wait to see it once it comes together.



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    #354 krystalball

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    • Wedding Date:April 9, 2016
    • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya
    • LocationToronto, Canada

    Posted 25 November 2015 - 09:49 AM

    I've been MIA lately and just saw your recent posts. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and Sean's parents. Hugs to you and Sean and I'll be thinking of your mom and hoping she feels better soon and the surgery goes well.


    I'm glad that you were able to cancel the trips in time and have found a way to celebrate the wedding with them, even if it's not the way you had originally planned. It would probably be tough for most of us to stay positive with everything that's happened to you guys lately so I'm impressed with your attitude to be seeing the silver lining in these disappointments. You're like the anti-bridezilla! Plus, I'm sure karma will ensure that your wedding day will be absolutely perfect to make up for all these issues you've been facing!


    #355 snswedding2016

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    • Wedding Date:January 9, 2016
    • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
    • LocationToronto, Canada

    Posted 25 November 2015 - 09:57 AM

    @krystalball thanks so much! haha I strive to be the anti-bridezilla so that means a lot...although when that groomsmen started making a fuss about the pants I felt some bridezilla emotions coming on! lol! ;)

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    #356 snswedding2016

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    • Wedding Date:January 9, 2016
    • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
    • LocationToronto, Canada

    Posted 26 November 2015 - 11:09 PM

    Legal Ceremony Updates


    It has all come together this week (more or less). Once we decided to cancel Sean's parents' trips, we started working on alternative dates that would work for my mom, his parents and our schedule. They are coming in Dec 7-10. 


    - Location - originally we thought about having it downtown Toronto but my mom has some hotel credits at Casino Rama...I know it sounds like an odd choice but they actually have a beautiful hotel side with some great restaurants, a piano bar, spa and pool. We were able to get two adjoining rooms for 2 nights and only have to pay $150 total. We'll be getting married at the piano bar (before it opens) where there is a beautiful 3 sided fireplace beside the piano.


    -Food - there is a really nice restaurant called St. Germain there that has amazing food. Our meal for 6 is covered (my uncle is joining us for the day) we just have to pay for the alcohol - pretty great deal! 


    -Officiant - our original officiant is unavailable for our new date but she recommended a colleague who is free and willing to drive to Orillia for the ceremony. He will honour our original officiant's fees, which is great!


    -Flowers - I decided after we cancelled my mom's trip to make this ceremony feel a little more special. Since I decided to go with real touch flowers for Mexico, I thought it would be nice to have fresh flowers for the legal ceremony. I'm getting a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere  for Sean.


    Inspiration pics for the flowers:

    Attached File  legal flowers1.jpg   75.17KB   6 downloads


    Attached File  legal flowers2.jpg   75.53KB   6 downloads


    -Hair - I also decided to get my hair done, just another way to make it feel special and more like the real thing for our parents. We're trying to make it a slightly more glamorous affair without adding too much to the ceremony language itself (that we save for Mexico).


    Here are some inspiration pics for hair:

    Attached File  legal hair1.jpg   95.84KB   6 downloads


    Attached File  legal hair2.jpg   48.14KB   6 downloads


    Attached File  legal hair3.jpg   19.08KB   6 downloads


    The silver lining in all of this is that Sean and I realized that we would never have had 2 full days of uninterrupted time with just our parents in Mexico. There would be so much running around and trying to spend time with everyone, that actually this alternate plan will actually give us more time with them. I think in the end that will mean way more to them than a trip to Mexico (even though we would have loved for them to be there and experience it). 


    More updates to come but I'll save that for another post. This weekend is my bachelorette in Niagara Falls - we leave Saturday!! I'm excited! :D

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    #357 calgarybride2015

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    • Wedding Date:January 21, 2015
    • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya
    • LocationCalgary, AB

    Posted 27 November 2015 - 05:25 AM

    Glad everything has come together. Don't think a ceremony is a casino is tacky at all (but I love Vegas). What you have planned there sounds beautiful. Your pics are gorgeous, such good taste. Have a freaking blast this weekend!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

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    #358 ashhtayy

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    • Wedding Date:June 7, 2016
    • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
    • LocationToronto, Canada

    Posted 27 November 2015 - 06:08 AM

    @snswedding2016 so sorry to read about all the changes that have happened but I love that you are able to look at the bright side. It will be so nice to have the intimate moment with your parents. The dress, the hair, the bouquet are all so elegant. Can't wait to see pictures.

    Have a blast at your bachelorette this weekend. Niagara is always a fun time especially with your girls :)

    #359 Wafflesmom

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    • Wedding Date:January 23, 2016
    • Wedding Location:Moon Palace
    • LocationVancouver, Canada

    Posted 27 November 2015 - 07:54 AM

    It sounds like you've planned a special and intimate legal ceremony that will definitely be memorable. I'm so happy to hear that it's all come together and that you'll have the much needed time with your mom and Sean's parents. I agree that adding the extra touches like your bouquet and getting your hair done will add a special touch to the ceremony. I can't wait to see pics!

    Oh and have a great time at your bachelorette! After everything you've been through, a weekend of pampering will be exactly what you need and deserve
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    #360 snswedding2016

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    • Wedding Date:January 9, 2016
    • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
    • LocationToronto, Canada

    Posted 27 November 2015 - 09:39 PM

    @calgarybride2015 @ashhtayy @Wafflesmom Thanks ladies! We're now excited about our legal ceremony plans. It was nice last night for the first time in weeks I felt really excited for the wedding and it started to feel real and close! These last couple of weeks have been so stressful that it was nice to have that feeling. 


    I spent the last two days working from home. It is really starting to slow down at work (which I'm actually  happy about for wedding planning). American Thanksgiving usually marks the start of the really slow period leading up to the holidays. I was able to still do my work from home but multi-task and get some wedding stuff taken care of. 


    Besides organizing the legal ceremony, this week we managed to tackle a lot:

    -Started printing our printables for our welcome bags (I'm able to use my printer at work which is great)

       -printed the welcome letter, itineraries for everyone (general, groomsmen, bridesmaid, and maid of honour), rooming    

      list & menu

       -still need to finish tips for the resort and I might do a game page or two for the kids 

       -*I'll post pics when it is all completed

    -finally found a slip for my after party dress 

    -finished legal ceremony and symbolic ceremony scripts

    -took inventory of all the stuff I have for the wedding and to see what's missing

    -started packaging some of the decor (tupperware works really well with the paper roses!)

    -almost finished playlist - just need a couple more songs for the pre-ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner music lists (emailed the partial list to my friend who is helping us put it all together)

    -started working on our "Azul Fives Setup" document - I'm putting all of our notes in one document with detailed instructions on how we would like it all to look, making note of what we're bringing from home and what we're ordering from Lomas

    -ordered another piece of luggage today with a black friday sale, on top of the discounted price I got 15% off for purchasing for the first time with them online and then I also qualified for free shipping! I feel like that is a black friday win! I feel like we should be good for luggage now but I'm waiting for the last two pieces to come in to take a look at it all

    -PAID THE RESORT BILL!!!! That was a big sigh of relief to get that done. 


    Next things to tackle:

    -finish up the crafts!!! (magnets ...I literally have 4 to finish, somehow I keep procrastinating, love quotes - vellum is cut and ready to go, my "S&S" letters - just need to finish the back on one of them)

    -finish the printables

    -assemble welcome bags and distribute before Christmas to those in Toronto

    -find shoes and white shirt for Sean 

    -finish off groomsmen gifts

    -create a zoom link for our streaming link of the wedding in Mexico and send it out to guests who are unable to come

    -get marriage license 

    -book grooming appointments!!!

    -pick and plan a date with my bridesmaids and my mom just before we leave for Mexico

    -Christmas shopping....I have to include this here because I'm SO not thinking about that right now with everything else to do haha!

    -Settle up final numbers with our TA....with the 3 cancellations/refunds we need to see where we are with our numbers and transat credits. I think we may just be on the cusp but really that's ok...either way we're spending less than what we had planned. 

    -Arrange transfer between Azul Fives and El Dorado for the honeymoon!

    -Send out gift to our amazing TA!!

    -Exchange money to pesos (and a little bit of US)


    -Try and stay on this detox I'm on until the wedding (but cheating around parties and Christmas)! We actually don't have a scale at home so I don't know how much I've lost (if any) but I think in a way that's a good thing. I'm loving how my clothes feel and how I'm feeling in general. Regardless of the numbers, I'm feeling better overall. I'm not going to lie this detox isn't easy (I'm off of alcohol, dairy, gluten and sugar :blink: )...needless to say I'm cheating this weekend on my bachelorette trip!  ;)

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