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Snswedding2016 Planning Thread - Jan 9 2016 (Azul Fives)

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#321 Wafflesmom

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Posted 03 November 2015 - 08:48 PM

I think Sean looks great in both but prefer the darker grey one. The light one looks almost beige though it may just be the photo. I can see what you mean about it kinda washing him out but it still looks good on him. At least either option looks good, one less thing to stress about ;)

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#322 snswedding2016

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Posted 03 November 2015 - 08:54 PM

@calgarybride2015 Thanks!! Sigh...yes, the tears....so many tears have happened lately. I agree though it will help me pass the time and keep me going. Today I totally felt like "okay, you had another melt down but that's done now. Let's do this! Game on!" haha my little pep talk to myself. 


I really wanted to renew my passports this week but Sean's going out of town this weekend. I reminded him he doesn't need it to travel within Canada but he doesn't feel comfortable (just in case). So we're going to do them first thing next week. I think it should be fine but depending on what they say I may just pay extra to go the express route. 


oh and not out of line at all- haha LOVE IT!  :)

@Wafflesmom that's what I said too! Sean agreed after looking at the photos but it's funny because he thought that the darker grey in person looked more beige but in photos the lighter one definitely has that look to it. 

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#323 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 10:23 AM

@snswedding2016 Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you get some good news from the doctor. My fingers are crossed that she can go to Mexico.

You are so organized and your list is really thorough. It will all come together, even if there are some tears... To be expected, especially with the added stress of your mom's health. Sending you big hugs!!!

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- Erin


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#324 ashhtayy

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 09:28 PM

@snswedding2016 I'm so far behind and am just making my way through everything I missed on your thread.

- In LOVE with your band. So unique and so beautiful.
- I love Sean's ring. Also quite unique and I love the reasons he likes that it's tungsten.
- BDR Updates:
>Thank you so much for these. So reassuring each and every time a bride comes back from AF. >Fingers crossed they follow your advice and keep 1910 open later.
>Room service drinks - good tip with picking up a few bottles. I wasn't sure how many times they would deliver drinks to a room.
>Were the monkeys friendly? Seriously though lol A few guests are nervous about how in your face they seem to be.
>Your centrepieces look beautiful. So glad you got to test them out.
- Happy one year one month and a day anniversary of your engagement! We got engaged in October too! The 29th :)
- Your flowers look AMAZING! My girls and I are starting to do a lot of research into real touch flowers now. Yours make me want to do it even more. Perfection.
- Your letters look great. So crafty. Your theme flows flawlessly and I love your favours.
- Just did table planning with my fiancé last night and it worked out that we had 8-10 per table. On your advice I'll switch the 10s to 8-9 where I can. Thanks!
- Sean is very handsome! Love the outfit he picked. Beautiful couple.
- Sending positive thoughts your way. Hope your mom is doing better soon.

Can't wait to see what else is to come!

#325 deecol

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Posted 09 November 2015 - 06:49 AM

@snswedding2016 I just caught up!  I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom!  Fingers crossed!!!  Sending lots of love and positive thoughts!


Sean's suit looks great!  I think he could totally rock either one but the darker one is pulling my focus a bit more.


2 months today!!!



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#326 snswedding2016

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  • Wedding Date:January 9, 2016
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Posted 10 November 2015 - 12:00 PM

@vancouverpetunia @ashhtayy @deecol Thank you for your kind words for my mom's recovery!  :)


@ashhtayy honestly tell your guests not to worry about the monkeys. They are very friendly and so cool. They are actually really elegant and beautiful to watch swinging from the trees. They do get pretty close but they don't attack or anything. There are signs tell you not to feed them but I think a lot of the guests there ignore it. That's usually when they get really up close and personal. ;) Yay for October engagements!!! With my DIY projects I pretty much looked for projects with the lowest level of difficulty that still looked pretty crafty - haha! I'm slowly getting them done one by one. 


The darker grey suit I think is the winner. Sean and I will be going back to Moores this week to order it!  :D One more thing off the list.


Speaking of which...(updates in blue)


Legal Ceremony

-Confirm with location that we can still have it there (did I mention Ceili Cottage is having permit issues with their Yurt...sigh) otherwise move to Plan B Going with Plan B - we decided we didn't want to have two separate locations so our idea now is to find a nice restaurant with a private room to have the ceremony there and then go right into dinner. It looks like we might have 6-8 people now. 

-Marriage License

-Finish legal ceremony script, confirm with officiant

-Find a nice restaurant to do a small reception with my mom and cousins (just in case my mom can't go to mexico) We have a couple of options. Going to call around today to see if it will fit in our budget!

-Find a dress for the legal ceremony Found it this weekend!

Attached File  Legal Ceremony dress 1.png   350.88KB   5 downloads


and the back

Attached File  Legal Ceremony dress 2.png   362.05KB   6 downloads


It's pretty dramatic but now that we're putting more effort into the legal ceremony, I figured I could go a little bigger on the dress! ;) Now I'm planning Sean's outfit - he doesn't want to see this one until the day of either so I have to put together an outfit that goes with my dress. 


Mexico Wedding

-Renew passports Did it yesterday!! Sean came home from his bachelor weekend on PEI yesterday morning and we went to get our photos in the afternoon and went straight to the passport office. We were in and out of there in 15 min - it was the fastest passport renewal I've ever done!  :) They said we'd have them in the mail by Nov 26th at the latest - which works perfectly so I don't stress out. 


-Finish DIY projects ("S&S" letters, magnets, love quotes on vellum, escort cards, kids activity book) Pretty much done the magnets (our favours) I just have to attach the magnets to the backs of the glass beads.


-Assemble welcome bags 


-Finish and print paper items (menu, welcome letter, itinerary etc)


-Get additional centrepiece items (need more books, candles and pedestals)


-Finish symbolic ceremony script & write our vows. So close to being done the script! We're just tweaking the wording in a couple of sections. Sean's brother is our officiant and he's really excited to do it but after going to his daughter's wedding a couple of weeks ago, we're now wanting to double check with him that he's ok that our ceremony does not have any religious language. He is very religious and we are not, I don't think it will be an issue as he knows that but we just don't want him to feel uncomfortable about it.


-Final dress fitting/alterations


-Get additional luggage (find out updated luggage allowance from transat) I'm ordering some luggage with my airmiles that I've been collecting since wedding planning. It should arrive in time. 

-Finish playlist and start putting it together. We changed some of our ceremony music. We swapped one of our pre-ceremony songs and our wedding party song.


We're now using "Yellow" by Vitamin String Quartet for our wedding party to walk in to


and using "Wonderful Tonight" by Vitamin String Quartet during our pre-ceremony music


We also took out one song. Sean really likes it but when listening to it last night it reminded him of an ex, he was like "I can make new memories of the song but it does remind me of someone" to which I responded "ya let's take it out...our wedding day is not the day to be reminded of other people" lol!


We also just got the rough draft of our first dance song!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. It is sung by a really good friend of mine who can't attend the wedding. We've been through a lot together and it means so much that she did this for us. Her husband is also accompanying her on guitar! There's something really comforting listening to a song sung by a familiar voice. She sent it to me I'll post the final version when I get it - probably at that end of this week!!


The processional song is a bit of a different situation. Sean's family is still planning to record this but it is kind of stressing me out because I know how they work. They are so talented as musicians but they really are not planners...to give you an idea - I sent this piece of music over a year ago. I had this even before we set our date. I wasn't going to worry too much but I did set a deadline for end of October, thinking if they were running a week or two behind it would be ok. Now that we're officially less than 2 months away, I just want the song in my hands so I can put it into the program we're using etc. I think it's funny that they think we don't know how much goes into this...Sean and I are both in the entertainment industry, we do this for a living and we gave this to you a year ago! ahh!! Sigh...breathe! We do have a back up plan of playing the version I like that's already pre-recorded by another quartet. I would really love it if his family comes through though so fingers crossed. I heard my future MIL say something about having it by Christmas ....umm what?? we may need to have another conversation. lol


-Make 'grooming' appointments



Mom update

We had the appointment with her surgeon last Thursday and it went well but didn't give us all the answer we needed. We found out that he really isn't the one to make the decision on whether or not we can push the surgery until January. According to him he thinks it's fine but needs to the approval of the specialist, which makes sense but the previous appointment with the specialist was a bit vague in terms of timeline. The surgery is tentative scheduled for the end of January unless we need to move it up. After that appointment my mom had to go into the ER as she was experiencing some really bad pinched nerves. She was only in for the day and was released later. They adjusted some medication so she is feeling much better. Now we wait to see what her specialist says. She has an appointment with him on Friday so we shall see. The other thing to consider is that she's been dealing with some issues with her eyes and I am concerned about her flying with the air pressure and everything. We talked a lot this weekend and we're agreeing that it looks more and more likely that she will not be able to go to the wedding in Mexico. Even if her surgery is in January, there are a lot of other things going on that I'm not sure is worth taking the risk. We haven't cancelled her trip just yet. We have up until Nov 22 to cancel and get a full refund (minus the deposit) so we'll wait until then to make a final decision.


I'm actually doing ok with it all. Of course I'm sad she probably won't be there but her health is most important and I would feel so bad if our wedding jeopardized it in any way. We will be having a live feed of it that she can watch in real time as well as we're now making our legal ceremony a much bigger event than before. The size of it will be small but we'll be going out for a really nice supper, I'm going to get my hair done, get a little bouquet and we'll probably get a small one tier wedding cake (since we won't be having one in Mexico). I think it will be really nice that she'll be there to experience when we actually legally get married and be a part of something most people won't be involved in.



Bridal Party Update

I totally forgot to add this to my thread. We found out when we were on PEI that Sean's sister and husband will be coming to the wedding!!! We're so excited!!! They are staying at another resort but that's ok. We were really thinking that they wouldn't make it due to cost and getting time off etc but somehow they are able to swing it and they are also very excited. They got married 3 years ago but never took a honeymoon so I'm excited that they will be also have a vacation for just the two of them. They are leaving their kids at home! :) Sean and I talked about it last and night and now that we know she's coming we wanted to include her in the bridal party, so I have a new bridesmaid!! Yay!  :D ....now we just need to get her a dress in time and in our colours... :wacko: Luckily she has a local store in Charlottetown that she's friends with the owner and they give her amazing deals. Hopefully we can find something that works. We're going to do some facetime shopping ...gotta love technology!

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#327 calgarybride2015

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Posted 10 November 2015 - 07:11 PM

That dress is gorgeous. Can't wait for pics :) your wedding planning is coming along and I'm sure will all fall into place.

A friend Singing a song for you is precious. My sister had her friend sing her down the isle. You'll cry I'm sure. So awesome.

I hope the best for your mom and her health. Good luck and please keep us posted. I'm glad she can cancel without much pain to the wallet. Medical insurance may be tricky too given the uncertainty of her conditions so I can totally appreciate your desire for her to be safe and at home. Doesn't make it easier so I applaud you for being strong. Hugs.

Great update!

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#328 acw271011

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Posted 10 November 2015 - 09:36 PM

@snswedding2016 Steph everything is coming together so beautifully! Wow! I'm so far behind and have been so awol....


I'm so sorry about your mom. Dialysis is a big deal. Sending good thoughts and prayers. The thing to consider is that if she travels to Mexico with a pre-existing condition and something happens while she's there, any medical insurance won't cover any costs. We found that out the hard way. Not to be debbie downer but it's a serious situation and as you said, her health is the most important thing. it's so sad that it's all happening now so close to your wedding. Hugs!


That dress for your legal is AMAZING!!!! And you're so tiny you'll pull it off fantastically! it will be gorgeous! I love Sean's suit for Mexico and since it's January I like the darker gray. Doug switched from the tan to gray and I really loved it. Love the music! It's just so elegant... lol Does that sound goofy? yes... but I can't think of a better word!


You're getting so close now! Don't worry about reviews!! I looked at a couple too when we were first considering AF, right before Sofi's wedding and I thought "oh crap. this is not good" but as you said, you have to take it with a grain of salt and wonder why people can be so nasty!! You know what you're getting since you were there. Trust that. It will all be fantastic and your wedding will be gorgeous!

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#329 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 11 November 2015 - 12:46 PM

Wow you are really knocking things off the list. Good for you! Sorry to hear that you don't have a solid update on your mom yet. It does sound like it might be better to be safe than sorry, given medical insurance, etc. Which sucks, but like you said her health is most important. Hang in there! 

- Erin


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#330 snswedding2016

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Posted 11 November 2015 - 09:57 PM

@calgarybride2015 @acw271011 @vancouverpetunia 


ladies, thank you for your continual support and well wishes! It has definitely helped a lot through these last couple of weeks, especially dealing with my mom's situation. 


I'm pretty excited about wearing my legal ceremony dress. The designer who made my wedding dress has agreed to do the alterations on the legal dress as well!! She normally doesn't take outside dresses for alterations because they are so busy but right now is pretty slow she she said yes. I'm happy to take it to someone I trust.


I was hoping to find a private room in a restaurant for the legal ceremony and supper but I'm finding that they are all charging a room minimum that is just out of our price range. I think we may need to now have our ceremony in a separate location. Anyone have some creative ideas ??...keep in mind it will be in December. I don't really want to spend any money on the ceremony location as I would rather put the money towards the dinner. Our back up location is my office - it's free, open space and it's where we met. It's just not very interesting. 

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