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Snswedding2016 Planning Thread - Jan 9 2016 (Azul Fives)

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@@snswedding2016 you should get 80lbs each for being a bride and groom. My travel agent got us that. And I thought that the other guests at 44lbs each as a checked bag and not 66lbs...

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@@Smellsey I wonder if that was with cloud 9 which they have phased out I think. It's now option plus unless you upgrade to club class. For your guests it would be 44 lbs not 66 lbs. 66lbs is only for those with option plus.

We should be fine with 66lbs each though.

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66 is a lot. We got 70 with AC and could barely get it over 40!!! Only so much fits. Unless I guess you have heavy items. Even 45 tumblers and oh shit kits in a suitcase didn't come close



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ok that is what i thought. My itinerary says 80lbs. very weird!

I'd pack for 80 and when questioned pull out the paperwork!



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8 days, omg that's so exciting!!! Your crossing so many things off of your list, congrats You're so organized so you'll knock everything off in no time!


And thanks for the Air Transat info, I was starting to ask those very same questions you just answered. So thanks so much :)

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I had cloud nine which is the same thing as option plus. I think they just call it cloud nine for bride and groom. We had 66lbs of luggage allowance each as well (as many bags as we wanted as long as it was under the total combined weight) and 22lb carry-on. 

It also says you get sparking wine for bride and groom - we had a nice flight attendant who actually gave us many bottles to disperse amongst our whole group on the plane. 


Yay! You're so close to leaving :) :)

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5 more sleep until Mexico!!!


Again I should really be into my 5th sleep but hey, what are you going to do when your to do list is keeping you up at night...


To do list...

-Finish set up document for Azul Fives(Will send out tomorrow to the hotel and my cousin! My cousin will be using it to make sure the set up is going according to plan on the day of)


-Exchange US money!!


-Send out my gift for my TA


-Finish groomsmen gifts (so glad this is done! we settled on bluetooth speakers for everyone except one groomsman will be getting a spa gift certificate.)


-Finish seating chart (should be done tomorrow)


-Get playlist back from our friend who is putting it all together for us (we just need to edit the ends of two songs but other than that it's done! such a relief! We listened to our entire playlist over the last two days and it got us really excited for the wedding!!)


-Finish vows 


-Continue to hand out welcome bags to Toronto guests (down to 3 left to hand out!! woohoo!)


-Keep packing!!!!


- Print reference hair and make up photos off pinterest


Write thank you cards for bridal party and thank you speech for reception (I've finished my bridesmaids cards, Sean has two left to write and we have a first draft of our thank you speech)


Confirm hair and make up appointments for bridesmaids with AF (they have been pending for a while now)


-Print reserved signs for ceremony


-Send out email reminder for our virtual wedding - remind our guests not coming that they can watch it


-Send out one last email/facebook update to our guests with a simple must have checklist 


Dec 29 - Renew our license plates! Take our niece to the museum. Dinner plans. 

Dec 30 - Meet with our friend about wedding music, exchange US money & pick up dress! Dinner plans

Dec 31 - Buy groomsmen gifts! New Years Eve


Jan 2 - lunch with my mom (we want to spend sometime with her before we leave). Finish cards, speeches and vows.

Jan 3 - Mani/Pedi with Maids of Honour. Skype meeting with our sound guy to edit music. Sit down with our friend who will be acting as DJ for the wedding.

Jan 4 - pick up dress - FINALLY!!! Exchange more money for other people (helping out some of our Calgary guests who don't have time to order pesos from the bank.)

Jan 5 - brunch with Sean's brother and sister in law. 

Jan 6 - we leave for Mexico!!!



Other updates:



This was one thing I was really on the fence about from day one. I love the look of them but wasn't sure if I really "needed" all my girls in matching robes. I got them all sarongs that I thought they could use more on the trip to go with their other gifts but the more I saw photos of bridesmaids in robes from other weddings the more I wanted them. It finally hit me a couple of weeks ago. I was up late one night and just decided to see what was on easy and if I could even get them in time. I found the great vendor and I loved the robes she had. There was a christmas sale on and it said they ship in 3-4 days. I messaged her to make sure it would arrive in time (I told her I was leaving on Jan 1 - I thought if she can guarantee it for then, I still had an extra 5 days in case it is delayed). She said she could get it to me by Dec 29th and sure enough that is exactly the day they arrived.  :D She also offered 5 different shades of blue which fit perfectly with my palette and this way each bridesmaid gets her own colour. I'm so happy I decided to get these last minute. I think my girls will love them!


Here they are:





I got them from Sandy Waters on Etsy. She was so great to deal with and got back to me right away even though I messaged her at 4:00am. 



My wedding dress:

With all the little changes I've made and the multiple rounds of alterations, I'm really glad I went the custom route, otherwise I would have paid through the nose for alterations separately!! I went back this week for a fitting on the 30th but it was still bunchy up so we had to shorten the waist. The width was fine but the length of the torso was a bit too long. I'm glad this happened because my maid of honour came with me and took pics. I went home and after looking at them for a while I wasn't really happy with the placement of the straps at the back of the dress. I felt like the way they were placed made me look broader and I already have broad shoulders. I haven't been able to see the dress straight on from the back until now since I've been going to my last couple of fittings alone. I wrote my designer really late on the 30th and asked if we could move the straps and she said she could do it no problem. I went back on the 31st and adjust the straps and I'm so happy I said something. My designer even agreed that she liked it better this way. With the stat holiday I won't be able to pick up my dress until Monday but that's ok, we've worked it into our schedule for the day. 


@@vancouverpetunia I totally understand being nervous about going custom and having to trust a stranger with your vision. Don't worry - it will all work out! If the final product isn't quite what you want, say something - remember, it is a custom dress so don't worry about making little changes here and there to achieve your dream dress. I've often felt nervous about changing my mind about certain aspect but in the end it was never a big deal to make the adjustment and now I'm so much happier with the final product. :)


Here is my dress! I realized I haven't posted any pics of it since it was first made but when it was really big on me (and now it has the bling as well). 





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Whoooo @@snswedding2016 you leave sooo soon! I would be buzzing too and definitely not able to sleep, I already have trouble now with all the thoughts going on in my head lol.


Your robes are gorgeous - your girls are going to love them! And your dress is so beautiful on you!


Enjoy your last few days here and brunches with your friends and family! You'll be in Mexico before you know it!



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Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I won't be able to wish you a happy wedding day but I'll be thinking of you. Remember to slow down and take it all in ;) it's over in a flash.


The robes are really pretty and I'm glad you got them! Sometimes that's how I shop. If I can't stop thinking about it - I buy it.


Truth be told I couldn't remember exactly what your dress looked like so I'm soooooo glad you posted a picture. It's absolutely stunning and you look gorgeous in it. Seriously. The back is super sexy. :)


Good luck!!! Can't wait to see pics when you are back.



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