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Snswedding2016 Planning Thread - Jan 9 2016 (Azul Fives)

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You look amazing! Congrats again :)



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@@snswedding2016 Congrats! It looks like your ceremony was really nice and I'm so glad it worked out to have your families both there. So excited for your Mexico wedding!


And I LOL'd about the groomsman & his pants. It's about bloody time!

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Aww Steph - it all looks absolutely amazing! Girl - you looked stunning! (and hubby ain't too bad either! lol) That dress is gorgeous, and with your hair and the flowers, you're beautiful!


So glad it all worked out and that the hotel put in some effort to make it special! Plus that you got to make it special for your parents (both sets). You've been through the wringer with things the last while so being able to do something so nice for them I know means a lot to them. Ya did good girl! Congrats again! The photos are great!!

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Thanks ladies for all the well wishes!!! It really was a very special day and a great little getaway with our parents! I'm really feeling the countdown now. Sean just came back today from his Toronto bachelor party - lucky guy had two bachelor weekends!  ;) That's pretty much it for big wedding events before we leave for Mexico. 


This friday is my last day at work - 5 more days!!! Woohoo!! Can't believe it is all coming up so quickly. I still feel like I have a ton to do but I'm happy that I'll have 2 full weeks off before we leave for Mexico (although we do have to squeeze in Christmas in between there haha). It's going to be a bit busy with family stuff but at least I won't have to worry about working during the days. 


A couple of things I've been working on/finished up:


Flower girl basket (petals are just too expensive at Azul Fives in my opinion) - I got an assortment of blue and white flowers from Michaels.




Centrepieces (almost fully complete - the glass bottles will have 1 or 2 fresh flowers in them, from our ceremony floral arrangements. Medium sized candle will have the vellum with love quotes on them - printed just not attached yet):





Sweetheart Table Decor (all of these candles will also be wrapped in vellum with love quotes):






To do list...

-Print the rest of the printable for welcome bags (I finished the last of the documents today) and assemble and start distributing (I have to give out some this week to my colleagues before we all leave for the holidays)

-Finish set up document for Azul Fives

-Sort out carry on situation (long story short the carry on luggage I ordered mid nov with my airmiles points is now out of stock...even though I was able to order it. I'm fighting with airmiles now to expedite the shipping time. I may have to buy a new piece of luggage)

-Book mani/pedi appointments for me and my maids of honour (Jan 3)

-Book honeymoon transfer (working out if it's worth it to upgrade to the luxury car transfer with my TA)

-Exchange money (at the place @kyrstalball suggested!)

-Send out my gift for my TA

-Test travel steamer

-Buy Sean's shoes and white dress shirt (it might be last minute but we're holding out for boxing day sales - we have our eye on a couple of items though)

-Finish groomsmen gifts

-Print photos for display

-Finish escort cards (with dietary restriction stickers)

-Get playlist back from our friend who is putting it all together for us

-Start packing!!



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Events leading up to the wedding - wedding related and not (this is to keep me on track so I can refer back to it.)


Dec 18 - last day of work!!!!

Dec 19 - Christmas Party

Dec 20 - SEAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!

Dec 21- Pick up dress! 4pm

Dec 22 - Disney on Ice with our niece/flower girl (our Christmas present to her)

Dec 23 - Waxing appointment and going to see Kinky Boots  :)

Dec 25 - Christmas

Dec 26 - Boxing day shopping - last minute deals for last minute items we need  ;)

Dec 27 - Extended Family Christmas Dinner

Dec 31 - New Years Eve


Jan 3 - Mani/Pedi with Maids of Honour

Jan 6 - we leave for Mexico!!!


ok looking at this list...we have a lot going on despite being off of work! Eek!!


I forgot a really important one on my to do list - maybe because we've been procrastinating on this one big time...WRITE VOWS!!!

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I'm sorry I'm late replying but congratulations to you and Sean!!! It looks like such a wonderful venue and you two are ridiculously gorgeous.


I can't believe your day is near. I'm so glad you have two weeks off to get everything done. Your list is totally manageable and I love how everything has turned out.

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I think your list is manageable too! While a busy schedule you'll be surprised how much you can pack in when that deadline (of fun to come) is so near omg!! You must be so excited.

Everything looks awesome. Love the flowers in the basket!! I won't be in Canada on your wedding day so I may not get to post but please know I'll be thinking about you and can't wait to hear all about it :)


And @@Wafflesmom then it's your turn sister!!!!



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@@calgarybride2015 I know!!! It's crazy how quickly the year flew by. Wasn't I just cheering you on for yours? Lol and now it's gonna be your one year anniversary!!

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@@Wafflesmom Thanks!! Your day is rapidly approaching too!!! I'm with you - it feels like yesterday that I had over a year to plan this wedding! 


@@calgarybride2015 So glad you think the list is manageable! That does make me feel better! Just gotta get through one item at a time right?!  ;) Hope you have an amazing time on your vacation!!


Small Updates


Legal Ceremony Band

Inspired by @ I've been thinking about getting a ring to symbolize our legal ceremony. I've been eyeing a couple of very simple bands from Pandora. I didn't want anything too expensive but something nice and simple to honour that day as special as well. This is what I picked up tonight.




I really thought I was okay with not having an official video. We had planned to stream our ceremony live as well as record it. After see the Toronto gals a couple of weeks ago and see snippets of @@Meandhim 's video - I couldn't stop thinking that I might really regret not having one. After getting our refund for our parent's trips and then receiving some very generous gifts from Sean's biological dad and some other guests we had a little more wiggle room in our budget. Also with our parent's not being able to go now a professional video would be really nice to show them. I contacted our photographers to see if their video team would be available but unfortunately they are not. They did recommend another videographer that they really like working with and I contacted him late last night. It looks like we might be able to work something out to fit within our budget. It's not officially booked yet but I'm getting really excited with the idea of having a video!! :)



I sent our friend the playlist for the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner last night. He's almost finished our reception playlist!! I owe him big time for doing all of this for us! Such a relief to have this off my plate. 


Our E-tickets were also released today!!! Every day it feel more and more real! 4 days left of work!! :D

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