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I'm new to this site so hope I'm posting in the right forum. We've booked our wedding for April 2016 at the Now Sapphire. We've recently booked a last minute trip to a nearby resort and have arranged to meet our wedding coordinator at Now Sapphire for a site visit. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for what I should ask or review while I'm there?


We're already booked, so it's not a matter of choosing the resort. I was thinking covering the following topics: 

  • Ceremony & reception sites (and alternate sites in case we don't end up liking the ones we've selected or in case we need a back up due to weather)
  • A tour of the property, including: pools, beach, restaurants, bars, kids club and a few different types of guest rooms
  • Possible food tasting?
  • I will also ask if there are any weddings taking place that day so I might be able to see the set up
  • And I will take loads of photos!

Any other suggestions? It seems like I have answers to a lot of my other questions and/or they can easily be covered by email or phone in the next year. Since we don't want to spend all of our vacation time doing wedding planning, I'm not planning to meet with outside vendors. I don't plan on adding a lot of extras to the wedding package - maybe additional flowers and minimal additional decor for the reception - so hopefully this is not a big deal. Appreciate any tips!




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Welcome to our forum community, Erin, and Congrats on your upcoming NOW Sapphire wedding!!! 


How exciting to do a site visit - it sounds like you have a great list of things to check out too :) 


If you'd like to see what a backdrop it will make for your wedding photos, check out this album Linc captured at a recent wedding there: NOW Sapphire Wedding Album....with some excerpts shown here.....












Have a great vacation trip and site visit - happy research and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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The alternative ceremony site is a great question. Ours was the resorts hall in case of heavy rain.

- you can ask if they provide a cart shuttle from your room to the ceremony

- refreshments near your ceremony location

- gown steaming to remove any wrinkles from your travel

- gown storage so that your fiancé does not see it

- if they can book all your guests rooms close to each other

- possible outside vendor fees - if you are bringing in a non-resort florist, make-up artist, photographer

- if you’re having the ceremony on the beach are you able to request a specific time ( morning is best ).


I will locate the list of questions I had. I had several good ones that I will add later.   :) 

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@@emmapalmer - Thanks for the suggestions. There are some good ones there that I hadn't thought of. If you find your list or anyone else has any suggestions, I'd be happy to get some more feedback. 

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Definitely find out about vendor fees especially if you don't plan on using the resort photographer. The outside vendor fee can run anywhere from $300 to $1000 depending on the resort. If you're interested in a DJ find out where they would set you up for dancing. Is it a spot you like. If you want your reception to go a bit later, what do you do for lighting? April still gets dark early so you'll want to know what they do for lights and how much it costs.


Enjoy the vacation and the site visit. Be sure to report and post when you get back. I'm sure the information will help other NOW Sapphire brides.


Good luck and happy planning!

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