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Questionable Reviews

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it is the same on travel sites like Trip Advisor - everyone bashes the food and then a 5 star rating on it and everything was wonderful all within the same time frame.

You really have to look into people who have no picture, are new or have questionable credablility - but who am I to say - I just joined today lol

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Laura ~ I am so sorry you are experience this type of behavior with so called Wedding Professionals. 


Things to look for when booking someone to come with you for your DW are: 


Are they a legitimate business first of all? 

Do they have a web page and real reviews? 

Are they paying taxes and have a business license? 

Do they have past clients that you can chat with? 

Are they showing you an entire gallery of edited Wedding Images? 


Ask all of these questions and ask to see proof. It's your Wedding Day and you deserve the world! 



My husband and I see many people get excited to travel & shoot Weddings then come on to make fake forums and over post to get interest. 

They have not only sub par work but their ethics and morals are in the gutter as well. 


You should raise the bar and call them out ladies! 

Keep doing that so others know ~ 

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