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I want to start selling my wedding items. I'm not sure how to accept money via PayPal. Can anyone walk me through this? I've never sold anything on here before.

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The person can gift you the money as friends/family, which doesn't charge you fees (but will them if they use a credit card instead of bank account).


I would suggest request as goods - this offers 180 days of protection in case one of the parties scams, and also automatically gives you the shipping address if you want to print a shipping label directly. If you do this, the fees are .30 + 3% of the total. So of you request $100, you'd send them an invoice for $103.30 (I believe).


You need their PayPal email to send the request, or you give them yours for them to send the amount. They can send as goods, too, so it'll automatically charge them the fee and give the same protection.


Hope that helps!

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