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Tinkersofi's Planning Thread - Azul Fives August 13, 2015

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#551 yycbride2016

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:21 PM

@TinkerSofi your wedding vows book is so cute! That will be so special at your wedding! And can be a keepsake following!

I can't believe someone backed out and left another person stranded as a single traveller! That's shocking. I hope that doesn't happen to us. We need 10 double rooms to have a free wedding and at the moment we have exactly that so if anyone backs out we will have to drastically increase our budget!

Good luck with the dance classes! That's so cute and such a great way to get some together time amongst all the crazy wedding planning. Not sure I could convince my FI to do that haha.

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#552 snswedding2016

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:21 PM

@TinkerSofi I LOVE your journal for your vows! It's making me want to go to Indigo. I keep going in there and picking up decor items and then putting them back down because they are big, heavy and not necessary but so cute and in my wedding colours - haha!


Sorry to hear about your guest backing out like that. I can't believe he wouldn't tell you especially leaving a roommate with a single occupancy. Glad you were able to work it all out though. 


Please update us on your dance lessons - I'm so excited for you!! I think no matter how it goes, it will be something fun for you guys to do together. Maybe it will take some stress off the wedding planning. 

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#553 TinkerSofi

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:41 PM

@yycbride2016 thanks. Yeah the book looks quite big in that picture but it's about the size of an iphone, super cute :).


I honestly don't know why he would do that. Apparently he couldn't get the time off work, but it would have been nice to at least get a text message, sometime before the last 3 days before the deadline (they thought the deadline for paying was today). When it comes to disorganization, flakiness, and drama us Latinos take the cake so I shouldn't be surprised. It was too much to ask to have no drama when payments were due. I guess we kind of live in a soap opera, that's the best way to describe it haha. I hope your guests don't do the same. Maybe some will drop out, but you might also get some more guests from now until the wedding. I don't know how it works for you but for us, anyone who booked at our hotel through our TA counted towards the group, whether they booked in the first room block or not. 



@snswedding2016 they have so many cute things!! I wanted to take half the store. I also love all kinds of stationery so I want to take everything usually haha. I already saw a few things i want for our new house :D


I'm very excited about the dancing. I feel like the wedding is just eating up our time and we're not spending a lot of quality time together. Also when I get stressed I sort of get into my own little bubble, I don't talk much and don't want to be around people, so that hasn't helped. I'm just hoping that the moves won't be too high above our skill level so that we can actually enjoy it rather than worrying about learning all these moves haha. Our teacher will be the lady who teaches us the group lessons during the weekends, so she kind of knows where we're at in terms of skills :) 




#554 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:42 PM

@TinkerSofi That's a cute little book! And the color is perfect for me, too. Might have to check it out. I wasn't planning on getting vow folders/books/what are they called? but in seeing them I also have started wondering what to use instead. A bunch of post-it notes stuck to my hands?  :P

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#555 TinkerSofi

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:50 PM

@TinkerSofi That's a cute little book! And the color is perfect for me, too. Might have to check it out. I wasn't planning on getting vow folders/books/what are they called? but I seeing them I also have started wondering what to use instead. A bunch of post-it notes stuck to my hands?  :P

Yeah, I was afraid that a normal piece of paper would be blowing all over the place. Maybe one big cue card? That was my plan but then I saw this and the price was right so I got it. I thought it would look cute. It doesn't match my wedding colours but whatever, I'm over that at this point and chances are no one will even care haha. 




#556 racht33

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    Posted 04 June 2015 - 04:17 AM

    I love your vows journal! I actually never thought about getting a vow book and this actually makes me want to get one. Love the color. I dont believe we have indigo here in the states...


    Im sorry you're dealing with so much drama, esp. with guest. The closer the time gets the more things seem to go haywire ugh. Hopefully you guys do hear from that person and they have proper explanation to the last minute drop out. There would just have to be, to drop out and lose that money. But im glad you were able to work it out.My peace clock is ticking away as I know the save the dates will be hitting mail boxes real soon and the guest drama will begin. My FI and I went out yesterday to celebrate our "confirmation signing and to cheers to the last peaceful moments" haha any excuse to get out and have a nice dinner lol ;)


    I love that you guys are taking dance classes for your first dance!!! Anything special planned? i love when couples do surprise dances. this will have you guys spend alot of time together doing something fun. and will help relieve that stress.  Im even more excited for your video now!!

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    #557 bride2016

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      Posted 04 June 2015 - 05:03 AM

      Love the book that you bought for your vows - it's super cute!! I had the same thoughts.. "do I want to read them off of a paper that is flimsily flapping in the wind?" haha. The books are a nice touch :)


      Sorry to hear about the last minute drama.. that is my worst fear. It's too bad that they weren't just up front about it? I mean, it's a wedding.. you RSVP'd 'Yes' to it and put down a deposit, you'd think that they would have enough respect to kindly inform you of their decision to back out.

      I know that this process has really taught Chester and I about our friendships and it's definitely a way of finding out who the truest of true are as well. This process has been a big eye opener for us and i'm sure there will be drama come final payment time for us as well. I eventually just got to this point where if someone was causing any form of negativity/drama in my life, i'd just not bother with them because IMO, they didn't deserve to be the one to ruin my mood or anything wedding related.


      Sending positive vibes yours and Juans way. I know your wedding is going to turn out beautiful regardless of any of these small hiccups.


      #558 Wafflesmom

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      Posted 04 June 2015 - 06:52 AM

      @TinkerSofi I love your vows book! I never even thought to look at Indigo. The weight of the book will be so much better than a flimsy piece of paper. At least you know it won't blow away if windy.

      And I'm sorry to hear about the drama and anxiety before the wedding. It's funny how people's personalities come out during the wedding prep. I don't understand how your guest could back out and not inform you or Juan. A simple text would have sufficed but I guess he's too self involved to even consider anyone else. But I'm glad you've gotten it settled.

      I'm sending lots of smiles, positivity and love your way. In 2 months and a week, you'll be in paradise getting married to Juan. You'll look back at all of this drama and just laugh it off because in the end, despite the drama and the tribulations, you came out happily married!
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      #559 TinkerSofi

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      Posted 04 June 2015 - 06:53 AM

      @racht33 I honestly didn't really think about it until I saw the ones that @perianjay bought. Even if you don't have an indigo, I love her personalized ones :). That etsy store had a bunch of really cute ones. 


      We're planning to do a salsa dance. We've been learning for about 2 years so I'm hoping that it will look somewhat decent hahah. We definitely need to practice, but I feel that the wedding has been taking over everything so we haven't had much time to practice lately. This will kind of force us to set the time aside :) 


      @perianjay exactly. I'm feeling a lot better about it now but I try not to mention it to Juan because he just flies off the handle hahah. I think it was just a bunch of things that happened sort of at once, not just related to the wedding and this was kind of like the cherry on top. I was talking to a friend the other day who's also getting married in July and he said that he's super stressed out as well. I think it just comes with a wedding, once payments are due things get stressful, people back out, drama starts. Today the sun is coming out, I feel a lot better :) and i'm focusing on the things I need to do with a smile on my face :D 




      #560 TinkerSofi

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      Posted 08 June 2015 - 02:24 PM

      Update of wedding activities during the weekend


      First Dance: 

      I'm so excited for this!! We had our first class last thursday and we have been practicing quite a bit. I was able to get the steps right away but it's taking Juan a bit longer to remember the sequence of things so i'm helping him out. However, it's coming along nicely (even if Juan thinks otherwise haha, he's a perfectionist).  We have our second class this thursday and we might be able to learn the second half of the routine and then it's all about practicing and ironing out the details so that it looks super sharp on the wedding day. We won't look like professional dancers, of course, but whatever. This is something fun and I think we look pretty darn good anyway! 


      I was telling Juan that I'm so glad that we've been taking lessons for quite some time. I don't know how we'd be able to learn this routine without the past year or two of practice. We would have definitely needed more classes and it would have been overwhelming. It still is, especially for guys because they have to lead and remember the steps, but at least the moves are similar to things we have already done in class. I don't want to discourage those that don't have previous experience and want to try something like this. It's doable, but make sure you have plenty of time before your wedding. Right now Juan and I are both overwhelmed with everything else, if we had to learn salsa from scratch right now I don't think it would be possible, just too much pressure. 


      Just like you ladies said, it's been nice to spend the time with him. I was kind of mad at him yesterday, we were kind of arguing, and then we started dancing and laughing. He laughs at me because and says that the second I start dancing my anger just goes away and my face changes right away haha. So, new form of therapy? Just as long as you're patient and understanding with each other. Dancing has taught us a lot about us as a couple. It's great! 


      Photo Booth: 


      One thing to check off the list! Last week I worked on the props and I think they're pretty much done. I bought a printable of some fun signs from an etsy seller, FunnyFaceProps. Here's a picture of a few of them already cut out and set up, I bought the 26 pack: 


      Attached File  IMG_1721.JPG   89.9KB   8 downloads


      Then, for $3 I bought some card stock props (moustaches, hats, sunglasses, etc) from ebay. They come already cut out and assembled so I thought it was a good deal. There's 23 of them in the set and shipping was free! I'm still waiting for them to arrive. 


      Today, I decided to scavenge our halloween and party vault to see if I could find any other cool things and I'm impressed with the stuff I found! Here's some of it: 


      Attached File  IMG_1722.JPG   102.75KB   9 downloads


      I think with that, the photo booth is settled and done! The few friends that know about it are pretty excited.  


      Wedding DJ app: 

      I bought this app to set up our music and I am amazed with it. It's so good and such a great choice! I posted a more detailed "pre-review" on this thread: 




      I'll post a final review of it after the wedding to let you guys know how it went on the actual event :)


      Deadline day is here!!! 


      We've had a few hiccups today with getting the last few people booked. For those that hadn't payed their balance at this point I kind of knew they would probably cancel, which is ok.


      Now, FYI ladies, if people put down their deposit and then don't pay the full balance but don't cancel, your airline might hold you accountable for those tickets. In other words, they leave you and your fiance on the hook for that money. I didn't know this until friday. Today when my TA told me that a few people still hadn't contacted her to let her know if they'd be paying or cancelling, my anxiety started to go up again. I started contacting people and letting them know to please make sure they cancelled their trips if they weren't going to pay and told them that otherwise Juan and I would have to pay and we just didn't have the money. I probably didn't sound like my nicest self, but whatever, it's crunch time haha. 


      Then also, this morning someone else cancelled, leaving their brother with single occupancy, on the most expensive room (which is a brutal difference). The person who is now staying alone, wanted to change things around so that he wouldn't have to pay single occupancy, but that meant that someone else would have to, and I didn't think that was really fair either. We basically told him that he either pays for single occupancy, gets someone else to come with him or he's not coming. We're just done putting out fires for people. I just really wish people would get their crap together sometime before the last 6 hours before the deadline. They had a year! Even my TA told me today that it was too bad that people waited until the last minute to do this because it leaves us without many options. I honestly feel embarrassed towards my TA knowing that my group is so disorganized. 


      One more thing before I end this novel of a post: 


      I tried the veil weights today. It's a pretty windy day so I put my veil and went outside. I think they worked pretty well. The veil does move, but it wasn't all over me or anything. I had a summer dress on and that was blowing all over the place but not the veil. Let's hope for the best on the wedding day! 











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