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Grand Sirenis Wedding

2016 Brides Beach Weddings

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#1 Nikitagrandsirenis16

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    Posted 04 February 2015 - 03:29 AM

    Hi am new to this.. I get married 20/4/2016 at the grand sirenis and basically nothing is clear so I am looking for some help..
    When will I be asked by someone to choose colour schemes ect? Also when will I get a choice to upgrade and add extras to my package?
    has anyone got married here? There are me my partner our 2 children and around 15 guests.
    What restaurant is good? What can I do for a "reception" as we don't have enough guests for the palapa any advice would be appreciated TIA x

    #2 calgarybride2015

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    • Wedding Date:January 21, 2015
    • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya
    • LocationCalgary, AB

    Posted 04 February 2015 - 06:32 AM


    Welcome and congrats on your engagement.

    I was married 2 weeks ago at the Grand Sirenis.


    Below I will post some links to threads on this board about the Grand Sirenis.


    When I booked my date the ladies sent me all the price lists of extras, did you get this?  If not, you need to email them and ask for it, as well as all the pictures of flowers and cakes. It was super helpful in deciding what I wanted based on price. I had already done a lot of research so when I booked I had requested the free package with upgrade to palapa, so I had that from day one.


    You will also find a tonne of info when you look thru the threads posted below from previous brides.   


    If by color scheme you mean the colors of your chair sashes, fabrics, linens, etc. you just put those onto your wedding spreadsheet that you have to send back about 3 months prior. When you get to Mexico you will go thru the whole sheet and confirm it all.   Just note that any upgrades from the basic white are at a charge, but the prices are on the extras sheet.


    We had the palapa and I would highly recommend it, but I know you mention you won't have enough guests. If you truly had your heart set on it I think you can just pay for the person difference but I know for some that is pricey and seems silly when you don't have near the right amount of guests. (ie you only have 20 guests but pay for 35)


    I can't speak for the restaurants because honestly I only ate in 2 A'la Cartes but I have heard good things about weddings in the Mediterranean and Italian.   The Brazilian has great reviews too, as does the Japanese but you can't have a wedding in there LOL

    For a reception -- depends on your package.  If you get a private A'la Carte you can have your reception there. If you do a package with a semi private A'la Carte you can pay for a party in either the Health Bar or the Beach Bar.   This is also on the extras price list and on a handout all its own.  Did you get this?


    Here is a link to the main thread - http://www.bestdesti...ra-maya-brides/


    Here is a link to a few reviews - http://www.bestdesti...-all-inclusive/


    Below you will also find my planning thread and some wedding pictures.  The resort is beautiful, the weddings are well done and the ladies work hard to get everything right.  I know sometimes communication is slow but its because the brides on site get a lot of attention.   I am over the moon about my wedding at the GS and would recommend the resort to anyone.

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    Married on 2015/01/21 at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya with 43 guests in attendance   :)


    Planning Thread - http://www.bestdesti...s-riviera-maya/


    Wedding Pictures http://www.bestdesti...ra-maya/page-36


    Wedding Review http://www.bestdesti...31#entry1885600



    #3 Msmimi

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      Posted 04 February 2015 - 03:39 PM

      Congratulations and welcome.

      #4 Moments That Matter

      Moments That Matter

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        Posted 05 February 2015 - 06:40 AM

        Welcome to our forum community, Nikitagrandsirenis16, and Congrats on your wedding coming up next year!!!


        You've chosen well with your wedding venue - as you can see in these magical wedding "moments that matter" Linc captured there ......with more at the album link here: Grand Sirenis Wedding Album




        Wishing you all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)




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        #5 TaraMarie33

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        • Wedding Date:January 7, 2016
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        Posted 15 January 2016 - 06:14 AM

        I brought 53 guests to the grand sirenis for my wedding and things were a disaster from start to finish.
        You would think with a group of 53 people spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding - we would have an above average experience, maybe even average. My whole group's experience and ours (my now husband and I) was waaaaayy below average. Our departure transfer were wrong, many people were charged twice at checkout for things, food was terrible, we were stalked to go to time share meetings, drinks were watered down, shuttles took 35 minutes when they said "5 more minutes", etc etc etc.
        One of the biggest upsets was my rehearsal dinner. I had made a reservation with concerning (which took me almost 2 hours - organizing everyone's rooms, because they couldn't this an one a la cart) - and after confirming the reservation. I wrote it down and went to visit the Brazilian restaurant to speak to the head waiter. I confirmed my reservation with him (Edgar), even talked about where we would set up the table. On the day of the rehearsal dinner, I called concierge (pressed "0") and asked to be transferred to the restaurant for my reservation to confirm once again. The man on the phone said we would have two long tables - confirmed 9pm.
        I told all of my guests not to eat - because we were having a great big rehearsal dinner, and at 8:50 we headed over to the Brazilian restaurant. We waited in line like everyone else, and when it was time to sit down we were told there was no reservation.
        This was impossible. With all the confirming I had done, it had to be a mistake. Time now is 9:10, trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile the host and Edgar as speaking poorly about us in Spanish, even so far in the end to call me names in Spanish... I can understand Spanish almost fluently, this they obviously didn't know. They had me wait 40 minutes for a "manager", none ever came. Then they continued to tell us that all the restaurants were closing, so we could go to the buffet for my rehearsal dinner.
        I was furious. In any other situation at any of resort, someone would at least apologize for the mistake and try their best to accommodate a wedding party. They said they had no staff to serve us this late, no more food left, everything in the book.
        Needless to say, we ended up eating French fries, fruit and rice for my rehearsal dinner. Not once did anyone apologize or take responsibility - and I'm supposed to now go into my wedding day happy with this resort? How? It only gets worse from here .. The wedding morning, charging my mother and I both for hair and makeup twice per room (four total charges for just the two of us) - when I was under the assumption that we had paid for it the day before. They asked us the pay for the wedding 4 days in advance - before anything happens, then AFTER charge us for all the extras. Why not just have us pay for everything all at once? We had to take time out of our days 4 separate times to pay for wedding things, all before the big day.
        Another disaster - our wedding group was told we were moved to two different flights home. Although not the wedding departments fault, the hotel rep. was the one who let us know about this, which ended up being wrong information. My now husband and I had to spend hours also dealing with this.
        At one point one of our guests ordered room service at about 9:30pm - free room service ends at 11pm. The food took 2.5 hours (came around midnight). Upon checkout my guest was expected to pay for everything he ordered because it came after 11pm, when he had ordered at 9:30pm. He ordered 3 meals - that's a sizeable "extra" when room service is free and took 2.5 hours. Disgusting customer service.
        My wedding day was beautiful, but no thanks to the coordinators - thanks to Mother Nature and the beautiful sunshine. I had brought in my suitcase (and paid extra for baggage) all the candles and decorations I wanted at the wedding. After the wedding they gave them back, 38 candles untouched - why would I bring them and pay for extra baggage if you weren't going to use them at my wedding?
        Wedding decorations and picture frames were broken when returned to me. I paid lots of money for a DJ at the wedding - I gave him an entire playlist and he still played music that was not on it. He disappeared for several songs at a time, he turned off the music completely during speeches and then was gone to turn it back on. His "DJ" booth was just an old MacBook. Songs were skipping left and right - even our first dance (where my husband was singing along to me with a microphone), the music skips twice. What was I paying for? I could play music off of my Mac and it WOULDNT skip!
        These are only a few things .. There were 800 other issues that were so disappointing. We had to pay about $8USD per chair at the wedding - and when we saw them the wedding day, they were chipped and tattered and the paint was discoloured differently on every chair. These were my beautiful "upgraded" chairs I was talked into. Not the free chairs, the expensive ones.
        We were also talked into renting 2 vans, and 1 golf kart for the wedding. I waited over 35 minutes for the golf cart to get my hair and makeup done, and our kart on the way to the ceremony was a half hour late - making my bridesmaids and I a half hour late to my own wedding ceremony. Why did I pay for 3 "vehicles"? We didn't even end up taking the one I rented .. It never showed. We took the resort shuttle to my wedding.
        The worst part of it all was that no one took responsibility for any of these issues. Not once was there one apology, not one supervisor or manager that ever spoke to us, (outside of the wedding office) and when they finally offered us something ... It was a chance to sit in the spa pools for free. What a joke. I just spent literally thousands and thousands of dollars (we didn't do the free wedding, we upgraded every single thing) - and brought 53 people here, and at one point they told us "you are only 53 people, if you didn't stay with us another 53 people would have booked, we are sold out".
        Ridiculous. Unfortunately this is a resort who does not care about customer service, or you as an individual at all. Their vision is to fill every seat, and charge them as much as you can. They didn't even offer us free wifi, but asked us to use it to show picture examples for the wedding.
        The whole week was horrifying. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. If God forbid you do have any problems during your stay, they will laugh at you and talk about you in Spanish - then say there is nothing they can do. If there were a 0 stars option I would've given it that rating.
        I wanted to post my review / so you can avoid all of the issues I had! I don't know how to do an official review! If anyone knows, I would love some guidance. I want to let other brides know what to look out for with the grand sirenis staff.

        #6 WPGBride17

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        • Wedding Date:January 21, 2017
        • Wedding Location:Grand Sirenis Riveria Maya

        Posted 23 February 2016 - 06:03 PM

        Hi am new to this.. I get married 20/4/2016 at the grand sirenis and basically nothing is clear so I am looking for some help..
        When will I be asked by someone to choose colour schemes ect? Also when will I get a choice to upgrade and add extras to my package?
        has anyone got married here? There are me my partner our 2 children and around 15 guests.
        What restaurant is good? What can I do for a "reception" as we don't have enough guests for the palapa any advice would be appreciated TIA x


        I booked my wedding for January 2017 and they sent me all the information right after I put my deposit down for my wedding date. If I remember correctly a lot of the paper work is due around 3 months in advance so I would contact them right away.

        #7 AdamnJenn17

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          Posted 10 May 2016 - 01:03 PM

          Conrgrats - i hope everything worked out for you :)

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