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Carden's Photography

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I had to share my experience here.  I already left a review.  However going through these posts I see some bad reviews and good ones for Jamaica photographers.  I would like to maybe help by sharing my experience.  


The Carden's is a husband and wife team and they did our wedding images.  They were amazing.  I loved every single photo.  They worked with us to create the perfect package to fit what we needed for our day.  The day after session they included in the package and we traveled around negril and the cliffs for some awesome photos.  We stay in contact on facebook because they are such nice people.  They are based in the US which is great because I didnt have to worry about getting my images and books from Jamaica.  They do split their time now from usa to jamaica and their rates are great too as I know they are building more of a destination portfolio.


Any questions message me or comment.  Thanks!

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