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So Close! Convincing The Fiance On A Destination Wedding!

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I have no idea what prices are like in Canada, but I live in Chicago and our wedding including EVERYTHING (dress, travel, honeymoon, etc.) for 80 people will be about 1/3 the cost of anything we could do in Chicago. And we are paying for a few people.


$60-$70k is totally normal here - which is so insane to me!


holy bananas! That is crazy! Crazy!  I mean maybe if they were someone who has hundreds of thousand of dollars.  :blink:


@@tygrrlily I loved reading your wedding review! The pictures are so lovely its nice to be reminded that even with a little rain it can still be amazing! I was totally eyeing some of your sale items but told myself its too soon before I kinda know what I am going to do.....still I may need to see whats left now(and I'm GTA so bonus luck for me!)  And lol, the few people I have talked to about the DW I am always sure to tell them that its not all easy peasy and and super cheap!  :D


@@TinkerSofi Yay! So happy to be part of the club!! I have actually been looking at resorts for awhile and Now Larimar in Punta Cana is in the lead right now, I have already read most of the posts on it here on the forums. lol. As for travel agent, my soon to be sister in law is actually an agent, she doesn't specialize in weddings but she knows groups. I have been a little disappointed in her responsiveness and communication skills. She's back from vacation now though so hopefully she actually gets back to me now. But I sent out a few feelers to other agents hoping to get some kind of quote back. /lesigh



I just can't wait to follow along with everyone's wedding plans, especially not that I am  DW bride!!  :wub:

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@@Everly - nope! I have two friends who spend that much and paid for their weddings themselves with very minimal help from their parents. They basically saved for 2 years and were paying it off for a year afterward. I'd like to think even if I were super wealthy I still wouldn't spend that much :)

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