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Any Devacurl Girls Out There?

Hair Makeup & Nails

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#1 KelDee

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    Posted 18 January 2015 - 09:52 PM

    I'm hoping to get advice from some curly girls out there. I've seen some posts in which people mention their wavy hair, but I'm hoping to talk about CURLY hair. I have type 3A/3B hair down to past my shoulder blades. I mentioned DevaCurl because that's the method I follow, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

    I've sent pictures of my hair to a couple of stylists in the Cancun area and they've all given me a generic "yeah, we can work with your hair" response. But I don't trust them. They're used to working with straight hair that they curl into place. They don't realize that as soon as you start touching curly hair like mine it just goes POOF and becomes unworkable, no matter what or how much product you use. And they don't realize that a "trial" is really just one shot... they can't take my hair out and try a different style because it'll just be a mess by that point.

    So have any curly brides dealt with this yet? I'm not sure if I should wash, style, and air dry my hair that morning and let them work on it. Or if they should work with it wet?


    It's strange, but my hair is THE most important thing to me on my wedding day. I've had too many occasions in my younger and more vulnerable years when my high hopes of looking and feeling beautiful were just not met all because the stylist didn't understand curly hair. I don't want to repeat that on my wedding day :(

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