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Do I Have Enough Stuff For The Oot Bags?

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I think that's more than enough! I know I`d be really happy if i were your guests :)

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Where did you get your totes? If you don't mind me asking, how muh did you spend on them? They are CUTE! :)


Those other little bags were cute as well! :)

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Here is what I got so far:


-.Beach Bag with El Dorado Royale Logo (to be used at the bag)

- Welcome letter

- Riviera Maya tips

- Travel Impressions documents which include luggage tags

- Small bottle Mexican vanilla

- Small bottle of tequila

- Shot glasses

- Hangover kits with custom tags including advil, pepto, and "life support" cure shot (saw it at the bridal show this past weekend)

- Small flash lights (our resort gets pretty dark come night)

- Bug repellant wipes


I see some people include a lot more, but I have already invested about $400 in these :/ Anything else I'm forgetting that would be useful?


I wanted to do can cozies but they were almost $174 :( Anyone have a cheaper place to get them??


I'm planning to do one bag per couple and then a bag for each single person. I'm also going to give them to the guests prior to traveling as we already have a ton of stuff to get down there.

Hey! Do you mind showing your Hang Over kits!? Im curious to see the cure shot! :)



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