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Dress Dilemma - I Can't Try On The Dress!


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#1 beckys98

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  • Wedding Date:June 11, 2015
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Posted 30 December 2014 - 06:30 PM

I FINALLY went dress shopping today for my June 11, 2015 wedding. Unfortunately, the bridal shops I went to didn't have the specific dresses I was hoping to try on by the designers they carry. I guess I should have verified that ahead of time - rookie mistake!  ;)


The dress I really wanted to try on at David's Bridal is brand new and they don't have it in any stores yet to try on. 







They said I could order it and if it doesn't work out they will let me return it for a full refund so long as it doesn't leave the store (so I'd try it on there). But because it is a new dress they expect that will take the full 16 weeks and that won't leave me with enough time to get something else if it doesn't work out.


There is a relatively similar dress in the same line that is a top contender as well, though I don't like it *quite* as much as the back on the one above. 






If they were the same material I could maybe assume that the new one would look just as good and take the risk and order it, but one is satin and one is chiffon. Ideally they'd let me order both at the same time and just keep one, but I think I would have to have some really strong persuasive skills to get them to agree! But it might be worth a try. Has anyone had an experience like this? What would you do? Is it just far too risky to order a dress without having tried it on? 


#2 Surfingsara

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 05:47 AM

@beckys98, I think the first is better! Which one is satin? Chiffon is such a nice material! I've found it looks more flattering on me. Plus, to me, its perfect for the beach.

Will it take 16 weeks just for them to get one in for you to try on or 16 weeks once you order? Maybe see if another Davids Bridal store in a larger city has it or can get it sooner? ( might be worth a few phone calls or a road trip.)

Do they have the second dress in a stores yet? It might be worth trying it on just in case. If they do have it to try on, I would go ahead and try it on, then you can determine if it's still in the running as a back up or not.

I don't think it would hurt to try and ask to order both. Especially if they would give you a full refund.

I've heard of many people ordering more than one dress because of time. This is how I got my dress. I purchased it on preownedweddingdress.com. the girl ordered two of the same dress in two different sizes. One arrived in time to have alterations done, the other didnt. After her wedding she was selling both, I ended up purchasing the one she had altered as it was a larger size. ( I was thinking, if I got the bigger size I could have it taken in.) I actually purchased the dress with out ever trying it on. It fit perfectly! I guess I got lucky that I'm not going to need any alterations!! The only reason I went with a used dress was because the designer doesn't make it any more and has suggested if you want it you have to purchase it this way.

Good luck!
Also, I know of a local dress store where I live ( Don't know if Davids bridal does this) will order a sample dress for you to try on as long as they carry the designer. I was quoted it would be about small deposit to request this, and if you didn't like the dress you could get your deposit back. Maybe see if a dress store will do something like this for you?

#3 calgarybride2015

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 06:33 AM



Those are both beautiful dresses.


I had a couple thoughts after reading your post..


1. Does David's Bridal ( or any bridal store ) have a similar style you can try on to ensure you actually like it on your body?  The only reason I say this is because everything I thought I wanted, I actually didn't once I had it on me.


2. From my experience with David's Bridal, their measurements to dress sizes are accurate. We ordered 2 BM's dresses solely off measurements/their recommendation on what size to order and both fit with minor alterations.


3. My other experience with David's Bridal is that they don't take as long as they say they will.  They told me 3 months for my dress and it came in 6-8 weeks, and they told me 12 for my BM's dresses (as they were a new fabric color) and they took 6 weeks.   I know you can't bank on this but wanted to let you know.



If you feel this is the dress for you, I would ask David's Bridal to order you both as they can't offer you them on their floor to try on.   Or atleast have them seek out where you could try them on around your house.     I would probably recommend though trying to find something similar to try on first, just to save yourself the hassle if they do arrive and you decide it's not for you.


Good luck!


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#4 rachelia160

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 07:06 AM

I agree with @calgarybride2015 - I trust David's sizes and wouldn't worry about that, especially since you could try other dresses on there to be sure about the size you want, but it's all about getting a similar dress on you to make sure you like it on your body type.  The kind of dress I thought I wanted looked AWFUL on me, and some types of dresses I never thought I'd consider I ended up actually liking.  Another big thing is to make sure you like the fabric, too--there were some dresses in styles that I loved in fabrics that were super unforgiving and uncomfortable.  For me, satin felt like it would be way too hot and heavy for the beach, but to each their own!


I also agree on the time issue--I think they tell you wayyy longer than it'll actually take just to make them super un-liable if a dress comes in later than expected. I had a friend whose dress came in 8 weeks when they told her 18 weeks, and my girls' bridesmaids dresses have been coming in about 6 weeks when they told them 12.  

#5 beckys98

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  • Wedding Date:June 11, 2015
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Posted 31 December 2014 - 10:22 AM

Thanks, Ladies! So great to have objective opinions (friends aren't always objective)! 


Unfortunately they don't have the first dress in ANY stores. I live in Chicago where there are many stores, but they said it just isn't available yet in ANY stores. You can't buy it online either, which is silly since they let you return online orders. Who buys a dress without trying it on? (Well, maybe me I guess!) I think the reason they are willing to let me buy and return that one is that they'll keep it as the store sample if I don't take it. 


You've affirmed my concern about the fabric, too. @Surfingsara I was able to try on the second/satin one in the store, fortunately. I actually didn't think I wanted satin at all but it is SUPER light and the sample was hugging me in all the right places on my bottom half (the top half would need alterations). I don't know if the chiffon will hug my backside the same, and if it doesn't I'd go with the second/satin dress.  The first/chiffon dress also has a longer train, and I'm not sure how that will work out. The second/satin dress has a slit in the front and separates when I walk so it doesn't really matter how long it is without shoes and then I can put heels on for the reception. 


My sister got her dress at DB and they did the same - told her it would be 16 weeks and she got it in maybe 8. I had it hanging in my closet for her for a long time! The second/chiffon dress they said they could get in 8 weeks, though.


Okay, so I think I'll try to ask in my most persuasive manner if they'll let me order both and return the one that doesn't work. (I'm not great at this stuff - I may make my sister do it for me. Haha.)


If they say no, maybe I order the first/chiffon one in hopes it comes in sooner - if it comes in roughly 8 weeks I'll would still have enough time to order the other one (I have approx 21 weeks). Even if it doesn't come in early, I could still order the other one after the 8 weeks to be sure I got it in time. Then if the first/chiffon one comes in and I LOVE it, I could try to sell the second/satin one. If the first/chiffon one comes in and I don't like it, then there is no issue since I can just return it for a full refund and keep the second one. 


Ha! Clearly I'm thinking *out loud* here! 

#6 palmtree99

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 02:19 PM

I loveeee the first dress! If you order it, maybe keep looking for a backup option just in case. I would be nervous to give up the search waiting for that one and end up not liking it. Then you are back at square one and have given up all that time. Good luck, let us know how it works out!

#7 Surfingsara

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 04:25 PM

Just a thought, have you tried anything with chiffon on to see how it feels?

To me, chiffon felt super bridal. But I've also worn satin and lace formal dresses before.

Like others have said, what you think you would like or works on your body, may not be the one.

I bought my dress with out ever seeing it in person or trying anything similar on. But then again I had 2 years to find something else if I needed to.

Go with what your heart says!

#8 LisaAnthonyPoppy

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 08:24 PM

I haven't read an replies to OP so I may be dup.

Bad idea all together.

Find one you like and try it on, in advance, on time.

You might be surprised the one you thought you loved, you don't love on.

Go to an experienced wedding shop with well seasoned associates.

Good luck!

#9 Meandhim

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 05:06 AM

@beckys98 Did you end up ordering the 1st dress? I bought my dress without trying it on...granted I did try on a few dresses before hand so I knew which shape I liked but it turned out fine for me. :) it's a little too big and a little see thru...nothing a few alts and good undies can't fix I guess :)

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#10 beckys98

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 08:45 AM

@Meandhim - I didn't, I was too chicken! Though I still love the look of that first dress. I actually ended up getting a dress I originally saw on this site and had been dreaming about! It is about double what I originally wanted to spend, but it was exactly what I had envisioned. I will have it next week!


This picture is me in the sample (sans makeup...ugh).  It is backless, and also it isn't shiny like that - the flash did something weird. It is the Lanai Gown from Katie May. http://www.katiemay....ucts/lanai-gown


20150107_175343 (3).jpg

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