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Just Got Engaged! Planning Vow Renewal For Next December To Dr!

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Hello ladies!!

So my fiance and I are planning to do a small court wedding this December, and do a vow renewal as a celebration next year (2015) in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. I have so many questions, I feel so new at this!! (maybe bc I am!) lol

Does anyone know a really great all inclusive resort in Dominican Republic that is affordable for vow renewals??

Any recommendations? Anyone has done it before? Where? How much are flights usually? Any info helps!!


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You've definitely come to the right place for information! This site is great for anyone on a DW planning journey, and congrats on the engagement!


I would highly recommend getting a travel agent. You don't say if you're in the US or Canada. The owners of this site are DW specialists if you're in the US and if you're in Canada, there are several TAs here that ladies would recommend. As well, I would suggest you look through the resort reviews and see what past brides have to say about their experiences. Look online and see what there is in the area you want to go. Then sit down with your travel agent. They're the professionals as far as helping you with a resort that will fit what you're looking for in terms of what it offers, your costs and the various packages for weddings/vow renewals. Then you'll need to work with the resort for your details. A word of warning - most resorts will do an initial acknowledgement of your date request and get you setup for payments, then you won't hear too much from them until just a few months before your wedding. They do this for a living and the resorts are generally busy with weddings that are closer than yours, so they will get to your date as it gets closer and they need to confirm details. A lot of brides have a tough time with this and you'll see it time and again posted here. But they are professionals and it's quite surprising how quickly they can finalize the details of your big event! Once you finalize the where, find the forums here for that resort and get to know the other brides that are planning their events too. I can guarantee that whatever questions you have, they have likely already been asked and answered so reading through the forums will go a long way to helping you with information!


Good luck and happy planning!

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Welcome to our forum community, Lasandra and Congrats on your engagement and upcoming vow renewal in the DR next year!!!


Yes, you'll find lots of great info, ideas, advice and support here from all the resources - so well done on starting off well :)


For some added inspiration, here are some magical beach wedding "moments that matter" to get your creativity ramped up.....enjoy!








Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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Hi @@Lasandra





I would like to welcome you to the best destination wedding site, where you will find lots of information regarding wedding venue locations, details,etc...


If you'd like to you can visit our website www.adventureweddingsvallarta.com and check out our wedding packages, we have a beautiful private beach called Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where we make the magic happen with an amazing view and an awesome setting for your ceremony.


We do have a vow renewal package that could suit your needs!


If you want to speak with a sales agent for further assistance feel free to contact us at toll free 1.866.731.8152 or e-mail us to info@adventureweddingsvallarta.com



Best regards,



Adventure Weddings.

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How are you making out with your research and plans, Lasandra? here's another link with some interesting info that you may find useful......

Affordable Destination Wedding at Boutique Resort in the DR


Wishing you all the best with your plans, cheers!!! team MTM :)



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