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I Would Like To Find A Good Photographer, Any Recommendation?

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We are getting married next year and I am looking for a good photographer in Riviera Maya :), any recommendation please?



Hi Crisandmark!

Congrats on the upcoming wedding! We would love to be a part of your big day, please have a peek at Del Sol Photography website and galleries here on BDWF


Have you found a venue yet? Often the hardest part!


Here is a taste of some of the weddings we love...
















Please let us know how we can assist you! 

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Hello everyone! Thank you very much!!! I found a photographer!!! BD is very helpful.

Finally we chose Rwanda Weddings. I have checked their website and we loved it. We talked to the owner yesterday and she is so kind and comprehensive. I have special requirements because of my disability and we have found a way to make it happen, Is not easy to have the same priviliges of others. I can´t wait to our wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, Tammy's "wright" haha  you can see many photographers' reviews at the link she gave:  Photographer Reviews and read about wedding couples' experiences with the photographer they chose for their Big Day. 


There's a very good reason we've been ranked #1 this last year!!!


We highly recommend to our wedding couples that if photography is important to them, they will be Much Happier if they have a professional capture their Wedding Day Love Story in photos!

We're not saying you need to hire us, there are numerous wonderful professionals in our area (as you can see by the reviews at the link above) who will create excellent photo records for you. The key is to find the one whose style resonates with you and touches your heart - That's THE One for you :)


Here is a link to some comparisons showing the photos taken by a resort photographer vs a professional... with an example shown here:




...which picture tells the story in rich vibrant colour with a background setting to "set the stage", taking you right back to that moment in time - that you'll cherish for a lifetime!??! 


......If you are considering going with your resort photographer because hiring a professional is too expensive. Keep this in mind!!!

You are not hiring a professional photographer. Fact is... your guests are more likely to take better pictures with a decent camera. Nothing artistic is going to be captured and you will be left with dull and out of focus pictures as part of the resort package.


Wishing everyone happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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It is important to find a photographer that match your needs and personality, that you like his/her art


Visit my site for useful information or contact me, I truly help brides


a sneak peak of what we can do with so much love and passion 


Details re very important more along with Bride's touch




Happiness and joy, some little pose must be  a total along with photographer's talent so you have something of yourself 



A beautiful bride is representative



a free mind and trust photographer worth a lot!



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I'm using Juan Navarro. He has excellent reviews here plus a DW specialist offline recommended him. He's a fast responder and I liked his work a lot.

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I would recommend Karisma Photography. We would have used them, but they were booked. They're not expensive and they are really good. If you're going to cut back in any area of your wedding expenses, I would suggest that it not be on the photographer...you'll have the pictures for the rest of your life. Check their portfolio at www.karismaphoto.com

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If I didn't love the photographer at Dreams Riviera Cancun, I'd go with Elizabeth Medina. Uhhhhmazing but pricey$$

Who's your photographer ??



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Hey brides I'm getting married on May 1st 2015 at the Azul Fives Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico!


I 100% recommend the photographers I picked for the wedding day, I was really getting exhausted because I didn't fin the right people to work with on that special day until I found Shenko Photography www.shenkophoto.com They've been great, every single month we are in touch and getting ready for the big day !


Their pictures are amazing and very original !


If it's useful for you, here it's my blog













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