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Family Places?

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Hi all,

We are in the beginning phases of planning for a late 2015 wedding.  


I would love some recommendations of some family spots.  Our son will be 2 by the time the wedding happens


Things that are important to us:

1. Family resort with a Beach we just stayed at Playa in August and they have NO BEACH left

2. Reception/ with DJ on the beach area we do want to be able to have a nice celebration with dancing

3. We want to be able to send lanterns into the sky at night

4. No longer then 3-4 hour flight from NY

5. 20-50 people possibly more but thinking not.

6. Columbus Day Weekend

7. Not to crazy priced for our guests


*mexico is not the preferred spot but I would be interested in Tulum as a choice not opposed to that.


Love some thoughts.. this is my second marriage.   


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Welcome to our forum community, SusanMarie813, and Congrats on your dw next year!!! 


Tulum is a beautiful area, and so laid back, you'd be sure to get lots of great family time in there :) Here are some samples of what a gorgeous backdrop it would make for your Wedding Day Love Story told in photos.......


Dreams Tulum Wedding Album .....with some samples here:





another great choice is the Grand Palladium White Sands - as seen in these samples from the album link here: Grand Palladium White Sands Wedding Album





...or the Grand Sunset Princess Wedding Album with excerpts shown here:




Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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