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For Those Of You Hiring A Dj For Your Beachside Ceremony :)

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We are hiring a dj for our reception for 5 hours 7pm-12pm.


I will walk out onto the beach at 7pm.


So I just figured the dj can set up and play music for cocktail hour and dancing later on.


For our ceremony music we had planned on using our own iTunes playlist in which we have downloaded songs, and crossfaded, and shortened to the right amount off of the songs as needed. We had intended on just plugging our device to the boss sound link speaker.


But now I'm pretty sure that my Bose sound link that I have thought of using with my ceremony precessional music won't be loud enough.


I've used it on the beaches before and you could hear it just fine for lounging.


Is it going to be loud enough to hear from where my children and myself will be waiting, out of view, listening to the music as our clue as to when to walk?.... Probably not!


Plus given the fact the they are walking down and I am walking down to two non traditional songs by The Killers, is it going to be loud enough to convey the songs as personal as they are?

Probably not....



Not really worried as there is a solution to everything but I'm writing for 2 reasons-


1.) To hear what others did with their ceremony songs for ceremonies directly on the sand near the ocean.



2.) To present ahead of time potential sound dilemmas to eliminate last minute headache.




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