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Ouch! Tattoos Hurt!!!

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I want two more. I have been looking for like 7 years since my last one and haven't found one that I know that I will love yet. I know that after (or maybe before, who knows) the wedding, I want to get a hibiscus. I wouldn't put his name on me, but I like that b/c it will always reference our wedding. I think I even found a pic of one I like. And I would probably get it in the same spot that you just placed yours (I already have one on my right shoulder blade [hummingbird and flower]and my left hip bone [side profile of butterfly]).


Not sure what the other one I want will be. I want one on my foot though. I used to have a beauty mark on my foot and I loved it, but it started to grow and I had to get it removed, so ever since then, I feel like my foot is naked and I want something there.

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