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To Have A Wedding Party Or Not?

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It is nice to see a lot of people on here having small bridal parties. I thought having one MOH and one Best Man seemed out of the ordinary…and I was hoping our guests didn't think it was because we don't have any friends! lol (we do have friends, broke college friends who can't all afford a DW). Reading all these posts make me feel better about my decision!


We have 3 each and I personally would have liked it smaller.   Fiance got all excited and went out and asked 3 guys before we even had the discussion, so that was that LOL!! oh well.

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I'm trying to keep it as small as possible. FI is set on having 3 groomsman. I can see how it would be difficult to ask 1 and not the other two. But me.... I'm only having an MOH. I said I wasn't asking anyone else simply our guests were already spending enough to come down with us and I wanted them to just enjoy being there. (But this should be fun trying to figure out my entrances.)

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