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This is what I was debating on doing.  We have a tight time frame - got engaged July 22, booked the resort within 2 weeks and the my TA (a friend attending the wedding) got our room block booked for our Canadian guests (we have guests from the US and England as well).  But, WJ gave us only 30 days to get deposits in (deadline is Sept 10, we are telling people Sept 5).


So I wound up doing a long email and telling people save the dates and an invitation would follow.  I just sent out save the dates (we did magnets affixed to the front of plain note cards and I wrote out the details and personal message inside).  The business card of our TA was in there, and our magnets have the website on it.


We've only had 4 of 11 'rooms' book so far (and I did the manifests for 2 because it was our parents).  One has told me that he is not coming.  And we have had 7 people RSVP from England - based only on a FB message from my FI (the save the dates won't arrive until later there).


So I am thinking about waiting to see who is coming/who is a maybe.  I will still do 'invites' but I think more of an info package (with a luggage tag maybe) will go out to those who book.  Those who are ''on the fence'' can have an invite, but no luggage tag/info.


I have just been so stressed out with other stupid things and now this deadline comes up. I don't want to do anymore!!!  :( WAHHH 

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We had a quick turn around so we only did invites. We got engaged in April. We booked our resort early May and quickly sent out our invites because guests only had 90 days to secure their spot/price with the TA for our January wedding. We had a boarding pass invite with the basic info and included our wedding website which was very thorough. We also emailed people 2 and 1 week before the deadline to remind them. Now that, that deadline has passed my TA is on top of people to pay! Once final payment is done (October 17) I am sending out a pre travel letter with a lot of tips we had on our website but also wedding itinerary and also special events in Mexico, etc. I will include a luggage tag. To be honest I didn't know what a save the date was until I joined this site LOL but for us there was no time for both :)

I think what you plan to do is great!



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@@calgarybride2015 - Our timelines are very similar - and short :)!  9 months of being engaged total - We got engaged in March and wedding in December


9.5 months total for us basically!

It was really an exciting whirlwind.  After we got back from Cuba (where he engaged) we went to Flight Centre and got some books on destination weddings.  We really were considering that, Ontario, or Kelowna. It all happened really fast and we went, wow we just booked our wedding in Mexico!     It's still a little surreal some days and brings me to tears!  

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