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Who Did You Hire For Photography That Isn't Insanely Expensive?

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In photography you pay for experience of the photographer. we all always want to earn more money in out work, so we keep improving and doing things right, but what at the end pays for is the experience.


No one is going to be able to difference the other costs, because you will need to know the business and each company to compare, but know in deep.


there is artists and companies, in general artists do most of the creative process and companies just delegate almost all.


When you see pictures online in a size enough to look amazing on your screen, there is when you are not seeing any difference in photo quality, taking about sharpness, contrast and color, because pictures are shrink and they will look better than the biggest size or even worst when you enlarge them or blow up them


having a price is a matter of costs, future strategies and improvement, so each price may be no sense different, but remember something, I am telling you, the risks are unknown, It is a coin in the air.


The safest way... experience (years of working), personalised attention and direct contact psychologically can see how the people is and of course look at many many pictures to have an idea of the photographer vision and ability

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Hi , I assume you have this sorted by now but I found this company online who seem very nice and respond quickly.



Photographers Astrid & Claudia

Videographers Martin & Griselda

Toll Free 1 866 631 4834 USA & Canada

Magic Jack 1 407 309 7153 USA & Canada

Office 01152 998 2 85 64 61

Cel 01152+1 984 1135053

Cel 01152 +1 998 1926142

Cel 01152 +1 998 220 9170





They do combined video and photo packages for under $1000 but can tailor to your needs.



14 October 2015

Royalton Riviera Cancun, Mexico

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