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Tygrrlily's Planning Thread - Beach Palace Resort - 12/19/14

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Thank you ladies! I'm really happy we got to celebrate with my grandparents who are unable to go to Mexico.  It was funny though because I think we had about 80 people - i.e. double the amount that will be at our actual wedding haha


@@Icis - I got mine at Pacific Mall in Toronto! I think you guys have an equivalent in Richmond? Prob. would have been cheaper to buy online but I have a non-typically Asian body so wanted to try it on first.


@@acw271011 - Yes at my parent's house in Toronto :)

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@tygrrlily- cute photos! question, why was weddingchicks having a sale when you got your bags? I want to get bags and hoping there will be a similar sale soon!

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@@nadiakat17 - If you sign up on their website, you'll get email notifications of their sales!  I'm not sure when your wedding is, but if you can hold off, they seem to have sales a couple times a year. I got mine during their 4th of July sale and it was 40% off.

They might have one for Labour Day and prob. Black Friday. Just keep in mind that whenever you order them, it takes a while for them to process, design/proof and ship out the bags. I think it took about 5 weeks to actually get the bags


They are awesome! Super happy with how they look :)

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Wow you're so organized! Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing

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WOW! I am so impressed! I thought I was thorough and organized, but you are FABULOUS, WOW!


Just a thought, perhaps your bridesmaids would be interested in some of these for the big day:

Delicate and dainty, to adorn your neckline.

Dainty gold for your wrist.

Simple and chic earrings


A little sparkle for the big day!

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Hello ladies


A bit of an update from me.  We did a pick up in Buffalo and got a whole bunch of decor stuff that I had shipped to a warehouse there!  Pretty happy w/ the quality of everything. I also got the Badgley Mischka shoes but they were so horribly uncomfortable so I'm searching still for wedding shoes. Unfortunately my taste skews in the $500+ category so I'm still looking





>> Our maracas for our reception, chalkboard to write "Here Comes the Bride" on it for the ring bearers to carry down, our sequined and blush pink tablecloths (love these!), and the silk flowers for chair decoration.  Inspiration pic on the right and actual silk flowers on the left.  I cheaped out here (the bouquets were super cheap - $6 each or so), but I'm fine w/ the quality for this. 


The big thing I accomplished is our pre-wedding passport mailers!  I wanted to put together a nice package for everyone that booked and to keep the excitement up, so I made passports with info on wedding details, packing tips, welcome parties, and hotel info.  Our website has been great, but I know a lot of our older guests will appreciate having the info in their hands to read.  I also made a "get pumped" CD (completely inspired by MMK0386 - she has such great stuff!) with some fave. music for guests to get pumped lounging on the beach / drinking by the pool / dancing on the bar, and some personalized luggage tags.


I have SO much admiration for the ladies that actually do passport invitations.  I only had to make about 25-30 but these took me SO long to do and to get the spacing and formatting perfect. I used the Ayleebits $10 template, and then subbed in a lot of my own things.  I also found her suggestions on pages completely off so I rearranged everything to print properly double sided. A lot of ink was wasted but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I bought a paper cutter from Staples (not the greatest one - I wish I had spent a bit more for a better one) and printed everything on my dad's printer.  I also got a corner rounder but decided to not bother at the end because I got lazy and the thought of punching all of the corners was completely unappealing. I put these in the mailbox yesterday, and I can't wait to see what our guests think of them.


Here is the final product:










Paper: Paper Circle - Metallic Coral for the covers and Metallic Opal for the CD cases.  Envelopes are Metallic Azalea. The inside of the passports I just got the 4.99 white cardstock from Michaels

Twine: The Paper Store in Toronto - such a fun store that you can easily spend $50 at. I bought coral twine for our invitations a while ago

Address stamp: HairpinPress on Etsy (I love this and so worth it! I've used it on 4 different things so far!)

Badge holder: gcishoponline on Ebay

Luggage loops: beandaddy-o on Ebay

Pink washi tape: Target $1 bin! I've gotten so much good stuff from here

Paper cutter: xacto one from Staples - not great. Worth paying a bit more for a better one

Paper scorer: Martha stewart from Michael's. Fantastic!  Really worth it to have the nice perfect creases


I also had my Bachelorette last weekend which was a lot of fun!  My 2 best friends/co-maid of honours took me to a nice nail salon to get manis and pedis, then we went to a hotel suite they booked in downtown Toronto for the night (like 10 min from where I live haha. I was tempted to just cab home to my FI at the end of the night but resisted :P ) .  We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and met 11 more friends, then headed back to the hotel room for drinks, cupcakes and all of the cheesy Bachelorette stuff.  They had me wear any colour I wanted, and everyone else wore black and we all had fun pins on and some glow bracelets.  My girls know me well and knew I would never rock the Bachelorette sash, penises, or do any embarassing stuff out (I don't like undue attention) so it was a nice way of getting all of the cheesy stuff done, but privately.  We ended up at a a club with bottle service (Cube for the Toronto ladies).  All in all, i had a great girls' night out and was very grateful for everyone to come out in the middle of TIFF and I felt very very loved! 






Next on my list:

- Assembling the hangover kits and OOT bags.  I've ordered the waterproof labels from Davet Designs and I need to get the tags off the cups, wash them and put the new labels on.  I also made the Oh Shit Kit label and pashmina label modified from templates here

- Get my reception/TTD dress ordered and made (I need to get properly measured first)

- Order cake topper

- Finalize flower order

- Finalize decor order with Zuniga for our wedding, welcome party and white rehearsal party

- Get wedding shoes so I can finally get my dress altered

- Figure out wedding jewellry

- Finish getting bridesmaid gifts

- Make/get present for my FI


Phew - 3 months to go!

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Awesome!!! Did you do your luggage tag insert on vistaprint? Still deciding what I want to do as I wanted a variety!


I think I have the same paper cutter as you. For our invites I borrowed the one at work for he weekend!!


Ugh! Taking labels off the tumblers is a PITA!! Some came off easy and others not so much. Was a tedious task so I only did 3 of 48 ha!


Lots to keep you busy :) enjoy!



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@@calgarybride2015 - I thought about it but I was afraid of it not printing well so I just printed them on regular cardstock! 10 to a sheet double sided - worked out fine and it was definitely even cheaper I think than Vistaprint.  Cutting paper is SO tedious though.


I'm going to do the same for tip/room key inserts - add that to my list


Def. not looking forward to taking the labels off - I don't think I'll be able to wrangle my FI into helping either but my mom probably will :)

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