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Now Jade- Anyone Happen To Have Accurate Photos Of The Beach?

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Hi there, this photo might help a little bit - it's uploaded to my Google Drive.




I took this when I visited the resort in June of this year. What you can't see is that to the left of that there's a rock wall type thing that juts out into the ocean. Not particularly attractive but also all the way to the side so really not that big of a deal. The resort property is slightly elevated from the beach itself, so you have to take a few steps down to the beach. This means that your view of the beach and the shoreline is pretty much obstructed unless you're right there at the edge, so the water just looks really pretty and blue for the most part! Here's an example of what I mean though this mostly looks like the photos from the website, so nothin' you haven't seen!




Hope that all helps!

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