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Need Favors Ideas, Welcome Bags And What Is Oot Bag? Please

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I went all over the place with favors, I could not decide.

We finally ended up choosing maracas.  Each person will get one at the reception and it will have this say (or a variation of it - can't remember it word for word right now) 'Instead of tapping on your glass, here is a system with Mexican class. Stand up and shake with all your might to see the groom kiss his bride tonight'   Makes it fun too!!


I am also sending luggage tags out pre travel.


I love the OOT bag idea but it is not in our budget.


For my bridesmaids I did a few things...

1. make up bag in my wedding color  

2. an anklet with an infinity charm and some beads in my wedding color

3. bangels

4. flip flops with removable flower

5. picture frame with a picture of us together in it

6. kleenex, nail file, chapstick, etc.

7. I also helped pay for some of their dresses


Most of the above they will wear at the wedding :)


I spent alot of time looking at wedding favor websites, pinterest, and Etsy.

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@@MissJen3 - we want to do shot glasses as well. Do you mind sharing the website you guys are using to personalize them?

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@@pddcmc we are ordering them from discountmugs.com. We are ordering our OOT bags from the same site and I just received an email about free shipping!

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@@linaco80 I'm doing one bag per room..I also have some rooms with friends sharing so I haven't really thought about that. I'm pretty sure we're doing some gender neutral stuff like the usual: lip balm, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, water bottle, pepto, asprin, emergen C, and we're going to try and go to town to get some snack foods since there's a costco/walmart in Cancun. Some of the more pricey items that I'd like to give but have to see if we have the budget for are: sunglasses, mini bottle of tequila, flip flops (although I'm not sure how I'd figure out sizes ahead of time). I think we'll do one from the pricey list (probably the sunglasses) but that still means I have to put two in the bags.


I'm trying to scour the internet now for all the stuff on my first list but they're still pretty pricey when you add it all up so I'm going to try and hit up some chain pharmacies at the end of the summer to see what's on sale, then I'll order the rest on amazon or something. 

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@@linaco80 Sean is very easy going. I really did luck out.

There you go :) that is all you need ( an easy going guy)

@@ng2015 I checked this website and prices are not too bad for flip flops as favors, the problem is to carry boxes of flip flops when I got so many other decorations to bring. I am foreseeing that  i will have to ask my FI  family to bring things for me lol because it is just too many things to bring. as a favor I was thinking about a pair of flip flops hanging in a nice simple custom made plastic/cloth bag (with the both of our names) hanging on each chair, so everyone could use them at the reception, wear them and party.




I was also thinking like a bigger(large) mug for beer (to store more beer while hanging out by the pool).


so if you have friends sharing, is it one bag or two bags?

I like the idea of putting gender neutral stuff.


@@calgarybride2015 where did you get the flip flops?


I was thinking to do a FIY project and do barefoot sandals for the girls as part my gift to them, I saw the instructions on Pinterest.




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The flip flops are just from Old Navy, but I made the flowers myself with supplies from Michaels.

Glue didn't seem to attach them well so used clip on earring backings, lol, but they work.


I am second guessing wanting them in white flip flops, so may get them a creamy/off white color I saw at Joe Fresh.

I liked another idea I read on another thread about getting the girls stuff they can use on the wedding day (hairspray, bandaids, mouth wash, etc.) so I am going to run with that idea.  I have a few nice pieces, but don't feel I have enough.


Anyone ever feel cheap? haha!   I have spent a fair chunk of change, but know they are paying to come to my wedding, so there is that small guilt.

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I have been couponing like CRAZY for our OOT bags. Instead of travel sized products (for some things) we are using a 'sleeve' from bulk packages of items. This way our guests receive almost the same amount of product as they would from the travel sizes, but we are saving by buying in bulk. An example is pepto. The travel size packages are 10 to a pack. By buying in bulk our guests are receiving 6 pills per sleeve.  Sometimes when I think too much into the OOT bags I do feel cheap, but when I break it down we are spending $10-$15 per bag. I think that is fair. 

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There are awesome sites for those bulk items!  I looked into it when I was considering the OOT bags.



Do you think it's sad I am agonizing over the girls flip flops?

I want them to walk barefoot, but I wanted them to have something just in case, so I got white flip flops... jazzed up a bit with a flower, BUT, I think they are too basic, is white ok? should I get off white? what if they clash with pink dresses? are they fancy enough?


Driving me mad, but by the time our dresses come in, sandals will be long gone from the stores.

Here they are. Flower can go anywhere on them. post-277873-140660068611_thumb.jpg

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tbh does anyone pay attention to the shoes anyway? I always worry about that and I had someone ask me did u see so and so ' s shoes at the wedding and I was like nope. ..she said my point exactly who looks at a person's feet!!

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