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The perfect day!! - (review included, sorry long)


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Hello All..

Well we're back from our Honeymoon.. and our fabulous wedding in Cabo San Lucas. I can honestly say it was the most amazing day of my life, and I couldn't have asked for better friends, family, or a better husband.

Again thank you so much for all the advice I've gotten on this site over the last year.

So here's my review.. for what it's worth.


We got married at Villa Grande in Pedregal. Rented it for 3 nights, had a welcome BBQ on Friday and the wedding/reception there on Saturday. The villa by far exceeded my expectations. It had been remodeled in recent months and was beautiful. It was huge, had a great view, and was fantastic for our friends and family. If you can afford the extra fees.. I HIGHLY recommend a Villa wedding in Pedregal. I know there are some concerns about the noise ordiance, which mandates you wrap things up at 10pm. We never heard squat about it.. and the party lasted well past 1am. That said we did get married in the 'off' season (if there really is one) so maybe they're more laxed about it. Who knows. But it went off beautifully.


Our Caterer was Lazy Gourmet. And we used one of their wedding coordinators, Patricia Gomez. I originally had posted about some concerns because I had some trouble hearing back from Patricia. I'll totally eat those now. She did a fantastic job! It was even more beautifully decorated than I was expected.. and the food was out of this world. It was by far the best meal we had while in Cabo for 4 days! The service was extrodinary.. and we had rave reviews from all of our guests (46 total). Any question or item I needed taking care of .. I simply brought it up to Patricia and it was done.. no questions asked she was extremly capable.. and the price was very reasonable compared to some of the other wedding coordinators we originally looked at. We jokingly called her our "J-Lo" because she wore a headset just like in the 'Wedding Planner'.. and kind of looked like her. She fit in beautifully with my friends and family and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Oh.. and did I say the food was awesome. We had live action taco-stations and a host of other authentic mexican dishes. Loved it!


Photographer - Bradley Fraser - He blended in so well.. you almost didn't know he was there. My husband (gulp, that sounds wierd!) is not very comfortable in front of the camera.. but by the time we got to the beach.. Bradley had him jumping off rocks for pictures.. it was pretty great. Plus he just sent me a DVD of all the pictures he took, and they are mine to do with what I wish.. which I love. And they were actually back here at home before I was! Worked out great!


Rehearsal Dinner - Pancho's - my only slight negative. I wasn't a big fan of the food. The tacos were very dry.. and just okay. The atmosphere was fun and the prices very reasonable.. but food.. eh. Just okay.


Most of our guests stayed at the PB Sunset.. which was beautiful, although a big secluded. My parents stayed at the PB Rose and loved it.. but it was a more 'hustle-bustle' type atmosphere.. so whatever you like. I did get my hair done at the PB Sunset salon.. and they matched my example picture almost piece for piece!


Overall Things.. as you can probably tell.. were amazing! It went so fast.. and I tried to hold onto every moment.. but at least now we have great pictures to look back on.

I've got to run.. at work now.. but anyone who's researching a Villa.. or has any questions.. feel free to shoot me an email. I'm still addicted to this site and now I'm in a wedding in February so I still have plenty to research!


Thanks again to all!!


p-s. I'll try to post more pics.. but I've never done it right.. so we'll see!

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