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Marinah84's Planning Thread - 3/14/15 - Crown Paradise Club Cancun

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They are great quality! They didn't charge any extra for the text on the back, either.


I have several updates! Hopefully will have time to update by the weekend!


Can't wait!!!!

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Update 10.16.14


I'm pretty pleased with how much I got done this week!  


First, I wanted to say THANK YOU to @ for being SO sweet to send her leftover recovery bags!  I'm going to have to re-evaluate what will go in those versus the "survival" kit labels (that I printed & cut up this week, haha).  Thank you again!!




Flower Girl Tutu:

I had quite a bit of fun putting this together.  My daughter turned 3 this summer, and thinks she is a tomboy princess!  She ADORES pretty dresses, and I wanted to make her something that would be fun/unique/she'd love.  


This was my original thought, as I have a dress in 4T that is pretty/beachy/tulle.  Since we're kinda switching to a bright blue instead of tealish due to the BM dresses, it no longer "matches" but that doesn't REALLY matter.  It's pretty, and it'll definitely work.  In fact, I plan on bringing it regardless - she can wear it to the rehearsal dinner or as a backup.


flower girl option 1

flower girl option 1 close

I had all this tulle I bought to make her tutus, and hadn't gotten around to it yet.  So after seeing I had tulle in the 3 colors and white, I figured I'd try my hand at it!

20141015 112531

On the bottom layer, I doubled up the tulle with white, doing the 3 colors in a pattern.  

20141015 123647

This was the bottom layer - i put an additional layer on top of just the 3 colors.  I had JUST enough tulle (I think this is 20yds of tulle, 4x5yds?  Not actually sure)

20141015 131324

After playing around with it on my thigh (which is approximately the size of my daughter's ribcage sadly lol), I found out it really needed straps.  It kept slipping down my leg!
I started off thinking braids, because that's easy:

20141015 153559

Then I thought maybe twist it a bit and make it kinda into "cap" sleeves:

20141015 153707

Here they are side by side:

20141015 154736


I had to use one of her toys that was "close" to her size as a model - that carebear has a BADONKADONK hhahahaha!  

20141015 154903

20141015 162236

I brought it out after bathtime, and she LOVED IT.  Absolutely LOVED IT.  She's such a princess, haha.  I told her I'd make her another one to wear (she asked if she could wear it to sleep in, and when I said no, asked if she could wear it to daycare).  Normally I'd blur out her face, but you can kind of see how much she adores it in her face (at least I can!):

flowergirltutu try1


It's REALLY poufy.  A little more than I liked - i might pare it down a notch or two haha.  I am going to put a tank underneath to keep from scratching, and have her in some short leggings.  I may also add another row of flowers, and take them off the back - I don't really like it all the way around.  I I might just make it a big bow on the back.


This is the back of the dress:

20141015 195357[1]



Overall tho, I think it turned out really well!!


And of course, I got her a tiara :)

20141016 125251[1]



Resort Fireworks:

I'm still set on doing these :)  It's $25/fountain, and 2 come with the 5 hour package (or I'd buy them a la carte with other packages - depends on # of guests!).  WC said they have all the proper permits, etc, and sent me some pictures.  The first is from the one portfolio Del Sol has on my resort, and the other 2 she sent me.  I'm glad I'm going with Samuel Luna - the more I see of the resort photog, the less I like, haha.


fireworks at CPC from Del Sol portfolio

Private Area 117







These were some of the first things I bought for the OOT bags.  I would like the guests to bring them to the ceremony for pictures, but don't know if I want to make my WC put them on chairs ahead of time...I guess I could attach them to my program somehow, but I think I might just put them in the bags.


I wasn't going to put a tag on them (was thinking more like setting them out with a sign).  The saying is cheesy (FI rolled his eyes) but I had the materials from making invites, so figured why not? :)


20141013 171507

20141013 171752


"Mother of" Gifts:

Attached the charm & got them each embroidered hankies (generic, Hobby Lobby 50% off sale).  I am debating how to package it - I'm thinking of wrapping the box (see picture with pouch in box lol) and attaching a letter to each on the top and giving while we're getting ready.  I just don't want TSA to open it - though I can put it in a carryon, I guess?


20141013 153324

20141013 154311

20141013 154542



Cake Serving Set:

I have to return this by Monday if I am, so took some time to do a "mock up" of something that I'd be okay with - and hated it haha.  Not sure I really care enough to get something nicer.  I doubt anyone will even NOTICE them!  I could probably get away with leaving them as is...and apparently the resort provides a plain set soooo I could return it and not have to worry about bringing them! :)  So if I can find a package to return them in (the envelope was crap and why the box was torn to hell) I'll just send them back!



"Bride" Undies:

I'm pretty sure I'm going with the white ones for the boudoir pictures, and will probably wear the blue lace for the day of the wedding.   My dress weighs a lot...no worries about light blue lace peeking through ;)





As mentioned earlier, I printed out my "survival week" labels and got the recovery bags from Kelly, so figuring out how I'm going to package all of that will be added to my "To Do" list.  

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First off, your craftiness is awesome!

The little dress for your daughter is awesome.

I like the cap sleeves better than the braided ones!  I also agree about making a second row of flowers, just gives it a bit more coverage! (I'm kinda weird about that stuff though lol)


My daughter is NOT girly, so the dress we got was a stretch!  She got a matching flower headband though that she picked out. Love the tiara!


If you really want the sunglasses to be present at the ceremony, I think you should hand them out at the ceremony and/or have them on the chairs.  While people will have good intentions, people also forget.  Up to you!   


I soooo wanted a heart hole punch, only found 1 at Michaels and wished I would have bought it ($1.50 bin) now I can't find them anywhere :(


All is great!  I have to decide re time to give gifts. Would just be easier to do it at home before we leave, but also love the idea of them doing it before the wedding.  Maybe 1/2 and 1/2 as some items (like beach bags) would be nice to have from the start!


Can't wait to see more!

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If you really want the sunglasses to be present at the ceremony, I think you should hand them out at the ceremony and/or have them on the chairs.  While people will have good intentions, people also forget.  Up to you!   


I soooo wanted a heart hole punch, only found 1 at Michaels and wished I would have bought it ($1.50 bin) now I can't find them anywhere :(



RE: sunglasses - I know!  I've got kinda big bags tho, and I don't have a lot to go in there as is LOL.  I'll play around with it - I was thinking of getting some pashminas as I read that March can be in the 60s at night, and my reception is supposed to be on the water so it'll probably be chillier.  I don't know where to get them, or what they're going to cost :S


RE: hole punch - so you're going to love or hate this...I got mine for .99 on ebay lol!  I also got the crab, which is SO cute (but it's so tiny!) This is the seller I got it from, looks like it's up to 1.15 which still isn't bad:



I actually used the same template for the straw flags as I did for the sunglasses tags - worked really well :)




We are also planning on getting some maracas at a market to put on the tables - they are typically around $1 and I will try to bargain for a discount on the like 30 i need.  I looked at awols, and while price is as good/better, I'd also have to cart them down...so I figured I'd just use the ones we have as souvenirs from past trips here to make tags, buy them there & put on the tags before giving them to the WC.  And if I don't get them...oh well :)  I'm out some paper haha.


Right now, I'm having the blue luggage tags be placecards & the maracas for shaking on the reception tables and the program fan/possibly sunglasses/shot glasses for the ceremony.  All that I have for the bags are the stadium cups, welcome booklet and recovery/survival kits HA! :) I should have just done the cups like you're doing!!




Speaking of shot glasses...I'm looking for a fun cocktail that we can use for our "tequila toast" and official "cocktail" for the week!  Ideally something blue :)


We are considering a Blue Margarita - we are in Mexico, right?   I'm open to suggestions on good tropical drinks that are good to shoot as well as drink in a glass!   :ph34r:  Ideally I'd actually like to have 2; one with rum (which FI is allergic to, haha) or vodka, for those who don't drink tequila.


Blue Agave Margarita Recipe:

1 1/2 oz Silver tequila

1/2 oz Triple Sec 1

/2 oz Blue Curacao

1/2 cup Sweet and Sour

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That FG dress is killing me it's so cute! I gotta figure out how to wear a tutu dress to work lol

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I owe this thread some MAJOR updates!  I plan on spending a lot of time on here starting soon (hopefully this week on!).  My son turned 1 yesterday, and everything has been CRAZY!


Can't wait to see everyone's updates, and start putting up what I've accomplished lately (and kick my butt into gear on what still needs to be done!)

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Update 12.2.2014


It's been a while, and things have been a whirlwind!  I know now why they say plan a wedding in at least a year (though, with a tighter deadline, I might have been more on top of things haha).


My son turned 1 on the 30th, and while we let him smash cake, my entire family caught some horrid intestinal bug so we postponed his party until we're back for Christmas at the end of the month.  So all that planning went to waste! (not really, I'll just do it then, but hopefully the cake is good after it's been frozen LOL).  The nice thing is that I learned more tricks in PicMonkey that I can use to design my paper stuff for the wedding (what little I haven't already done of course, not redoing unless I have to!)





Grooms Side

After being engaged for 11 months (ELEVEN) we finally have our sides figured out!  3 out of the 4 people that FI asked are unable to come to the wedding due to finances (2 of the 3 got married this year, and the other did a bunch of big races/moved to a new job with same money/more expensive cost of living).  He kept saying he was ok with 2 on his side and 3 on mine, which normally would be fine but his best man is the one in the Army and overseas, and while he SAYS he can come...I'll believe it when he shows up ;)


So I finally made the executive decision for him that we were moving his sister from my side to his (a "groomsmaid") and asking my really good friend/sorority sister who was already coming to the wedding to stand up.  I would have had her in the wedding if we had a bigger party, so it was a no brainer (ESPECIALLY as she's already booked!).  I just hope she can get her dress in time, ugh.  Apparently they are 3 months + and we're right at 3.5ish (102 days until the wedding, eek!).  At least this is FINALLY. FINALLY. handled!





Grooms Suits

If you couldn't tell, my fiancee is kind of a procrastinator (on non-work related things, at least).  So we (myself, my family, HIS family) told him back in June/July that we needed to get the suits handled asap.  The guy at Mens WEARHOUSE told him that they go out of season, and he needed to order by October at the latest.  Well.  Guess what he didn't do (using the not knowing who was on what side thing as an excuse).  So now the suit we wanted from Mens Wearhouse is only available in huge sizes online and out of stock in stores.  Tan/Khaki suits aren't really popular outside of the DW crowd anyway, so there isn't usually a lot of selection.


I scoured the internet this morning and finally think we found the ones we want.  They are on Cyber Monday sale for 30% off, and for the vest/pants it will be right at $60/each.  Of course, that doesn't include the shirts for underneath but those are way easier and I'll figure that out later.  Now I'm trying to get sizes from everyone, and will order tonight (30% off ends tomorrow).  Hoping the guy overseas checks his email/facebook messages at night lol.


They aren't exactly what I envisioned, but at the same time, I'm pretty laid back.  There were multiple reviews saying how well they worked for weddings, so I think (as long as everyone gets the correct size..) we're good to go!






Wedding Dress Alterations

Dropped my baby off at the seamstress (she's a little hole in the wall tailor shop, and is probably in her 70s - total stereotype!!) a few weeks ago, eek!   Just getting about 3 inches cut off the bottom, a bustle put in and sewing on the crystal belt.  I may get cups sewn in, but since it's a corset, I don't think I'll need it.




Boudoir Book

This was SO much fun!  I had a hotel room for work in Chicago, and used our family photographer.  She spent a lot of time and got some amazing shots.  I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for something their hubby would really enjoy.  I did not do any full nudity shots (though she asked if I wanted them, eek), but a lot of beautiful and sensual shots.  I got it printed from Shutterfly, and put my "letter to my husband on our wedding day" as the first page.  He's going to DIE!  (I'm considering getting a few of them blown up for our room after the wedding ;) )


I got a gift box so he wouldn't know what it was immediately:


Cover is leatherish with what I thought was a cute saying to "warm" his "cold feet" :)


Some shots!

20141202 123921

20141202 124015


Dress Hangers

I ended up ordering mine from this shop, getting the $4 ones (will switch out ribbons myself, didn't think it was worth $2/hanger for another color when I have leftover DIY ribbon already!):



With shipping, they ended up being $7.75 each, which isn't too terrible for me not to have to do it (or nag the FI to complete it, since he's so busy!).   They are supposed to be here January 16th, so that's plenty of time if it goes over the 6-8 weeks they estimate.  I'll probably dress them up a bit :)   It's one thing checked off my list, and I know I'd spend DAYS on them if I did them myself.





OOT Bags

Getting SO close to being done with these!  I felt they looked a little sparse, so ended up getting a few more items to put in (pepto tablets, small aloe vera packets - really small probably wouldn't get again for the price, and Emergen-C packets that are "tropical" flavored.


Packing the recovery bags!

packing recovery bags

Contents of recovery bags:

Recovery Bags contents

Packed and ready to go into the OOT bags :)

Recovery bags

Front of Survival Kit

Front of Survival Kit

Back of Survival Kit

Back of Survival Kit

Recovery bag and Survival Kit

survival Kit And recovery Bag

OOT bag example of contents - just missing the welcome booklet!

OOT Bag contents Dec 2014


Chapstick labels - I've misplaced them somewhere, including the extra labels to print on, UGH.  I can't find them ANYWHERE.  I'll probably just print them again on regular paper and use the waterproof liners to go over them after gluing/taping them on.  So sad :(


So I'm debating just filling a suitcase with them already packed in bags, or with everything spread out among bags.  I don't want customs to take them (Planning on bringing receipts and saying "wedding" all over everything.  





Starfish Boutonnieres

They are done and are GORGEOUS!  I'm so happy I went with them this way :)  really hope that they don't get seized by customs as "natural" animals or anything.  I don't think this will be an issue but you never know....


All but the grooms:

Starfish Bouts

Back & close up:

Starfish Bouts - back/close up




Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower

I had my bachelorette party/bridal shower when work sent me to Chicago over the week of Halloween in October.  Some of my best girl friends flew in, and it was a wonderful weekend!  My sister did a "cute Halloween" theme - I was skeptical at first as halloween is typically blood & gore, but she did an amazing job!  The jello shot syringes were a hit, even with our older relatives.  My sister in law did the bachelorette party - my 2 requests were no strippers and that I was NOT wearing penises anywhere.  I'm about 10 years too old for that type of thing ;)


Some bridal shower pictures:


Pumpkin Cups

Cake Pops

Bride Pumpkin

Skull with marshmellows

Syringe Jello Shots

Bride Shots


Bachelorette party pictures (we were VERY tame haha):


Favor cups with candy & alcohol & nail polish:

bachelorette cups

Gotta get pizza when you're in Chicago!!

chicago pizza



I *think* that is most of my updates.  Hoping to have more time to spend on here in the upcoming weeks!






Updated To Do Lists:



  • December - Finish mothers gifts (package them nicely)
  • December - Flower girl tutu (move flowers to front and put in lining)
  • December - Finish 4th bridesmaid bouquet & pack (other 3 packed)
  • December - Finish tossing bouquet
  • January - Ring wood box
  • January - Glue orchids in centerpieces
  • January - Glitter TTD heels


Welcome Bags/Favors

  • December - REPRINT & put chapstick labels & protectors on chapsticks
  • January - Make sunglasses tags ("Don't be blinded by our love") & maracas tags ("Shake for a kiss" poem)
  • February -  Finish Welcome Booklet (Home printer)
  • March - Assemble bags


Misc To Do

  • Ongoing - iPod playlists - ceremony, dinner, reception
  • January - Make Kid Activity Books (Home printer)
  • January - Make luggage tag placecards with booked guest names (Home printer)
  • January - Print 5x7 couples pictures for table & put in frames
  • January - Finish & Print Ceremony Program Fans (Vistaprint) 
  • January - Thank You/Menu Cards for plates (Vistaprint) 



  • Altered Wedding Dress pickup
  • Etsy Wedding Topper - currently in production as of 12/2
  • December - Kids Passports 
  • December - Get notarized permission form for family to take kids back in USA (not necessary but a safety net just in case)
  • December - GET LEGALLY MARRIED - this may or may not happen, since we live in the middle of nowhere and most of the courthouses told me in November they were full until January!!


Mini-Update 12.2.2014


I forgot I got my TTD dress in!!  My sister in law picked it up in Chicago, so I'll get to try it on over Christmas.  I need to lose the 10lbs I've gained from my week in chicago/halloween/thanksgiving tho, haha.


20141124 175852


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Everything looks absolutely fantastic!!!! You are quite the little Martha Stewart (a lot of you ladies are). Can't wait for more updates. Glad everything is coming together with the bridal party and such. Happy 1st to your son!!!! My kids turn 9 in a couple weeks -- crazy time of year. And ps - loooooove your teaser shots - I kinda wish I would have had the courage to do this :)



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Update 12.3.2014



I got the proof of my cake topper I ordered from Kadoodles Creations (https://www.etsy.com/shop/KadoodlesCreation?ref=l2-shopheader-name) today, and it had me in tears.  It is absolutely PERFECT.  FI has joked about a "bride dragging groom" cake topper since we saw one.  Kelsie took my ideas and pictures and put together something so wonderful I can't even believe it.


It will be extra special to me because our first baby, our black lab Mizu, has a very aggressive cancer and we are saying goodbye tomorrow.  It came on very quickly (found out in September about first small tumor/had it removed, then they have been aggressively growing since).  This way she can be "there" for our wedding.  I hope I don't bawl like a baby during the reception; it's been very hard on us as she's only 7.5 this week.  <3


cake topper front

cake topper back

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