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Marinah84's Planning Thread - 3/14/15 - Crown Paradise Club Cancun

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Good luck! :) yesterday the florist joked that I brought her more business because she could be putting off of my bouquet because I didn't need it for so long and she kept getting more business that took her away from doing it! She told me to bring her any other project that I needed done in 6 months haha

Everything looks great.


What font is that? I really love how it looks and may use it somewhere myself.

I know exactly who the other BDW member you are speaking of, I loved her work too!


I think the safety net letter is a great idea.

I traveled to the USA in August and had a 'non notarized' letter from the kids dad and the border didn't even ask for it, but just in case I plan to have a 'notarized' letter from him as this is a little bit bigger of a deal than a trip to Seattle! lol!


What sunglasses are you buying? I bought my kids these pink and orange sunglasses from the dollar store this summer but they were more adult size. I joked about getting the bridal party all a pair for a fun pictures but never did. Still debating doing it.


I may start my planning thread this weekend! The kids are with their dad and my fiance is gone, so I have some time.... well probably hahah I plan to spend a lot of time in the mall! ha!

The font is called Rue on picmonkey.com! I just designed the image (took a bit to figure it out, I just kept saving different versions since you can't go back and edit it later once you close it...I think. ..).


Enjoy the mall Lol! I'm going running alone after having the sick kiddos alllllll week...surprised I got Anything! done!

And Kim - totally do your thread! :)

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Update 10.12.14



Got quite a bit done this weekend!  Of course not exactly what I was PLANNING on doing...but that's okay! :)





Toasting Glasses:

Got this in the mail - looks awesome!  They didn't have an option to engrave in black :(  but overall, I like how it turned out!


stock image:

toasting glass Set

Set in package (didn't unwrap sand/shells):

toasting glasses


toasting glasses



Cocktail Hour Straws:
I had bought a bunch of straws for kiddo bday parties, and found that I had 3 that were close to our colors. Since I already had paper leftover from the invites, I just printed out 1 sheet with some sayings from a template (found on Pinterest & later I found more on here!) and cut them out.  One thing I did instead of double sided tape was use "Permanent Glue Sticks", which turned out awesome.  


cocktail hour straws

cocktail hour straws




OOT Bags:

Thanks to tygrrlily for talking me back into sense (versus spending more money on MORE bags, haha).  I got some raffia from walmart for $2 for a bag, and it was more than enough to tie 2 dozen bags.  I also put the starfish charms I had gotten off ebay (something like 50 for 1.25) on the tags.  All that is left is to either write or stamp something on the tags.  And fill them, of course.  


oot bags

oot bags

oot bags

Cake Serving Set:
So I got the set I ordered in the mail, and I'm not overly happy.  First, it was NOT the same as in the picture - different handle design & shape that connects the blade to the handle.  The box came that way in the mail, too!  It also looks pretty cheap - the metal colored plastic is all melted.  I can return it - but does it really matter if I'm covering it in ribbon anyway?  I wasn't overly invested in this piece looking amazing, but I'm a little irritated at the shape of the pieces.  Do I return & spend like $5-7 more to get a "beach" one, or just wrap this one in ribbon to cover flaws?
Box - came like this!

cake serving set - how it came

Handle of one I got:

cake knife - wrong handle

Listing picture (see rounded joining edges/looks like real metal & different design?):

beach knife DIY Set


Messed up plastic

cake knife - return?


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Looks great!  Love the straws - can you post a link to the templates? I might do that if I have time... it's all starting to come up very quickly tough AH :)


The bags turned out great! I think the raffia definitely does add to the beachy vibe. I still need to do the tags for mine


Hmmm - if it was just the wrong style, I'd prob just cover up the knife/server, but it honestly depends on how much it bugs you.  If it does, then sure $5 won't break the bank to change it. The melted plastic is irritating though - you're paying money and they shouldn't send you something broken!

Edited by tygrrlily

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Sure thing - here are a few templates!  I used the MS Word template for mine, but the PDF one you can fill in and then print also.  You cut them out (if you have a paper cutter for crafting, I'd use that versus scissors, it made cutting REALLY fast) and then fold them over the straw to get the "shape" of what you wanted it to look like.  I then put glue on the paper (which was still semi-folded in half/rounded where the straw goes) and then put it together on the straw.  I then cut the ends into flags, or you could also leave it straight, up to you!



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What sunglasses are you buying?  I bought my kids these pink and orange sunglasses from the dollar store this summer but they were more adult size. I joked about getting the bridal party all a pair for a fun pictures but never did. Still debating doing it.




I got them off ebay, and they are actually decent quality!  I bought them from several ebay vendors for between 1.35-1.65 each with free shipping (they were all the same, just listings only had a few).  


20141013 102726[1]

20141013 102842[1]

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Oh those are great!  

Your guests will love them!  


I think if your serving set is not what you wanted, I would return it.  At the end of the day, in the words of Shawn, what is another $5 to get what you want?  Maybe try covering it with ribbon to see if you like it, then exchange?   It's tough cause you think 'it's not worth the money' but then you don't want to hate it every time you see it either.

ohhh me again, if you have time can you tell me who on EBAY you got those charms off? That's a smoking deal and I could use some of those somewhere hehe. Thanks!

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I was thinking of just doing a mock up of the ribbon & charms and see if I like it...


Free Shipping 50Pcs Tibetan Silver Crafts Jewelry starfish Charms Pendants TA434



I got it from this seller, looks like they have 25pcs right now:



I honestly saw a TON of these for sale - I just searched no lead LOL (coming from china, you never know!).  They did take a bit to get here, so I would order soon if you were going to order them.  Tons of options if you search for "starfish charms no lead" :)

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Love your thread. I am ordering those cups...I've been looking for something like that! : )

They are great quality! They didn't charge any extra for the text on the back, either.


I have several updates! Hopefully will have time to update by the weekend!

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