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Marinah84's Planning Thread - 3/14/15 - Crown Paradise Club Cancun

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I don't know how I am just seeing this now! Great thread :) We are getting married on the same day!! 

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We are flying in on the 11th!  We have 2/3 of the guests flying on the same flight, it's going to be a hoot!  We are staying a few days after guests leave, for our "honeymoon" but it's mostly for the TTD session and to take advantage of family babysitting (which we don't usually get since we live far away from the family now!).

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Update 1.15.15


Mini update again today.  I worked on the maracas tags over lunch, and while I don't "love" them, I think they'll do :)  I don't want to spend a ton of time and effort on them, since I'm not 100% they'll even get used!  I am using leftover paper from invites, and thin ribbon I bought for .99 that I didn't have a use for.  They are a little bigger than I wanted, but no one will care :)



I did the design in Picmonkey (mostly so I could use the Rue font that is so festively Mexican looking!)


Maracas Tags

I test printed today, and I'm apparently out of ink...the colors aren't too bad, so not sure I want to bother getting more just for these.  Most of what I have left to print is probably black & white.  Except the welcome book...maybe I should just get ink haha.
I can't seem to find the exact template - if you buy the special paper from Avery, they'll already be in a luggage shape and labels.  I just used them for a general size & printed on normal ivory paper.  I'll keep looking, and if I find it, I'll post it here!
Test Print

Maracas Tags Mockup (1)

I decided to do a "fun" hole punch, and used my little crab (I got it on ebay for 99 cents from China, it's REALLY tiny but very cute).

Maracas Tags Mockup (2)

Not sure how I'm going to tie it in the punch, but this is okay for now ;)

Maracas Tags Mockup (4)

Here it is all put together with a maraca from our trip to Cabo.  Tag again is a bit bigger than I'd like, but for a project that I'm not sure we'll even use (if we can't get to the market for instance) I can't complain!  I plan on putting the tags together with the ribbon, and then when we get there, it'll be easy to just tie them on.  And with 20 guests coming with me on the plane, I'm pretty sure someone will be able to help out ;)


Maracas Tags Mockup (3)




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We are flying in on the 11th!  We have 2/3 of the guests flying on the same flight, it's going to be a hoot!  We are staying a few days after guests leave, for our "honeymoon" but it's mostly for the TTD session and to take advantage of family babysitting (which we don't usually get since we live far away from the family now!).

us too!! I think we land around noon...maybe we will run into each other! We arrive solo on the 11th and have asked our guests to arrive the next day, Thursday! 

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That would be hilarious and awesome! We land around 130 I think. Might be 230 now with the time change that goes into effect on 2/1. I need to check our flight!

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Update: 01.24.2015




Wedding Rings

FINALLY FI figured out his wedding band!  He chose a tungsten carbide ring, with meteorite inlay.  It wasn't nerdy enough that we're getting married on Pi Day or anything, right?  It's gorgeous - found it on eBay, and it's wonderful quality.  He had to get the tungsten carbide due to working in an industrial setting.


Cool Box

Grooms Ring

Grooms Ring


Grooms Ring

Grooms Ring

My thumb lol

Grooms Ring

Our set :)  LOVE this shot - I almost don't need the photographer to do it on our wedding day, I love it so much!  

Wedding Set



He's also picked out the shoes, so I think he *might* be done...yay!






Flower Girl Tutu


Ok, I have to say, I'm SO glad I put this project back on my plate.  It's SO stinking cute.  And they make fabric adhesive, so I didn't even have to break out my 15+ years out of use sewing skills ;)


I took an old pair of shorts that were the right color (decided to go with pink), and just split the crotch.  This created the strapless top and gave her some layering between the scratchy tulle and her skin.


flower girl dress parts

I then used adhesive velcro - said not for fabric, but i figure it's only for the short term right?  seems to stick pretty well to me!

flower girl dress straps

flower girl dress strap velcro

Glue drying on the carebear (with the badonkadonk, it was hard to get the dress on now with the flowers stiff from being glued!)

flower girl dress glue drying

dress hanging up!

flower girl dress hanging

With straps (and her smartbutt face, haha)

flower girl dress sleeves

strapless - i think it'll stay up ok without the straps, but she can choose day of if she wants them or not.  i like it both ways :)

flower girl dress strapless

shoes!  i made her some glittered ones, but they were stiff and hurt her heels, so she refuses to wear them.

flower girl shoes




All she does is twirl and ask for her "crown" - what a princess ;)





More updates soon - I can taste the finish line!!! haha

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Update 1.25.2015


Another update today, even though I"m traveling!



The Good:  Makeup Artist Booked!


After looking at a lot of reviews and pictures, I narrowed down to 3: Styling Trio, Sara Tamargo & The MakeUp Pros.  Styling Trio was just too expensive, even for the non-Adrian people.  


Honestly, it was a toss up between The MakeUp Pros and Sara.  Fernando was EXTREMELY responsive, and worked very hard to win my business.  He has fantastic reviews, but just a lack of social media presence in terms of pictures.  I'm sure he would have been wonderful, but he had a little heavier makeup hand than I envisioned for myself/bridal party, from the pictures he sent me.


I had contacted Sara Tamargo (sister of Del Sol photographer I believe) after reviewing her website/facebook/this forum.  I LOVED almost every bride's makeup that she did, and some of the hair...wow!  She had a morning appointment the day of the wedding, but is able to come in the afternoon for us!  She also was open to a little haggling, haha, so I was able to get a small discount to appease my frugal FI (who still thinks I need to do my own hair and makeup...men!)


I would still recommend Fernando/TheMakeupPros, but chose to go with Sara due to her style.  They were pretty much dead on the same in terms of prices, as well.


Her site: http://www.saratamargo.com/

BDW Reviews: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/p/21612-sara-tamargo-makeup-artistry/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaraTamargoMakeup








I ordered hangers from an Etsy shop (GettinWired) and it appears they closed up shop and scammed a TON of brides.  So now I have a paypal dispute for the $62 I paid them.  I'm pretty upset.  I will probably order myself a hanger still, but will most likely not worry about getting anyone else one.  Mostly due to time and I've got a lot of $ I'm already spending on them (more than I was going to, at least!).  I don't think this post shows how deeply upset and pissed I am that I got scammed...I never even thought about it with Etsy!






Wedding Timelines

I'm not ready to print these yet, but I have them done outside of tweaking times (already had to tweak the time on he hair/makeup when I booked Sara, for instance!).  I was going to get them printed on postcards, but probably won't, since I feel the timeline is pretty fluid and I don't want to have to correct them all, haha.  We'll see the printing timeline of Vistaprint - maybe 2 weeks out I'll see if it's still feasible.  I've attached the PDFs.  One for everyone in the welcome bag (Guest), and then one for the girls/one for the guys.  I think they're pretty cute!

MH Girls Wedding Day Timeline.pdf

MH Guest Wedding Day Timeline.pdf

MH Guys Wedding Day Timeline.pdf

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For my reference, my updated 'to do' list based on a previous post:


Updated To Do Lists:



  • Finish mothers gifts (package them nicely)
  • Dress Hangers (due to being scammed :( )
  • Groom Bout (rest are done)


Welcome Bags/Favors

  • Put on chapstick labels & put in survival kit
  • Finish making maraca tags
  • Finish sunglasses tags
  • Finish Welcome Booklet (Home printer)
  • Ongoing - iPod playlists - ceremony, dinner, reception
  • Print Kid Coloring Book (home printer)
  • Make luggage tag placecards with booked guest names (Home printer)
  • Print parent wedding 5x7s
  • Print Ceremony Program Fans (Vistaprint) 
  • Menu/I Spy Cards for plates (Vistaprint) 



  • Altered Wedding Dress pickup
  • Get notarized permission form for family to take kids back in USA (not necessary but a safety net just in case)
  • Get legally married :)
  • Email coordinator with listed out everything we agreed on, and get her confirmation
  • Print out binder for wedding coordinator with wedding to dos (reception set up, ceremony set up, etc)




  • Eyelash extensions
  • Acrylic nails
  • Ombre hair/HALO extension

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