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Marinah84's Planning Thread - 3/14/15 - Crown Paradise Club Cancun

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I wanted to do a planning thread, as I know it'll help me keep on timeline and organized!  I'll be adding a little bit at a time, so will probably be post (and hopefully picture!) heavy.


Some background on us and how we got here to BDW!


Our Story

We met during college, on the swim team.  I'm older than he is, and we didn't really hang out in the same circles.  After graduation, I went back to the team as an assistant coach, where we "re-met".  We started dating, and moved in together in 2010.  We found out about a surprise pregnancy in early 2011, which resulted in our gorgeous daughter.  A son followed in late 2013, and we decided it was time to make it official!



The Ring!

We had gone ring shopping last summer 2013, and I had fallen in love with a ring from Rogers & Holland (http://www.rogersandhollands.com/assets/images/products/image/large/6370819.jpg).


I knew I wanted a circle stone, with "wavy" accents, and most of what I tried on that I liked were similar.  His uncle is a jeweler, and was able to create a similar ring with better quality stones AND match them exactly to a wedding band for the same cost.  He proposed on 12/14/13, after our son was born and NOT on my birthday/christmas (which he thinks is cliche).  He asked me if I was ready to go on the "next big adventure" on the morning he left for our  new home to start his new job.  I at first thought he meant the move, until he pulled out the ring!  


Here it is! Hopefully it shows up :)  My fingers are swollen from pregnancy, my son was still a newborn at the time.  It's actually a little loose now!






Why a destination wedding?

We are HUGE beach/snorkeling/diving buffs, and I knew the only way to get him to agree to a wedding at all was to do a Destination Wedding!  Plus, our family and friends are scattered all over the USA, including us as we relocated early 2014 for his new job.


We chose Cancun because of the beautiful beaches and water, and it is close to Cozumel (our first out of USA trip for both of us!).  It is also an easy place to fly into from most of our guests, so that helped as well.



Why 3.14.15?

I've always wanted a unique wedding date, and my FI is an Engineer, so this date seemed to be perfect.  3.14.15 is the most "Pi" day you can get :)





Why Crown Paradise Club Cancun?

We have never actually been to the resort, nor are we planning to prior to our wedding.  We chose the resort after a ton of research online.  I found probably every wedding video posted as well as people's pictures they've posted publicly (those that said they were here at least) and read through hundreds of reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor and CheapCaribbean. 





We have two small children (they will be around 18 months and almost 4 at our wedding), so we wanted a resort that offered a child-friendly experience for both kids.  Most resorts are 4+.  They also have beepers, which is handy if something were to happen.  It also has an Adults only section, for our older guests who don't want to have to deal with kids.




Price for Guests:
We were also looking for an economical option, as we know it's going to be pricey for people to fly in/stay.  Our goal was under $1500/week with flights per person, which Crown Paradise seems to be a fit so far!


Free Wedding Coordinator:

I've also loved my interactions so far with Evelyn, the onsite wedding coordinator.  She's very fast, answers all of my questions, and has been great to work with so far!


Wedding Packages:

The packages here are reasonable even if you don't meet room nights, and they seem to want to bend over backwards as much as possible to help you make your day great.  Obviously I'm still 8+ months from our date, but it's been a good experience so far!






Wedding Party

FI wanted a small wedding (he thought just our family & our parents...eek), so we compromised on our wedding party size (and guest list).  We will each have 3 people standing with us; mine is my sister (matron of honor), his sister (thinking maybe maid of honor since my sister is married?) and my bff (bridesmaid).   He has my brother and still has to pick his other two groomsman (haha).  We have invited around 35-40 guests, primarily family and some of our best friends, so we anticipate 25 to come (based on initial interest).  




Initially, our colors were going to be Royal Blue and Silver.  However, with 3 bridesmaids and wanting to do an ombre effect, we actually switch to Sangria/Royal Blue/Teal as our colors, with silver accents.  This was inspired by blue orchids, which contain shades of blues/teals/purpleish hues.  I will have real-touch ones for some of our flowers, but the real ones are VERY expensive/can't import them/probably not even actually available.


Here is my inspiration:






My FSIL was down visiting over her teacher's spring break in March, and we met up with my sister and mother at a bridal shop over 3 hours from our houses so we could all do it together.  It was a year out, and my first time dress shopping, so I had zero plans to actually buy.  We live in the middle of nowhere now, closest bridal shop is 1.5 hours away, so I just wanted to get an idea and maybe do some more online shopping.


This was the first dress I tried on,and fell in love.  It was in my  price range, and fit like a glove.  So I was able to get it at 10% off as the sample, and it's perfect!  I wanted something fun and sexy for my wedding, since it's at the beach, and it fits that perfectly.  I tried on a 2nd dress that was double lace layered and simply classically beautiful, but fit more for a church or garden wedding.  I'm so thrilled to have found it!  Now to find a belt that's not $200-400 that I like as much as the original belt I tried on (Allure S33 - please let me know if you know anyone selling it for $100 or less!!)





FI Attire for Wedding


We haven't gotten his outfit yet, but this is the inspiration for what we are looking for:  khaki vest, white 3/4 or long sleeve shirt, khaki pants.  Bow ties for the guys, white/groom and then matching ombre colors for the bridesmaids for the groomsmen.  Starfish boutonnieres instead of flowers.







The "REAL" Planning starts now!

Now I'm focusing on the details of the wedding - I've learned so much via BDW and Pinterest, and am starting to DIY/plan like crazy!  



DIY Projects

Here is the initial list of projects I'd *like* to do for our wedding.  Some of it will happen, some won't!  I work full time and have 2 small kids, with no family within a 5 hour drive, so I'm going to prioritize/get the stuff I really want done and hope the rest works out!

  • Boarding Pass Invitations - I really wanted to do passports, but they were so intensive/expensive!  I have the initial design completed, and will be working on those in June!  I got starfish and seahorse charms I'll be using, and will incorporate the extras in other parts of my wedding.

Inspiration (one of many from BDW!):  d69b4be8dadddf86755ad5212a59a65b.jpg






  • OOT Bags - I have most of what I need for these (including the bags and contents).  We will probably do local snacks versus bringing them, to save suitcase room.  I still need to customize the bags and create the welcome letter/schedules (will do the schedules closer to the date as things change!).  I did buy customized stadium cups (color changing with cold liquid!) for our favors.  I still need to make Chapstick labels.  

Inspiration:  19eb3b8e6ffe149842bbab5cd877c0f5.jpg179df16b77304eaea142a76d89084fc1.jpg




  • Place Cards - I bought the luggage tags and will customize with the guest name.  A project to do later on in 2014/early 2015, as we know who is coming. 





  • Starfish Boutonnieres - Love this idea!  Bought ribbon and chocolate chip starfish (the white ones) off Ebay and will be making these for all the guys!  The groomsmen ones will match the color of the bridesmaid dress.  





  • Realtouch Bridesmaid Bouquets - I will be making them using Calla Lilies I bought off ebay - they are very lifelike!  



  • Realtouch Bridal Bouquet - I will be making my own bouquet, due to wanting orchids (blue ones specifically, but any orchids are PRICEY in Mexico.  Was quoted $50 per FLOWER by the resort!).  I'm also making a rose throw away bouquet.  My profile picture is an example of what kind I want, plus white orchids  

Inspiration: 69d2adeab973efb9eaae9f046ba99693.jpg




  • Wedge Flip Flops for Reception - I'll buy a pair of white wedge flip flops, and customize them with the ribbon & charms I've bought so far!


  • Flower Girl Tutu: I have tulle in the colors I like, and will be making our daughter her dress.  I want to have blue tulle on the bottom, and silk flowers on the top.  We'll see how this actually turns out!

Inspiration 42a67bdbfa9b6c758138e86ad3ad6b68.jpg





  • Ring Bearer Sign:  This will probably end up being a flower girl/ring bearer sign, as my son will be only about 1.5, but I think it'd be great for them to carry down the aisle together! 

Inspiration: 7759aed34d8518577b2d91751132ed88.jpg


  • Mr Right/Mrs Always Right Chair Signs - I'll probably make these at the same time as the Ring Bearer sign, with similar materials.  He made a joke about this the other day, without even knowing I was thinking about this being in our wedding! :)


  • Sand Ceremony Frame - My FI is an engineer, and handy with tools, so we're going to try to make one of these.  I can't justify spending 80-100 on it with shipping...  

Inspiration: 603f65e65172efacf1ae7d137da408f3.jpg




  • Ipod Song List - Rather than have a DJ, we're going to save a little money and do an Ipod playlist(s), so we can use that money on other things (like a light up dance floor for the private reception!).  I have a good initial list going, but it will be a work in progress most of 2014!


  • Centerpieces - Our tables for the reception will seat up to 10, so I don't see needing more than 3-4 tables.  The resort costs 40/table and is just flowers to match the bridal bouquet if you get it there...   I want to use real touch white/blue orchids and incorporate white/blue LED subersible lights.  

Inspiration: 110b8fa98ac1c8e8ff814250f27ebcde.jpg




Probably Not DIY Projects

These are things I'll probably just buy...

  • Heels for the ceremony - Most of the videos I watched of weddings at the resort had the girls in heels for the ceremony.  You walk along the concrete for part of it, and the runner is on the sand.  My FI is tall and I'm pretty short, so I'd love to make it more even if I can!  I will probably do the blue "I Do" sticker on the bottom, for a flair of DIY haha


  • Hairpiece for wedding - I'm athletic and have broad shoulders, so I'm doing down/half down for the wedding.  Lots of hairspray!!  I want to do something in my hair, haven't decided yet, but here are a few ideas:  

Inspiration for Half Down:



Inspiration for to the side/down




  • Garters - These seem reasonably priced, so I am not going to worry about making them right now haha


  • Wedding Cake Topper - I'm actually working with an Etsy Vendor (https://www.etsy.com/shop/KadoodlesCreation) to design a custom topper that will incorporate our whole little family, 3 dogs included!  This is a surprise for the FI, who desperately wants the dogs to be at our wedding haha  Just started talking to her yesterday, and she's been great so far!  

Here's an example of one she has in her shop now:il_570xN.598302053_mq7q.jpg



  • Toasting Champagne Glasses - If I get a lot done early, I'll make something myself, but otherwise I'll buy something like this:b84154c55e0b944cb78633456c9f01ba.jpg
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Wow! Awesome thread!! I so envy all these talented ladies! I am NOT!! As much as I wish i was.... lol


I do have one question - where did you source the stadium cups!! I think that's a great idea!!


I love your colours. They're gorgeous and your dress, with you in it, is beautiful!!

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OMG thanks for the post! Love all your inspiration and its very similar to mine....but you are way more organized than me! Love the bags, love the cake topper, love the dresses etc! Congrats!

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I found them on Etsy (and Ebay!)  Here is the store:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyWeddingStore2  They are our "splurge" item, but not too expensive for the wow factor I think they'll bring!  I got 50, and actually got 15 pink/15 green/20 blue since they are our "wedding colors" (royal blue, sangria (pink) and teal (green)).  I'm obviously not as concerned about exact matching as a lot of people haha.




Thank you!  I've found SO much inspiration on this board, and Pinterest.  I also work from home, so when I have breaks between work (ha. ha.) over the past 6 months I do research.  I just started really putting everything together :)

Here is a discount code I just got when they shipped today!


As a thank-you for your purchase, MyWeddingStore2 would like to offer you 10% off with a purchase of $99 or more from their shop. This offer is set to expire on June 30, 2014 at 12:00amEastern Time. To apply this discount, enter the coupon code below at checkout: JUNE2014

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Update (6.19.14)


Bridesmaid Gifts:


I spoke with my bridesmaids, and since we have family coming who can help with hair (and it's $60+ to do the hair before tips/taxes!), they'd rather I do a nicer bridesmaid gift than pay for hair.


I've decided I'm going to get them customized robes!  I decided against getting "bridesmaid" on the back, because I want them to be able to use them moving forward without feeling weird, but it will have their name embroidered on the front.


I'm getting them from this shop - she's got reasonable prices, ,and great reviews!  I sent her a question, and she's already shown she's willing to work with me on customization without extra costs!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/LillysShopDotCom


I'm doing a white robe with my name on the front, and Bride on the back (because I don't care, I'll use it again haha).  I'm getting them black robes, with their names embroidered on the front and their initial in their bridal party color embroidered behind it.  (similar to this: https://img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/5342833/il_fullxfull.320308986.jpg).  I'm going to have mine in the royal blue of the 2nd bridesmaid, because that was my original wedding color before we went with the 3, and it's my favorite :)  I don't care it's the same, haha.  


It's going to be $115 for the 4 robes, which is a STEAL!  I'm so thrilled!  I will update with pictures when I get them; working on setting up the Etsy listing now.  :)



Invitations:  I've sent my rough draft to our parents/my bridal party, and overall they like it!  what are your thoughts, ladies?  Anything that I should change?  I've blacked out personal information (which takes away from the overall appearance lol).  


invitation screenshot draft

Reception Shoes:  I was planning on DIY these, but I found these flip flops (tiny wedge heel) on Ebay for $11, and they look like they'll work!  If I hate them with my dress, I can wear them the rest of the week on the resort.  I'm a big flip flop person, so they'll get used regardless.

flipflops reception

I also found some cute beach brads to use to hook the boarding pass invitations together on ebay.  It was under $10 for all of them with shipping!  



Garter:  I found this garter on Ebay for under $20 on sale.  I got it from this seller: luckyhappybride (http://stores.ebay.com/luckyhappybride/).  I fell for the lacey kind, and I knew I wanted blue.  There were so many to choose from, so I made sure I got a set with the keepsake garter that I like the most, under $20 of course.  I sent her my thigh measurement as well.  I figure if it decreases before the wedding, I can always pin/sew them smaller.  





Starfish:  I moved my wedding things to our guest bedroom, so I could organize.  I had bought 12 starfish for the guy boutonnieres and planned to use the extras for bridesmaid bouquets potentially or table decor.  My two little brat doxies got into my bag, and chewed up 5 of them!  So I had to reorder :(  I ordered from this store originally and was happy with the price/quality, and just ordered some more today:  http://www.ebay.com/usr/kawagner101



So I got some things done this week so far, but feel like I haven't even made a dent LOL :)

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Update (6.21.14)


I've been a busy little wedding bee today!  Yesterday I did some more research, and set my goal for today to do my chapstick labels (and order the labels & wrappers themselves from ebay, which was a total of $7!)


I'm pretty proud of myself, and surpassed that goal!  Not only did I make the chapstick labels, I also created a MONOGRAM!, our door hangers for guests (1 sided), AND drafted most of my 30ish page welcome book (including welcome letter, which was mostly pieced together from various examples from this board)!


Customized Logo:

I followed a fellow BDW bride's advice to follow this tutorial (http://www.projectwedding.com/ideas/26856/diy-wedding-challenge-how-to-design-your-own-monogram-in-microsoft-word), and created our logo:


Monogram No border

Customized Chapstick Labels:
I downloaded multiple templates to look at what other BDW brides had done, but ended up just deleting everything and creating my own with our monogram & 3 wedding colors.

custom chapstick labels

Door Knockers:
I downloaded several templates from here again (see a pattern? lol), and used the general idea and font for the DND part.  Again, incorporated the seahorse that's part of our monogram, and put it in our 3 colors again.  1 per OOT bag, I'll print on cardstock.  Even if I do it in black & white, I think it'll still look good :)

door knockers

Welcome Book:
I am most proud of myself for this one!  I downloaded Beck's template (LIFESAVER - just search Becks and it'll be one of the first threads) which will let me print 4 book pages per sheet (8 front and back).  This will enable me to save on paper and make it handhold size to throw into a beach bag, etc.  I did use her games, but the rest of the pages I customized.  I did include a whole page on the kids programs, even though I think I'm the only one bringing any haha!  It'll be good info for my family to have, though, because they've offered to watch them during big parts of the week.  These are the cover page, welcome letter (page 3), Resort Map (page 5) and Bar list (page 7).  I'm excited to test run print these, to see where I need to change alignment, etc.  I probably will not bind them with a clear cover like she did, although I am mostly done 8 months before my wedding, so there will be time to still do that!  I'm not going to print these out officially until a few weeks pre-wedding, in case information changes.  I did include a Wedding Week schedule, as well as a Wedding DAY schedule, so I'm guessing that is what will change the most!

welcome book pages


Etsy Purchase - Signs!

I went ahead and contacted an Etsy seller to do customized Mr/Mrs signs for our chairs, as well as a heart sign for my children to carry down the aisle.  A bride was selling hers, and for what she was asking (and they were exactly what I wanted...) I could get brand new ones customized even further with our logo.  I'm not artistic in terms of drawing/paint/anything with my hands, so I went ahead and did it!  Bonus - she's actually making me TWO heart signs for my kids to carry!  If I didn't say, my kids will be around 1.5 and 3.75 when the wedding happens, so I don't have super high hopes for them being able to go down the aisle without hiccups ;)  My plan A is for them to hold hands (ha. ha.) and plan A 2.0 is for my MOH sister to hold my flower girl/almost 4 year old's hand, with this sign:



and for my 2nd bridesmaid (sister in law) to hold my ring bearer/1.5 year old's hand/carry him with THIS sign:

daddysign Run

It will (hopefully) provide some laughter and funny photos.  Best man and my mother in law will be clued in, so if he takes the running/joking too far, they'll put it down!  He's not going to know about either!
Here's what our chair signs will look like:

hercaptain seahorse



She's doing it at a great price, and honestly, while I could do it less expensively, I know it'll look a lot better if someone else does it :)  


Boudoir Gift for Hubby Day of Wedding:

I saw this idea while browsing the forum, and I LOVE it.  I'm a huge photobook person, so I think this would be a great surprise for him.  His eyes only, of course!  I have to figure if I'm going to use a local photographer end of this year, or sneak in a session with our family friend photographer when I go home for the holidays.  Either way, I am happy to have found this idea...and I know he will be too!




Overall - VERY pleased!  Now to use this weekend to spend time with my kiddos and get my very messy house in order!

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Update 6.23.14


So I've pretty much gotten EVERYTHING in the mail from my post a few days ago...plus our favors!  I also spent some time this weekend working on bridesmaid bouquets - and yes, I spent most of it with my family & cleaning the house.  But I felt compelled to do SOMETHING :)


I'm giddy - everything looks amazing!


Here are some updates and my To Do list!



Favors - Color Changing Stadium Cups!

These seriously turned out amazing, absolutely perfect.  And they will be light enough/compact enough to easily pack!  And they were just under 1.80 per cup.  How awesome is that?!  Here's the Etsy shop I bought them from (they also sell them on ebay under the same name - same prices):  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyWeddingStore2


I had them customize the design to our names, the graphic & put "Pi Day Cancun, Mexico" on the back.


Stadium Cup - no liquid


 I also had them split the colors into 3 - blue, green, pink.  


Stadium cups - 3 colors and front/back


They ended up sending more pink than blue, which is okay, I'll just make sure that all couples bags get at least 1 pink and I think we have more single girls coming than guys.  Either way, combined, the blue/green outnumber the pink so I think we'll be fine!


Stadium Cup - no liquid, shows color receding



Reception Sandals:

I bought these off ebay for less than $20, and I think they'll work great for when I'm ready to kick off my heels!  The auction said size 10, but they are actually size 11.  Which is ok, because they feel like they run small.  (I'm short and have big feet...the shortness is why I'll be wearing heels at least part of the time LOL).  Please ignore my ugly feet, thanks!!


Reception Sandals

Reception sandals



Mail Items:

I did get the seashore brads for the invitations, as well as the garters in the mail today.  And replacement starfish from the ones my dogs chewed...grrr.  They look like the pictures, so I won't waste your time posting them again :)




I went to Walmart and Dollar Tree this weekend, because I got our submersible LED lights in the mail on Friday.  I fell in love with this and am using it as my inspiration:




However, I want to be economical with vases - they are expensive and it's likely they will break!  The Dollar Tree had a cylinder 7.5 inch vase that I liked, and Walmart had a 10 inch vase (for 4x the price, and it was one of the cheaper ones...), but I didn't find a small one and didn't like how just the 2 looked.  So I decided I could either get 3 of the same, or do 3 different ones (mismatch on purpose!).  


So in the interest of saving money AND carry on space, I went with mismatch on purpose!



Centerpiece with submersible blue led light

They worked out to less than $10 per table, and that's including some dollar store containers to pack the vases in!
I will be filling the vases with water and probably putting some sand on the bottom (both free at the resort, haha!)

List of Pieces for 4 tables (we'll have 2-3 tables and a sweetheart table.  If we get enough guests for 4 tables, I'll just do something different for a sweetheart table or get more supplies):


  • 3 vases per table (12 total)
  • 3 blue submersible LED lights (12 total)
  • 4 silk orchids (16 total)
  • Half a bag sea glass (2 bags total - spent $10 before tax at Walmart, will check out craft stores & return if I can find better/cheaper)

I got 24 submersible lights, and will take them with me (extras though the lights are supposed to last a really long time).



Bridesmaid Bikini Bags/Wedding Day Emergency Kits:

In addition to customized robes, I'm putting together a bikini bag ($4 each at Walmart) that will have little wedding day essentials in it.  I've got travel hairspray, lotion, mouthwash, hand sanitizer clips and a bunch of other stuff.  I've also got some items to make a "Couples Kit" for them  - it'll include condoms & lube, for sure, and possibly some other fun stuff.  All my girls are married or going to be, and they are all bringing their hubby.  My son was conceived on a work award trip to Mexico, haha, so safety first! ;)  It'll be a funny gag gift type of thing that will be actually useful :)  Bags are seriously cute in person, and the inside is waterproof, so it'll be great for the rest of the week!  I'm using puff paint to put their names on them.


bikini bag for bridesmaids (and me)


"I Do" shoe stickers:  

I was able to snag one of these stickers on ebay for 2.49 shipped!  So if you want it, keep an eye on ebay haha :)



On to the To Do Lists!  I'm sure I don't have everything, but these are some of the main things on my list:



To Do (Short term list):

  • Set Wedding Week Timeline - It's a lot tougher when you have 2 young kids to plan a wedding & honeymoon.  We have to get that cemented down so I can talk to the travel agent, and get our resort(s) booked!
  • Invitations - Hubby printed out the PDF at work, along with the jacket template, so I'm going to play with that tonight when he gets home.  He said he has a color laserjet printer at work that he can probably use to print stuff...eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  That would be amazing and save us some money!  (His boss said it was fine, how cool is that?!).  Goal is to have them completely done by mid-July, as FI family is coming in town end of July for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  Hey, it saves on stamps, and they can give them to his family up there!
  • Starfish Boutonnieres - Still need ribbon for one, but have everything ready to go to assemble!  Now to find my hot glue gun...
  • Photographer - I got a few recommendations on several affordable photographers who offer TTD sessions, and I'm pretty set between 2-3 of them.  Have to get pricing from the 3rd and then will sit down and decide.  Shout out to @@tygrrlily for all her help/recommendations so far!
  • Bridesmaid Shoes - Considering getting my bridesmaid flip flops for the day of the wedding, and putting a starfish brooch to customize them.  I ordered 2 of the brooches to put on my resort shoes, so if I like them, I'll go ahead and get 6 more for shoes for them.  
  • Chapstick Labels - Labels & waterproof sleeves ordered, label created and chapstick in hand.  Just need to get the last 2 supplies & assemble!
  • Centerpieces - I got some "bling" jeweled ribbon to add, so once I get that, will hot glue it to the vases
  • Bridal Bouquet - I bought blue & white orchids as well as some lilies and filler flowers, and will work to put together a DIY bouquet.  I'm also going to call my intown florists to see how much they'd charge to arrange it for me.  The lily bouquets were relatively simple, and I want a cascading bouquet.  


To Do (Long Term List):

  • Ceremony Shoes - I want to DIY glitter heels, unless I can find some for a good price online.  Need to add the shoe sticker when done
  • OOT Bags (First Aid/Wedding Week Survival Kits) - I have most of what I need for the First Aid/Oh Sh!t kits, and tons of templates to play with.  I need to sit down and decide how I'm going to do it!
  • Bridesmaid Bikini Bags/Wedding Day Emergency Kits - I have the fabric bags and a bunch of contents.  Will probably play with the Survival Kit templates to make something cute for my girls :)
  • Program Fans - @@Mwise17 was a doll and sent me a bunch of her templates, and this is one that I love & will be customizing soon.  I won't print them til closer to the date, of course, but I love the idea of using cardstock & jumbo popsicle sticks!
  • Welcome Book - FI printed out a copy of this today (not front & back, and B&W, but it'll still give me an idea for how it overall looks/etc.  Work in Progress!
  • Door Knockers & Other Printables - Those that are done, i need to print/put together!
  • 3rd BM Bouquet (Matron of Honor) - Making my MOH bouquet a bit bigger than the other two, but am waiting to get the real touch lilies and match the ribbon color.  Work in Progress!
  • Sand Ceremony Shadowbox Frame - This will be FI's DIY project, and we'll do that later this year when his work slows down a bit.  Have my SIL looking for a recommended from this board frame at Michaels or Joanns.  My BFF/bridesmaid gave me some leftover sand from their ceremony, 3 colors (blue, bright green & something else).  I'll probably use the blue and then get either a white or silver or teal.  
  • Custom Wire Hangers - This will be another FI DIY project.  I found a few decently priced ones on ebay/etsy, but the SHIPPING UGH.  
  • Second Dress for TTD - I'm not risking my beautiful (and heavy) gown, so will find a 2nd flowy/fun dress for under $100.  I've seen some potentials on ebay and amazon, and may check out the customized ones from China that people on this board talk about!
  • Mother of the Bride/Groom - Rather than corsages, I'm thinking of getting them bracelets & DIY'ing it up a bit to customize them :)
  • Jewelry - Chandelier Earrings - Found a set I love on eBay - waiting to see if they'll send me a "%" off for having it on my watch list ;)
  • Champagne Toasting Set - Long term goal is to customize a set or buy the heart vase set listed earlier.  If it doesn't happen, I'm sure I'll live :)


Custom Items (etsy):

  • Custom Robes - Ordered!
  • Custom Cake Topper - Ordered!
  • Signs (Mr/Mrs, Ring bearer/Flower Girl) - Ordered!
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You are so on it! I am going to follow all your progress since you have some fantastic ideas =0)

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@@Chrysta  Thank you!  I'm having a lot of fun, and it's seriously more satisfying to DIY!  I'm glad I found this forum, and that so many brides have been willing to share their templates!

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    • Sorry you had to deal with this I hoped it worked out. It seems to be every few months a new store will be in the  'if' stage and to the 'when' stage.  Big businesses like this don't notify the employees or customers before they close down...that would cause even more losses.  One day there are signs on the door and the business is done.  And lots of people (employees and customers...not to mention the creditors that they owe millions to) get screwed immediately with little help to be found anywhere.  Look at alfred angelo, although they had less retail stores than David's Bridal, they may have had more sales than them as a company.  They were the largest manufacturer of dresses and were carried by thousands of independent stores across the world (not just the 60+ branded stores they had).  If you google search Davids Bridal going bankrupt, they are listed on all the sites that post retail stores on life support.  They have more debt than they will be able to service in 2019 and the only question right now is if they'll make it that far.  Once the debt comes due, it's almost a 100% certainty that the company will be done.  But it's also more probable than not that the bankruptcy will happen much sooner than that.  The argument about them getting a new line or how big they are isn't a good argument if you look at the history of how these normally happen.  Alfred Angelo had a brand new line of dresses that never even hit the stores but were made overseas already...those all made their first appearances at the liquidation auctions.  I'm not trying to scare anyone here, but just trying to make sure that people understand that when a company gets to this point, it's definitely a roll of the dice if you are ordering something that you can't take home today.  How much of a risk?  That's hard to say, but I am extremely confident that the pain felt when alfred angelo closed 61 stores will be even greater when Davids Bridal closes 300+ stores…and when there are other great discount dress stores out there like Bridepower or Vows Bridal Outlet on the East Coast or Brilliant Bridal in the West (and plenty of others as well), I don’t think I would personally recommend any of my friends to take that risk!  But that’s just me:)
    • Hello all!! I'm planning to get married next week. I'm working in an MNC and I'm gonna marry my colleague who is in my company. It's been ten months since we have started our relationship. He used to support in all my difficulties and used to help me in my work. Always he used to tell me about my smile. He says that I have a very good smile and he loves it. Recently I lost my front tooth after an accident and it resulted in a bad look for me. He told me that I lost my beautiful smile. I was totally disappointed and thought of finding a solution. I heard about dental dentures and took an appointment at a clinic in Scarborough. Will dentures affect my speech? What was your experience of getting dentures? 
    • Go for the third one. It is gorgeous and you will look stunning in that. I'm sure you will be noticed by other people. Go for it.
    • I would suggest the long one. You will look stunning in that. It is simple and elegant.
    • Both the gown are awesome and I'm sure you will look gorgeous in both. But I would suggest the first one. Go for it and Congratulations for your marriage.
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